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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Secret Code Ring 5


It was a lovely Sunday night and she's more than happy to tire herself out in order to prepare the favorite dishes of her two stars, one she's keeping near and the other she's completely letting go.

She and Yunho attended church in the morning, they had brunch with a few friends before he went off to attend to his schedules with a promise that he'll be back before the appointed time so he can help her a little in the preparations. Tonight, the three of them will sit together and share a nice dinner, talk about the weather and life in general, and she's hoping that in the end, she, Yunho and Hyun Joong will all part ways as good friends. Oh, just to make it clear, the parting-ways-phrase is not applicable to her and her man as she plans to have her forever with him.

She spent the afternoon creating a small feast, at least the best that she can come up with, as well as fixing her hub to make it as comfortable as possible to her guests. She and Yunho are as good as living together but as someone else was coming, she wants to make him at home and at ease with their company. She cleared and kept all things couple-y that is usually found in the living room so as not to make him feel like he is a third wheel or something. She wanted everything to be perfect, a quiet and simple dinner without any hassles.

She was in the process of steaming Kimchi Dumplings, one of her boyfriend's fave, when the doorbell rang, she looked at the clock hanging by the wall, an hour before eight, common sense told her that it must be her significant other as it was too early for their guest to have arrive. Well, common sense just like instincts are not fool-proof, as the person behind the door was none other Kim Hyun Joong.

She stood by the door, a mixture of happiness, nervousness, anxiousness, awkwardness and giddiness, she was the one who begged for a meeting with him but she never expected it to be just with him, her alone with him.

"Annyeonghaseyo," he bowed, seemingly unsure of what to do or say next.

She bobbed her head, an assurance that she heard him though she remained silent.

"I know that I am an hour early, I was in the area," he started to explain. "I just finished filming a CF and driving back to Gangnam-gu with my staff at this hour will make it impossible for me to make it on time later so I decided to come here straight from filming," he said in details. "Is it okay? I don't wanna intrude upon you."

After a minute of self-realization, she gave him one of her sweetest smile and ushered him in, she asked him to sit, by himself, on the couch. "Make yourself at home. What would you like to drink, do you still have a preference for cola?"

He nodded, flashing a timid smile.

"Hyun Joong-sshi, you don't have to be so stiff, I won't bite," she teased. "Just relax, I'll go and get you something to drink," she said as she made her way back to the kitchen.

He stared at her retreating back, transfixed, after two years of not seeing each other, without any communication whatsoever, she still treats him like a close acquaintance. After those years, she is still as beautiful as ever, the captures of her, in stills and in films, doesn't give her exquisiteness justice, not at all. And after those years of taming his heart, it still beats without a care, by just the mere sight of her eyes, of her face, of her smile; and the moment she uttered his name, he felt like he was given a taste of heaven. And though he knows that his time with her is but passing, he can't help but feel that after a long journey, he had finally found his way home.

Truth be told, the TVXQ leader had a hard time persuading him to join them for dinner. He wouldn't dare to lie that the idea of seeing her again doesn't appeal to him, it's just that he was unsure whether the risk and the pain is all worth it. And the man was not a bit of help either, as he kept on dodging the real reason behind the meeting, saying that Hye Jung just wanna cook something delicious for the both of them, as if he will buy that. He looks more than healthy to him so the chances of her cooking for him everyday is huge (and visibly prominent) so him as the deadwood is the only unusual piece in the puzzle. But, he was not strong enough to decline till the end, who is he to deprive himself at least a little bit of pleasure, the mere thought of seeing her again after a long time sent ripples of delight to his exhausted body; and, still, the thought of it being his last chance to see her upfront and that close, his last chance to hear her talk or to hear her laugh, hopefully at his jokes, his last chance to see if her fierce eyes still turns all-caring and gentle when it is cast upon him, his last chance to sample her cooking, his last chance to be fed and serve by her, he just couldn't let his last chance pass him by.

Another truth, he was more than anxious about their meeting, the minute he said yes, his mind had already started rolling out scenarios of what ifs and what could be; he had unconsciously listed every little thing that should be done before the actual day, the clothes he will wear, the present that he will bring, the work and appointments that he had to rush; he even thought of an appropriate greeting and of a proper way to act in front of them, heck, he even practiced his poker face. And pathetic as it may sound, he was happily anticipating the day that he'll see her again, his days seemed so much brighter, his workload seemed a bit lighter and life seemed to be treating him better, and if anyone else noticed any difference in his actions and outlook, no one bothered to voice it out, they could all just be glad that his mood had picked up or they could all be wondering what he had eaten or smoked, but they all prefer him that way. Isn't it a wonder, how her charm and her littlest of ways can affect people.

Finally, the awaited day, the day that he will have the privilege to see her, again, after years of deep longing; the time to hear her voice as she talks to or about him is near and he can't help but feel joyful and blessed. His loads of work for the day was done in a hitch, he felt like he's floating and the sometimes acrid taste of his hard and grueling work as an artist was none.

Two hours before the appointed time, he was already getting ready, good thing that their location shoot was in her apartment's area and the building where they had filming have all the utilities he needed. He took a long shower, hoping to look fresh and untired; he wore one of those MVIO sponsored clothing - black slacks, gray long sleeves and a classic gray vest, he opted for the casual-semi formal look as he's not exactly sure what kind of event they will have, he's not exactly sure what the agenda of the get-together is but he had his thoughts, he can actually sense what he will go through that night; his hair was styled carelessly, showing an out-of-the-shower look, sealing his flower boy appeal.

A few minutes before the clock strikes seven, he was already at her building's lobby, debating with himself whether he should go up and impose upon her or wait in some nearby cafe giving fans and paparazzi an opportunity to take pictures and spread rumors, the practical and logical side of him won over and so he's there, sitting on her sofa, staring at the abyss, an hour before the set time.

