Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's in a Name? (Part 2 - A)

No.2, still for Lloydie and Papercrane :)

- ay erase, erase, di na pala kasali si papercrane kasi masungit sya, di nya ko binigyan ng choco-caramel, hahaha...

- minadali na matapos kasi bibigyan ako ni lloydie ng 1/4 na bag ng chocolates, weee!

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... would it really? :P

October, 2012, Seoul, South Korea

"Ma'am," the maitre 'd got her attention, "Mr. Kim Hyun Joong's manager just called, he wouldn't be able to make it tonight, his filming schedule is extended to a few more scenes," he regretfully informed her. "He also said that he's been trying to contact you but you're not picking up."

"Oh," she sighed, "I left my phone at home," she tried her damnedest to smile.

"I shall take my leave now, but please don't hesitate to tell me if you need anything," he told her with an accommodating smile.

"Thank you."

She rid her face of the fake smile the minute the maitre 'd turned his back. She let the mask of a content and understanding girlfriend down, and let herself feel the disappointment, the disillusionment, the pain. And after a long and winding process, she had, finally, decided to throw in the towel and admit defeat,'Funny, how I've been holding on to him these past few years, trying to make this relationship last, when in reality I don't have him to hold onto since the beginning, funny how it took me three cancelled anniversary dates before I realize that... it's even funnier how I kept on saying how funny the situation is when I can't even hold a smile... life really is ironic.'

She is heartbroken, but then again, her heart's been breaking for a long time now, another tore piece, appended pain... for the last time. She can handle that, she has a master's degree in that area. She stood up and left, leaving the love she held dear and the life she had wished and hoped for, without looking back.

If only she had...

"Hyung did you reached her?" the young man agitatedly asked.

"She's not picking up her phone so I decided to directly contact the restaurant and asked them to relay the message to her," his manager replied.

Their last conversation came to mind.

"You have a surprise event for me on our anniversary, chincha? Aren't you filming on that day?"

"I am but it won't take that long so I have all night to celebrate with you, and I promise that it'll be the best anniversary ever. I have everything mapped and planned out, and I'm betting you'll love me even more after that," he stated smugly.

"Jeungmal? Chincha, chincha jeungmal?" she pressed on, more than excited to spend time with him. "Do you wanna know a secret?"

"Hmm, I might" he teased.

"Your presence is enough to make me happy, I don't wanna celebrate an anniversary by myself for another year," she said with a smile but her tone said otherwise.

And he felt it, he needs to be by her side on their special day, he missed the opportunity, no, the privilege to spend it with her the past two years, he shouldn't anymore.

"And to make sure that you won't cancel on me, I will leave my mobile phone home, I won't bring a car, I'll have to ask Euni unnie to send me," she narrated. "With that in mind, would you still dare to do a no-show?"

"Hyung, call them back, tell them to do everything they can to hold her there, tell them that I'm coming but I may take a little while. Tell them to help me stall her, bide me some time..." he commanded. He stared at the older man, uncertain on what to do next, he must have been jolted back to his senses, kicked by an invisible persona, guided by the holy spirit, whatever it was, it prompted him to move, wishing that he wasn't too late, hoping that she'll be there to welcome him.

"Yah, Kim Hyun Joong, where do you think you're going, what am I going to tell the director? Yah!"

"You deal with it hyung, I'll be relying on you," he said, loud enough for his manager to hear, waving a hand in the air as he purposely walked away.

The waiting staff of the posh restaurant were secretly taking a peek at her, trying to see what her reactions will be - will she cry and wallow in self-pity, will she get mad and throw a temper tantrum, will she wait in silence?

"Is she alright?" one of them asked the maitre 'd as he came in.

"Did she asked for anything?" another one butted in.

"Is Kim Hyun Joong oppa coming still, I so wanna see him upfront," the youngest of the bunch dreamily chimed in.

"She's too pretty to be waiting in vain, if I were Kim Hyun Joong -" one of the man started to say but was cut by another. "If I were him, I would give up everything to spend a night, or day, with her, look at her, she's a masterpiece."

"And that's where the problem lies, you both aren't," a sunbae lectured and put them in their place.

The ringing of the phone brought them back to reality and forced them to stand on their respective places. As the receptionist picked up the call, the rest of the staff held their breath as Hwangbo Hye Jung, got up, fixed her dress, picked her handbag, acknowledged them all with a sincere, albeit, somber smile and took her leave.

"Wait," the receptionist yelled in a hurry as she put the receiver back in its cradle. "Run after her, Kim Hyun Joong-sshi is on his way, that's his manager on the phone, they asked us to entertain her while she waits."

"Hwangbo-sshi," they screamed in unison, the others tried running after her but she already hailed a cab and left... without looking back.

*** Next part will be posted when I receive my chocolates, hahaha...