"Hyun Joong-sshi!" He heard his name being called, he felt someone's hand on her shoulder, a tap and another, "Hyun Joong-sshi, come out of it."

"Oh," he smiled apologetically. "Mianhe, I might have traveled to another world while you're getting that glass of cola, don't worry I'm back now."

She chuckled, she can't help it, he's still as 4D as ever, who would give a statement such as, only Kim Hyun Joong. "I have to leave you again as I am not done cooking yet, are you sure you're okay on your own?"

He gave her one of his rare, real smile, the ones that reach his eyes, "I'll be, just be sure to wake me up if and when I doze off," he playfully told her, sure that he won't fall asleep even if he is paid to do so, he wouldn't waste his few precious moments in her company.

"Arasso," she conceded, he is still the same man she had been partnered with two years ago, still witty, still charming.

Her voice was playing an enchanting music in his mind, he would have been totally lost if not for the noise from the bouquet of gerberas and wild lilies that was laid on his side, almost ruined by his hand. "Aigoo, I forgot about the flowers, but don't you think that the way they were saved from being crush added to their charm?"

She reached for the flowers, grinning as she was, he really has a weird way of looking at things but it's always refreshing, "They are pretty, komapta. I'll put this in a vase and I'll finish off cooking, I'll see you in a while, okay? Oh yeah, loosen up and relax, I don't wanna find you frozen when I come back," she kidded.

He smiled and watched her sashayed her way into the kitchen, how can anyone be so beautiful in a loose house dress and food-smeared apron.

Hye Jung busied herself in the kitchen, keen on clinching her chore, she actually made it through without much obstacles, she's almost done, with enough time to fix herself and change into something more decent or more appropriate and to set the table before dinnertime. She, actually, still have a few minutes to spare to think and discern what, exactly, is she feeling at the moment.

She had known for a week that they will meet today, her man did everything he can to convince their guest to show up as a way of giving out on her whim. She had been busy preparing these past few days, in between her schedule, she did research about his food preference aside from the ones she already knew from their WGM heydays, shopping for the best ingredients and learning a few more cooking techniques. She may not admit it but she was mentally preparing herself - on how to deal, how to act, what to expect. She may not had given ample thought on her wardrobe but as she is always conscious of her appearance, looking good is already a given, she may not be shaking with dread but her insides were all fuzzy and her tail feathers were rumpled, she may not look queasy outside but she was, she is.

It has been two years, their last taping as a married couple, she remembers Jeju Island clearly, the words that were and were not spoken, the actions that were and were not done, what they had or might have had reached its end on that place. The last time they work together was at the 2008 MBC Awards where they won the best couple award, if their story ended in Mt. Halla, their book was completely close and was stock in the back shelf never to be open again in the awards night, it was a sealed fate by then. They randomly saw each other in between that time to present, but they stay out of each others way as much as possible, the lesser the interaction, the lesser the repercussions.

But now, they are here, the two of them together again, breathing the same air, standing on the same ground, what should she expect? She may not have been a physical part of Yunho and Hyun Joong's unwritten contract or treaty but as she is the central character, she still feel deeply indebted to him, he doesn't have to do it but he did. And to show him her gratitude, she wonder how.

She came back to the living room all pretty and composed, ready to face him, ready to answer inquiries, ready to pacify ill feelings, ready to pay her debts, she was ready to take on Kim Hyun Joong, but she wasn't prepared to see him sleeping soundly on her couch, as if he had been doing it his entire life, "He sleeps like a kid."

She angled one of the single settee so she can watch him sleep, she doesn't have anything more to do but to set the table and with her boyfriend still at work and their visitor in dreamland, she don't think dinner preps is a priority. At least a quarter of an hour had passed before they were both awaken, she from her reverie, he from his slumber, by the sudden ringing of the phone.


"Yunho-ah why aren't you here yet? You even promised to help me but as it is you are running really late. Hmmp..."

"Mianhe, I think I'll be an hour late, there were some technical problems here in the studio so the recording was delayed, I am really sorry."

"As if I can do anything than wait, but you better think of something to console my wounded pride or else," she half-joked.

"Saranghae, saranghae, saranghae Hye Jung-ah!"

"And you think that will work, you better pump up your game Mr. Jung," she tease.

Unbeknownst to them, one unfortunate soul is dying of envy, he thought he was prepared, he thought he was ready, but the wrenching feeling just made him realized that he's not, and it was not even on full impact yet.

"Hyun Joong-sshi is..." he trailed off.

"Here already, patiently waiting for the host to come, or should I think of you as a guest of honor?"

"Hmm... a guest of honor sounds important, I'll pick that."

"Ha-ha-ha, we shall eat before the honorable guest comes then, we're not keen on being patient tonight."

"Hye Jung-ah... Hye Hung-ah... how can a queen start a banquet without her king," he whined.

"The king is pissing the queen off so..." she purposely let her sentence hung.

"Arasso, arasso, the king will force the world to move in fast forward so as to get on the queen's good side," he laughingly remarked.

"Come home quickly, we'll wait for you," she lovingly end the call.

He sat through the whole conversation, blocking all that he could, to spare himself from hurting even more. He was thankful though, someone up there might have taken pity on him and gave him an hour more to spend with her, without the presence of the lucky bastard that owns her heart.

"Hyun Joong-sshi, Yunho will be hold up for an hour more, is it okay to wait for him, so we can all dine together?"

"No biggie," he muttered, 'we can sans dinner altogether and just stay here, only the two of us, just like the old times.'

It was the shortest but the sweetest one hour of his life, it was like a dream come true. They talked and they bantered like there were no two years of non-correspondence, they laughed and they joked like a day had not passed in between their relationship, they looked and treat each other like the world had turned backwards and they were back to what and who they were before; it was an hour of bliss and ecstasy for Kim Hyun Joong.

He would have given anything, he would have done everything in his power to extend his time with her, but what can he do, the universe conspire to grant him the opposite of what he wish for.

The doorbell rang, the king had arrived to take his place beside his queen, Hwangbo Hye Jung ushered Jung Yunho in, Kim Hyun Joong stood and took his place behind, he was afterall, just the gallant knight.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Secret Code Ring 4


Somewhere in the upscale-restaurant and cafe-littered Apgujeong stands a swanky fine dining establishment that caters to the rich and famous, a place where reservation is a must, where accoutrements are thought of, where security is high and discretion is a priority; a favorite to those who favors good food, cozy ambiance and privacy. It is the foremost destination of stars who wants to dine and hang-out without being ogle by the public's prying eyes, so it isn't a wonder that on a night when even the moon was shrouded by the clouds, Jung Yunho and Hwangbo Hye Jung walked in hand in hand, both, stunningly beautiful on their casual chic ensemble and, both, visibly wearing their hearts on their sleeves. They were ushered in a table that is nestled inconspicuously at the far left of the restaurant giving them the best view of the city through one-sided glass panels.

"They could vie for the best-looking couple in the world, noh?"

"And you say that everytime they are here," another maitre d' teasingly chimed in.

"I can't wait for them to get married and have children, I bet their offspring will be perfect," she gush continuously without giving any hint that she heard her co-worker's words.

"Be careful fangirl, you might scare them away!"

As the two ambiguously talk and do their work, they noticed that the other patrons of the place were also discreetly taking glimpses and having conversations about the couple. Smiles abound that night, it could be from the sheer pleasure of seeing top stars or, more so, from them being seen together. One common denominator from the repartee of the restaurant's loyal clientele was their happiness and admiration of the pair.

"In a world where superficial stuff matters the most, I can't help but admire those two for sticking together these... how many years has it been since we first saw them here, ah yes, almost two, right?"

"It just goes to prove that love endures and protects all, ironic as it may sound."

"I envy those two but I really hope, from the wicked-pit of my heart, that their love story never ends," even an obsessive politician's wife was heard commenting.

The elites of the world might have gathered and gawked but none of it matters, as the two lovebirds stayed intimately seated with her head slightly angled to his side as if she already knew that he will whisper something dear. They basked in the freedom, or the fraction of it, in being able to go out and date like a normal couple, with her hand gently cradled in his, they watched people passed by in the city streets living their lives, pursuing their dreams.

They kept in silence for several minutes, no one was inclined to talk but both were conscious of the other, one may think that they are created at the same time and share the same parts as every time one acts, the other will sure to follow, it was like an invisible thread at work. To those who didn't dare to dwell deeper, the two were silent observers of the night, they wouldn't see the casual side glances, the daring smiles, his philandering hands, the teasing glides of her stiletto-clad foot on his lower leg, the two were playing their own little mind (and body) game and nobody seemed to notice.

They would have love to play a wee bit longer but as they did come to satisfy their palette, the arrival of their food was still a welcome interruption. Yunho got himself a Fillet Mignon Steak while his lady love ordered Lobster Bisque, they also enjoyed a few cucumber and olive appetizer and shared a plate of Endive Salad; the bunch were drowned with a 1990 Dom Perignon, which was specially chosen by the handsome star himself.

"Good food, better wine, best woman... this is the life of a king."

"I love the rankings,"
she laughingly agreed.

"So, are you ready?" he casually threw a generic inquiry.

"Ready? Hmm, is that a trick question?"

"What? Are we playing here Hwangbo-sshi?"
he asked grinning. "Seriously, have you thought about it, what do you wanna do with the rumor, how do you want me to go about it?"

"Oh, am I the one to decide your fate then?"

"You've been holding not just my fate, but my whole life, in your hands, it has been so since the day my heart beats your name and yours alone. And you know how I feel about this entire secrecy deal, so I'll leave the final decision to you."

"Really? And here I am thinking that it is the purpose of our date,"
she naughtily remarked.

"HA, do we need a purpose to date now? Can't I just treat my girlfriend out just because I want to?" he asked feigning irritation. "Okay, what do you wanna discuss, do we have to weigh the pros and cons like some political party?"

"If I don't know you, I might think that you're really offended but because I already know every bit and details of this and this and this..." she happily retorted while pointing at his head, his chest and his sides tickling him in the process. "I guess it is inevitable..."

"Good point! And the longer we drag it, the harder it may become in the end," he butted in, withholding none of his feelings.

"You don't have to look so happy," she teased.

She was waiting for a witty response but she was stunned to have gotten a long and loud smack on the lips instead, "You just don't know how happy you made me."

She laughed at his obvious pleasure and the simplicity of it, he's beaming like he's gonna be a father or something; he laughed because he's full to the brim with happiness, finally the privilege to call her his with the world as his witness; they laughed together and just like that, the decision was made.

Jung Yunho's secret will soon be revealed.


It was one of those rare times, when the two of them are free of any work and appointments, and they can just lounge and laze about in their pajamas all day. She had filming up till midnight, so he decided to be a doting boyfriend and cook her breakfast, to the best of his know how, that is.

"Hye Jung, I made pancakes and toast, bacon and eggs and squeeze some fresh orange juice, come out and eat."

"Chincha? Coming..." she boomed from inside their room.

They spent the night and plans to spend the rest of the day on their love nest. It is a lovely one-story house located in the more secluded part of Seoul, they seldom come to the place but when they have a day or two of rest, they made it a point to hang out together in the white-picketed hearth that they both love. As each have their own condo units under their name, random and little breaks from work
were while away on each others place, depending on where is more accessible or safe at a given time.

"Oh wow, you cooked all these? What time did you get up?"

He just answered with a smile.

"If the Cassies find out that I turned you into my personal chef, I'm surely headed to the guillotine," she playfully remarked.

"You and your weird thoughts, open up, aaaaah," he instructed as he guide a piece of buttered toast in her mouth.

"Yummy! My Yunnie is really the best," she cooed while showing him a two thumbs up sign.

He chuckled despite his efforts not to, she can be so cute without even trying and the adorable her doesn't seem to know what she's capable of doing. "What shall we watch today? We had an English movie marathon last time, so that is out of the running, and NO to Kang Dong Won movies and dramas too."

"As if you really watched those American films, as far as I remember, the DVD player is on but you were too busy to focus on it, when you're not dozing off, you're attention is on something entirely different."

He grinned, yes he wasn't really paying attention at what was playing most of the time, he was too busy getting her attention and showing her his love. "I was inspired by the love scenes... I actually thought of some revisions to make my last performance better," he said with a wink.

She flushed, he can still make her vivid red as if she suffers from high fever, though they had been together for more than a year. "Let's do Korean drama today, your assistant mentioned that the most recent records are already downloaded in your external hard drive."

"Okay! Shall we try Yoochun's Sungkyunkwan Scandal or Hyun Joong's Playful Kiss?"

"Both, let's watch an episode of each and then decide on which one is more interesting, agree?"


It has been weeks since the two of them reached a decision, but no further moves was acted upon. The rumor mill hasn't exactly stop, speculations abound, suspicions are a-plenty, the public's interest is literally peaked. But as the story involves another character, someone whom he dragged into the casting, he's making a conscious effort to have his affirmation in the matter. He needs to settle some scores and clear some debts before they can all move forward.

He knows that the man is more than busy that's why he was kind of adamant in making his move, he purposely waited for him to finished his drama filming and other related activities before he can ask for a meeting of sorts.

"When do you plan to meet him?"

"As soon as his schedule permits, I can always cancel mine to make way," he seriously answered.

"After you settle your schedules, can I then invite you both for dinner in my apartment?"


"I'll cook some of your favorites, as well as a few of his, I've been wanting to sit and eat dinner with you guys."

"Do you really have to, we can just dine out," he inquired.

"You can and will always have the pleasure of eating the food that I cook but for Hyun Joong-sshi, this could be the last and I really want to do this small gesture for him. Please..."

"Arasso, I'll make it happen." He encircled his arm behind her waist and pulled her closer to him, she on the other hand, obliged and fit her body onto his.

Just like the sun's setting to give way to the moon and the stars' timid light, just like how a phoenix burn in flames so he can have a wonderful rebirth, their secret beginning is coming to an end, an end that is crucial to start another beautiful story.

NOTE: I just read it, it sucks but I don't have the stamina and the mind to edit or redo it, so just bear with it. Mianhe, this story looks better in my mind than when I put it into writing :(

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Secret Code Ring 3

I don't have a life to be busy about but my left eye felt abused and went gaga on me, hahaha, it got swollen and painful, it's a recurring condition and it happens everytime I strain my eyes, so sad as it may sound, it does happen every other week, nyahahaha.


The staff and crew of her new sitcom were having a late dinner break, but as she don't eat much at night, she only had some crackers and milk and finished it off in no time. She spent the remaining hour in checking her twitter updates, she has been busy since she came home from her Hawaii vacation making her twitter heydays over, okay, that's an exaggeration, it's more of an impasse. Her attention was drawn to a link sent by Song Euni through direct message, she instantly clicked on the link and was astounded by the article that popped out.

Yunho Hiding a Secret?

The netizens are buzzing about TVXQ's leader, Jung Yunho, a rumor about him hiding a secret is spreading like wildfire. Photo above is just one of the pictures posted in his cafe, it was said to be taken by his ever-dedicated fans while he was enjoying a little me time. The other photos were taken on different dates but all were of him having a break from his busy schedule. You wouldn't know what the fizz is about with just one snapshot but the fans who had seen the series of images are oh so curious as to why he's always wearing the silver Swatch secret code ring on his index finger during his personal time. The members of his cafe are so eager to find out what the ring means to their idol and what could the code be. What is the secret behind the ring? I, just like you, would love to know, too :)

ell, they can't possibly be an anonymous couple forever but she's still amaze at the power of those fans, she bet they can even perform miracles if they put their mind into it. That sounds funny but with the fans' dedication, nothing seems impossible anymore.

She gave the article another once over and decided on checking the fan cafe where the news originated, yes, she is a member of his cafe under a different name and identity of course. She was looking at the trail of images and she can't help but smile at the handsomeness of his current beau, those were probably taken these past six months based on his haircut, and the way he was captured on every photos makes her wonder if he didn't know that he's being photographed, it seems to her that he's kind of flaunting his ring a bit, and his playful smile tells of secrets waiting to be unveiled. Or, she could be reading in too deep...

She checked the time and considered her next move, he still has forty-five minutes to spare before his musical begins, she ruled in that there is no better time than now and so she send him a text message, web URL of the article included. Now, all she needs to do is wait for his response.

"Unnie, are you done with your dinner? I need to retouch your hair and make-up for the next scene."

"Oh, yeah, I'll be there in a moment."

She sighed. Just like that, she let all her thoughts scoot away; one of the best benefit of being in a relationship is that you get to share everything with someone and in her case, she found a good soul not just to share with but to lean on. In their almost two years of being together, no day was wasted in worries and assumptions, her man has never let her experience fear or pain, he's always one step ahead of other people and three steps behind her, protecting her and backing her up. How can a woman ask for anything more?

The filming ended a quarter before twelve, she, together with her manager and stylist didn't waste any time packing up after bidding everyone in the set goodbye. She was sitting comfortably in the car and in the process of checking her phone for messages when her manager spoke.

"I'll bring you home first, we still have to take care of some stuff in the office, I'll pick up the faxed details of the variety show and bring it to you tomorrow."


"Be sure to rest as soon as you get home, you have an early morning schedule for Storm tomorrow, and an afternoon filming for Kim & Lee, and we will pick you up earlier as your stylist needs you to fit and choose the clothes that you wanna wear."

"O-kay," she showed him an okay sign as she said the word.

An hour later, Hwangbo Hye Jung was bundled up in bed, fresh from her lukewarm bath, looking at a bunch of messages and list of voice-mails, she picked up the ones from Yunho and decided on dealing with the rest the next day.

'I've tried to call you when I was done but you're not picking up, I guess, you're busy with filming. Should we meet? Can a Hallyu star, like you, spare a little time for her boyfriend? ^^'

'I've talked to hyung, he said that you're in the middle of shooting a scene with one of the guys and you keep on laughing, is it true that you can't look him in the eye? Are you cheating on me? ^^'

'I've seen the article, don't you think it's about time they notice it, I've been sporting the ring for more than a year, my fans are getting rusty, keke.'

'You haven't replied yet, so I'll take it that you're still working, I need to hit the sack early, I have a 5am call time tomorrow, talk to you later. Don't work too hard, love you!'

"Aish, what a kid," she can't stop grinning like a crazy ahjumma. The guy is such a charmer, everyone in the industry, as well as those who follow his career, knows that, what they do not know is that he haven't cast it full on them yet, and fan girls are already fainting on his tracks, imagine if he does.

Yunho was first introduced to her by her bestfriend, Park Choong Jae, he was a teenage trainee of SME and worked as a backup dancer for Shinhwa at that time. The next thing she knew, he was already a part of a fast-rising idol group in K-pop, they met a few times in music shows but they never spoke a word to each other aside from the customary greetings that is expected of them, it's not because they were awkward with each other, it's just that, they were never really given a chance. But all that ended when they worked together in a series of variety shows, one can say that they bonded and grew affectionate of each other. He's sweet, kind, humble, caring, it felt like a prince charming from a fairy tale book came alive, she remember thinking that it's too bad coz she's already too old for fairy tales.

She was in love with somebody else back then, but she'll be a hypocrite if she deny that he made her heart skipped with his youthful ways and antics. They had fun, even when throngs and throngs of his fans became her antis, even when she began to question what their relationship really was, even when it's time to part ways... she had fun.

She was never a selfish being, irregardless of who or what, she tends to give more as it makes her happier, so when it was time for him to conquer Asia, she didn't hesitate to let him go, completely. He had hold on for a while, but his schedule had gotten to the point of barely breathing so the regular conversations between them reached to none, not that she expected or wanted something more, she was afterall involved with someone else. Years passed by quickly, Chakra officially disbanded and she went solo, she broke free of her eight-year relationship, she had been tricked by her previous management and went neck-deep in debts, she added a lotus flower on her back tattoo, it was just her name previously, she shined and faltered; and during those years, Choong Jae was the one who fed her news and information about him, her bestfriend adore that dongseang of his to the point of shoving them together, and he's all into marrying her to him, as if he was her appa.

At first, she thought that Yunho's reappearance in her life was, in a way, maneuvered by Choong Jae, he must be the one that told him about the breakup and he could be the one who persuaded him to woo her. But when she tried to wring the truth out of him, his answer vitiated her, "What, maneuver, persuade, had a hand in what? Hye Jung-ah, we've been friends since high school and I know that you're smart, I also know how sensitive you are, how come you're asking me all these crap? The boy has been smitten by you the moment you walked in at our waiting room five years ago, he has been in love with you for the exact number of years, people around the world adore and admire him but he worships you, if he can scatter flower petals at every road you'll take, I am sure he will, he never lets any news or little bit of information about you pass him by, he's been at it all these years, for five long years Hye Jung-ah. Persuade to court you? Did he ever stop? He has been trying to catch you since he debuted, the minute he realized that he can finally offer you his name, he has work non-stop to keep you, haven't you noticed or you're just pretending not to? What are you so afraid of?" One can say that it was an eye opener and it sort of turned the tides on Yunho's favor.

He was slowly and meticulously engraving his name on her heart when We Got Married was offered to her, she had certain inhibitions about the reality show but she proceeded nonetheless and she was glad she did as it made her name shine a little more brighter. Actually, WGM was an experience of a lifetime, she had fun doing it but she will not dare do anything like so ever again. She was partnered with Kim Hyun Joong, the 4D leader of SS501, they started out as a really awkward couple, well, they had a six year-age gap and the man seems to live in his own world barely speaking to her at all. But after a few more meet ups, they learned to live and care for each other, their working relationship had gotten better and better as the show prospered, one can credit it to her innate qualities to make friends or to a heart's reflex to warm and open up to people who matters.

To say that she wasn't affected by the sweetness of
her fake husband will be a lie, she admits that she was swayed for a while, it was like real and reel intertwined at the filming of their eight episode and was just cleared when they said their goodbyes.

It was like letting go of another star, to shine its brightest in the dark sky and to beam its light to everyone, just like what she did with Yunho in the past. But of the two, she fathomed a difference, the first one shines and tantalize people at night but rest on her shoulder at dawn, while the other one shimmer and dazzles everyone without taking a respite, without a need of her shade.

She was not exactly sure what the two men had in mind when they set out to do their scheme, she was not included on the debate and deliberations though she's the foundation of the story that they weaved. She let it go, giving her full trust to her real man and to her reel husband, and as it is, they seemed to have made it work.

She doesn't mean to lead her fans that a future between her and Kim Hyun Joong is possible, in her own way, she kind of tell them that they are not together and the possibility of them being together is nil, she even asked those who love their team-up that much, to grow up and leave the world of We Got Married behind but maybe what she had done wasn't good enough as more and more people were drawn and enamored. And for that alone, she is more than apologetic.

The romance between her and Jung Yunho was kept a secret not because they wanted to distort the truth or deceive their followers, they just wanted a simple and quiet life together, without being gossip upon, without being photograph at every turn, without being antagonize. She believes that though they live in the spotlight and in the public eye, they still deserve, at least, a little privacy.

She doesn't mean to hurt or to use or to mislead anyone, and she wish that it shall be known to all.

She is living blissfully, full of love and laughter, comfortable and content, free of hassles and squabbles, she is basically at peace where she is at now. Though there is a looming scandal, and though she wonders what the next phase will be, she's standing tall, she is not Hwangbo Hye Jung if she buckles.

The glaze in her eyes morphed into a sapient one,
she takes a deep breathe and let a smile show in her beautiful face.

She let her fingers work in the keypad of her phone, "Shall I prepare a late dinner tomorrow or shall we go somewhere expensive?"

As the Dalai Lama once said, 'Great love and great achievements involve great risks.'

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Secret Code Ring 2

Presenting SCR 2... and I just wanna add some people on my dedication list, tutal series naman ito, so isasaksak ko na lahat ng gusto kong tao, hahaha. To Nads, I can't write a Yoochun-Hwangbo ff coz I want Mickey all to myself, so you have to settle for a YunBo. To the schizo Beepee, for making me happy everyday and every night in Twitter, I wanna write a story like that of Cactus but I have to deal with this one first, tell Cactus to wait for me. And of course, as I've mentioned in the first part, to Ate Sue and Az.

Everyone is on standby an hour before Goong The Musical starts this rainy Tuesday in Seoul, Yunho is garbed in his princely attire, shaking the nervous feeling he always get before he went on stage, he had done the act more than a dozen times already, and he had spent hours and hours in practice, so, he is damn sure that he has perfected his craft, but the giddiness of stepping up at the first scene never seizes to surface.

He was intently reading the first chapter of the book she recently bought for him, both to pass the time and to settle his nerves, when his manager barged in in his waiting room like a plague was after him. Distracted, he looked at the pale man, waiting for his explanation or story, whatever he is capable of.

"Have you read the recent news about you?"

You look at him questioningly, "Hyung, does it seem like I have all the free time in the world, I've been working non-stop since time immemorial, and you know that, so, with the little time I have left for myself, you think I would waste it looking for news or gossips about me or my group?"

"Yah, I can sense the sarcasm all the way here, try to hold it in a little," his long-time manager kid. "But I bet my girlfriend on this one, I'm sure you'll be interested..." he trailed off, trying to peak his interest.

"Hyung, you know I have better things to do than to squander my time with rumors, if it is about me or my family or my group, I am sure, I already know that, so there's no point in reading their version of half-truths and hypothesis."

"But it is about your girl-" he was stalled when the song Chance suddenly played on the idol's Iphone.

Yunho excitedly checked the message, 'Nervous still? I have a link that will calm you down, Euni unni DM this to me, look it over and tell me what you think, arachi?' He click on the link and it opened as an another tab on his phone's browser, he squinted his eyes a little and look it over.

Yunho Hiding a Secret?

The netizens are buzzing about TVXQ's leader, Jung Yunho, a rumor about him hiding a secret is spreading like wildfire. Photo above is just one of the pictures posted in his cafe, it was said to be taken by his ever-dedicated fans while he was enjoying a little me time. The other photos were taken on different dates but all were of him having a break from his busy schedule. You wouldn't know what the fizz is about with just one snapshot but the fans who had seen the series of images are oh so curious as to why he's always wearing the silver Swatch secret code ring on his index finger during his personal time. The members of his cafe are so eager to find out what the ring means to their idol and what could the code be. What is the secret behind the ring? I, just like you, would love to know, too :)

is handler stayed silent the whole time, he watched as his ward's forehead wrinkled in concentration and as his eyes and fingers moved in rhythm. A mixture of emotions passed through his handsome face, making him harder to read, he paused and looked up, betraying none of what he feels, "Hyung, you don't know anything about this? Has this piece of news passed your radar?"

The older man look at him in disbelief, "Aigoo, now it is my fault, I even rushed here to let you know but you keep on telling me that you don't have time for silly rumors. Aigoo, you won't listen to me but one text from Hye Jung-sshi and you're all over the internet," he ended his drama with a swift move to hold on to his nape while bending backwards.

The man who stars in all of the Cassies dreams roared in laughter, partly because of the silly act his manager just did and mainly because of the high and excitement that is tickling his senses. Were all of the strings been pulled? Will their secret be finally revealed?

Truth is, he has been waiting for the day to declare his love to Hwangbo Hye Jung with the public and their fans as witnesses. He's been itching to stamp his hold on her for all the world to see. But, as she values her privacy that much and he values her security to the hilt, they have to be as inconspicuous and as secretive as they can be. They will soon celebrate their second year anniversary as a couple, and as far as he's concern that is reason enough to tell anyone who cares to listen that they belong to and with each other. Is this the right time, can they finally come in the open?

During this year and a half, he has been living under the shadow of Kim Hyun Joong, he owes him a lot, but sometimes he just can't tolerate the silly connections that the fans blindingly creates, as well as the non-existent love affair, between the former SS501 leader and his girlfriend, that people concoct in their heads.

A smile spread across his face as he was drawn to the past... to the beginning of their happy ever after, at least he hope.
The first they met, he was just a lousy, seventeen year old trainee and a back-up dancer for Shinhwa. He remember seeing her from a distance, he only knew her as Hwangbo, the leader and rapper of Chakra, he initially thought that she was really from India with just a tinge of Korean blood; but one lucky day, he was introduced to her by a sunbae and the seed of love was planted on his young heart.

She was like a lily in a bunch of roses, a wild and exotic flower in the company of home-breed ones, she's as unique as one can get. In a place where every girls have classic white skin, she stands out with her tan; in the entertainment world where enhancements and surgeries are considered norms, she broke free and stayed untouch; in a business where cute and girly is the hype, she showed that playing rough is cooler; in a country where women are looked at traditionally, she digress, she proudly have a blackbelt 3 in Taekwando and a race car driving license; and the universe that seemed to glow in clear white was painted with millions of colors when she passed by. That was how he painted her, that is her portrait in his mind and in his heart.

But he was bound to be heartbroken, she was involved with someone at that time, not that he planned to immediately make a move, he was just a measly back-up and he knew that she deserve someone better, he planned on working harder and when a name can finally go with the mask, he'll pursue her, but his bubble was burst in a week's time. His plan may had been put to a halt, but his affection for her never stop from growing.

Months after their meeting, his time to shine and the time to realize his dream finally came, he became the leader of DBSK/TVXQ, an idol quartet. And his journey to K-pop history and stardom started.

As they were part of the same industry, their paths usually cross and their gap seemed to lessen. But, as he is now part of the world where she dwells, he realized that he was not alone, men of different ages and stature adore and love her, some as friends, while others care for more. The thought of battling over for her, away from her beau and away from the rest of the male population struck him, he felt like his way to happiness was hindered by those men. One can choose to blame it on youthful angst, testosterone-driven mind, or a fool in love, but he was set out to capture her heart, he became courageous, persistent, relentless in his pursuit.

He was not aware of the power that he can yield, he knew that throngs of idol group fans were already after her, as he said, more than half of the male entertainment populace was drawn to her but because of his vocal and incessant proclamation of love, his own fans went after her, the situation became so bad that he decided to stop and let go even. He never once mention her name after that though everytime an inquiry about his ideal woman or future wife surface, he wanted to tell the whole world that it was still her, there's only her.

But he must have done something good on this Earth as he learned that she broke up with her boyfriend of eight years, no one was happier than him. People might even consider him an ass but he can't help it, he immediately took the plunge and court her without preamble. He was doing everything gradually in discretion but when she became a fake wife in We Got Married and he saw the chemistry between her and Hyun Joong, admittedly, he had gotten scared, he had waited for the chance to have her for so long and the thought of someone else intruding was just too much to handle. He continue to woo her but he upped his tempo. But, as the reality program progressed, all her wifely attributes came to light and with her ever-endearing charms, who wouldn't get caught, and so he worked double time, he can't afford to rest and loose out to anyone, as just the thought of yet another man having her was like dying of interminable pain over and over again.

Everything fell into place and it's a victory for him, one can opt to charge it on his courage and consistency, on the slackened effort of the other guys, on Kim Hyun Joong's inability to grab on to something special, or to destiny and fate, whatever, as long as he have her, he's even willing to kiss the gods and kneel on his lucky star.

If it was up to him, he'll shout to the whole world that he finally won her heart, but as the rabid fan girls are aplenty and with a past experience that haunts him, he can't just put the matter of her security at the back of his mind. They can always meet in secret, but as the fans and netizens are more like secret agents with modern surveillance gadgets, a better tactic was needed. That's where the 4D-leader and his girlfriend's one time fake husband comes in, the two of them pledge allegiance in order to give her peace and protection.

He is indebted to Hyun Joong, he doesn't have an obligation to help him or to shelter her from harm but he willingly made the deal. As a man, he knows that he still fancy her, he doesn't know how deep or big it is, but he knows for certain that he cares. He knows that his name being drag with her every time fans, netizens and bloggers has the chance to do so, wound him a little, and with the strength and verdure he's facing it with, Yunho can't help but admire the man and be more grateful. But that doesn't mean that he seized being jealous, he believes that he is a good person but he is not a saint, who wouldn't see green when write-ups and people talk about the ssangchu couple as if they really exist.

But the three of them manage - Hye Jung stayed on the low, taking an almost hiatus on her career and focusing on charities, the less the projects, the less the visibility, but now that they seem to have get the grasp of it, she's soaring high; Hyun Joong kept his part of the bargain, he kept mum on what the real score is or was between him and her, he declines any projects or guestings that is associated with her, he became a top Korean star without blowing up their cover; he just did what he has to do, he lived and will continuously live a full life with her, he faced trials and triumphs in his career but he made it through the waves because he has an angel beside him.

It was one hell of a journey, if he may so.

"Yunho-sshi, we'll start in ten, please be ready," one of the musical's staff chimed in from the door.

The man who is lost in his reverie was oblivious, "Yah," his manager jab a gentle punch on his shoulder.


"Oh, Yunho-sshi please come back to us," the man beside him said, amused.

"Oh, you're here?"

"Hahaha, you're killing me. The show is about to start, get up and do your thing."

A gentle knock, "Yunho-sshi". It was his final call.

He stand up, pat his hyung on the shoulder, fix himself in front of the mirror, passed through the musical stylist's inspection and went his way, 'It's showtime!'

The man who was left behind stared at his ward until he loose sight of him, he's been the happiest ever since Hye Jung-sshi came to his life. An amalgamation of stars, a union of beautiful people inside and out, a conciliation of two hearts to become one. He hopes their love story end in wonderland, encompass in eternal happiness.

The curtain was lifted and Yunho stepped out in the spotlight. 'Is it time to end the journey and begin with a different one, will she be happier, will their relationship be better, will it bring them closer to the altar and to their happy ever after?'

He smiled and bathe in the applause.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Secret Code Ring 1

This is for Ate Sue and Azura, I promised a Yunbo and though it took so long, I hope you are happy. This is a 3 or 4 part series, I got KHJ's POV out of the way, YH is next, then it's HB, I'm still thinking if I'll put an ending as the 4th part or if I'll just let it hang, we'll see...


Yunho Hiding a Secret?

The netizens are buzzing about TVXQ's leader, Jung Yunho, a rumor about him hiding a secret is spreading like wildfire. Photo above is just one of the pictures posted in his cafe, it was said to be taken by his ever-dedicated fans while he was enjoying a little me time. The other photos were taken on different dates but all were of him having a break from his busy schedule. You wouldn't know what the fizz is about with just one snapshot but the fans who had seen the series of images are oh so curious as to why he's always wearing the silver Swatch secret code ring on his index finger during his personal time. The members of his cafe are so eager to find out what the ring means to their idol and what could the code be. What is the secret behind the ring? I, just like you, would love to know, too :)

Kim Hyun Joong reread the article and looked at the picture once more, at the glinting silver ring on Yunho's finger and at his blissful smile. It was his rest day and as a habit, he turned his notebook on and surf the net, and what did he get, a news about the lucky bastard and his secret code ring. Is this the right time? Is it finally the time? Will he, now, be free from anguish... longing... and envy?

Should he be happy?

He could still remember the day it all started, the filming of Boys Over Flowers was halted because the lead girl was involved in an accident and was confined in a hospital, and as he has never had a day on his own for a long while, he decided to visit his close friends, Jaejoong and Mickey, thinking that a few bottles of soju between them couldn't hurt. TVXQ was practicing a new dance routine at that time so he was forced to go and pick up the two in the studio... and his road to Calvary begun.

He was awestruck as he watched the five-member group do the complicated choreography without a hitch, he's also a member of an idol group and they also do their own dance moves, but as most people know, he's not really a dancer, he dreamt of being a rockstar, and seeing Yunho bust a groove makes him wonder more how awkward he looks when he dance.

"Hey bastard, you're already here? Why aren't you saying a word," Jaejoong unceremoniously shouted.

"He's admiring our footwork and our grind," Yoochun teased.

He laughed and played along, "It would be nice if I can groove like that but as I know I can't, I'll just let your comment pass. Yah, Yoochun, you're not even the best dancer in the group and you're talking almighty."

They all laughed, he and his best buds greeted and body slammed each other, while he smiled and bowed at the rest. They did the customary how are yous and some chitchats before the boys hit the shower, their leader was the first to emerged, dressed casually with just a single accessory - a silver Swatch ring. He approached Hyun Joong and asked for a moment, of course he obliged.

That was when and where he found out...

He and Hwangbo Hye Jung were in a reality show as a fake husband and wife for about six months, he'll be a liar if he claims to be unaffected, with her charms, who and what kind of man can resist but he didn't take it a step further, when they ended the show, they ended everything else, he admits that his heart was aching but what can he do, they were six years apart, he was just climbing up the ladder of stardom and he's a freaking idol, he didn't have that much to offer. That is why it hurts even more when Yunho told him his part of the story.

The black secret code ring that she was wearing since December of 2008 was given by none other than him, Yunho, Hyun Joong has this habit of calling him the lucky bastard ever since then. He had been pursuing her in a non-obtrusive way since he found out that she broke up with her long-time boyfriend, but when We Got Married aired and he saw how loving a wife she can be, he worked harder to get her, he was scared that more men will fall for her and the line will get longer and longer, so he worked double time. His efforts paid off as she said yes on February of 2009, a very special birthday gift, they were together for almost a month already when Yunho told Hyun Joong. And why the hell did he have to tell him? Because the former needs the help of the latter to protect her.

During their stint as a couple in WGM and even after their run, they had acquired a number of fans, and as time goes by, people became more lenient and in favor of their tandem, Yunho was well aware of that fact, he even knew that fans were connecting the black ring that Hye Jung casually wore to his silver Swatch ring, which he had way before she had hers. So, the lucky bastard's idea of protecting her was him being quiet, never declining nor confirming what is his relationship with Hwangbo Hye Jung, thus keeping the fans and netizens guessing. His idea, though he hates to admit it, was good, and as he wants to protect his noona, too, he decided to partake in the plan, all that was needed was his silence and he's all for that, he's never been much of a talker anyway.

And so he begun to act in the play, play in the game, and game with their fate and the world.

But he was not prepared for the anguish that their treaty brings, because the fool that is Kim Hyun Joong was never able to let go of his feelings for his buin and worse, as every little details of their lives are interconnected by fans, he fell more deeply. Everytime he remembers their time together, everytime he reads something about them, everytime he sees a picture of her, and everytime he thinks of the chance he let passed, he hurts a little more. The solace, contentment and happiness that is evident on the real couple's faces are the opposite of his, he is heartbroken, suffering and wretched.

He was not prepared for the longing that he would feel, how he miss her smiles, her laughter, her beautiful eyes, her perfect nose, her beautiful lips, her fun and weird ideas, her jokes, her utmost concern; her usually fierce look that turns into warm stares when they converse, her touch, her slaps, her outpouring care for him; the food that she lovingly cooked, the clothes the she wholeheartedly created, the house that they together made a home of, the company that they had, the love that he knew blossomed, the time that they spent together. Oh, what he would give to have it once more! He has his string of women, he thought that they could fill out the void that one woman left, sadly, their presence just makes him numb for a while but they can never make him forget.

And the envy, the envy that keeps on growing, that keeps on tormenting, the envy that now rules him. How can you not envy the man, the lucky bastard, who have her? There were times when Jaejoong will tell of stories that involved them, of the food that Hye Jung sent on the studio, of the gifts that she sent when she came back from out-of-country works and business, of the handwoven scarf she had gifted them, of the donations and charities that the couple do, of the love that encompass the lovers, those were the times when the claw of enviousness was at its fiercest. He drowned himself with work hoping to surpass whatever wealth and fame that Yunho has. He started to do charity works to be able to reach out to her, to equal what her current partner can do. But everytime he thinks that he's nearing the distance, he'll always be rebuffed by the thought that he is too late, and he'll envy the lucky bastard even more, of how consistent and brave he was to take the plunge.

The thoughts drifted and the screen came clear, will the secret be finally revealed, will he be free from his ties, will his non-existent connection with her be sever? What will happen to them, will they be the happy couple in public and he the outcast and the looser?

With the news blaring at his face, should he be happy?