Friday, November 19, 2010

A Touch of Some PERFECT-ness

To the non-Pinoy readers, I suggest, you pass on this one, it may not be worthy of the risks as you may suffer from headache, hypertension, bleeding of various body orifices and even stroke. But if you dare and sail through it, then it is bloody PERFECT!

Here's the deal, I do multiple tasks when I write, it kinda makes my mind swirl and work in the process, but tonight when I got tired on working with SCR 6, no distraction was available, I had no movie or TV series on the ready, I have nothing to read, I don't have anyone to chat with, even Twitter is deafeningly quiet and YT vid was loading oh so slowly, so I decided on another means to keep myself afloat. And I swear, I had a grand time, bwahahaha.

Take this as you will but I want everyone to know that I'm just playing around, and it, personally, works as a brain stimulator, you may want to try it sometime.

English Trans courtesy of Perfect, oops, I mean Google Translator.

2006, the vast grounds of Hwangbo occurs a luxurious celebration for the 30th anniversary of one breast by G. and Mrs. Hwangbo. In such a feast first to cross the road by Hye Jung, the only child to marry, and of Hyun Joong, the only heir to the Kim family. Magkababata best friends and their father only natural to be so close to the two families. Neither consistently meet the two lights of home, that does not hinder the durability of their organization, per say a tree, too deeply rooted to their overthrow of the season. But because of their age, differences of interests, including studying abroad, there was no chance their offspring to become friends or even magkapalagayan inside.

Otherwise fantastic, this is the first meeting of the two before they introduced each other - with Hwangbo Hye Jung was 26 years old, a writer, romance novelist, slender, tall on average, with dark and long hair, beautiful eyes, mapupulang lips, sharp nose, a clean heart and good personality, Kim Hyun Joong was 20 years old, currently studying law in a famous university in America, tall, muscular, handsome man, If a modern Adonis ills.

Dream of their parents that they maselyuhan magkatuluyan to the unification of two families, but have they imposed that they wanted their children?

Catch the next chapter ...

Taong 2006, sa malawak na bakuran ng mga Hwangbo ay nagaganap ang isang marangyang pagdiriwang para sa ika-30 anibersaryo ng pag-iisang dibdib nina G. at Gng. Hwangbo. Sa nasabing piging unang nag-krus ang landas nina Hye Jung, ang nag-iisang anak ng mag-asawa, at ni Hyun Joong, ang tanging tagapagmana ng pamilya Kim. Magkababata at matalik na magkaibigan ang kanilang mga ama kaya't natural lamang na maging malapit ang dalawang pamilya. Hindi man palagiang nagkikita ang dalawang ilaw ng tahanan, hindi iyon naging hadlang sa tibay ng kanilang samahan, kumbaga sa puno, masyado nang malalim ang kanilang ugat para maigupo ng panahon.
Ngunit dahil sa kanilang edad, pagkakaiba ng hilig, kasama na ang pag-aaral sa ibang bansa, hindi nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang kanilang mga supling na maging magkaibigan o magkapalagayan man lamang ng loob.

Hindi man kapani-paniwala, ito ang unang pagkikita ng dalawa na naipakilala sila ng harapan sa isa't-isa - si Hwangbo Hye Jung ay 26 na taong gulang, isang manunulat, romance novelist, balingkinitan, matangkad sa karaniwan, may maitim at mahabang buhok, may magagandang mata, mapupulang labi, matangos na ilong, malinis na puso at magandang personalidad; si Kim Hyun Joong ay 20 taong gulang, kasalukuyang nag-aaral ng abogasya sa isang sikat na unibersidad sa Amerika, matangkad, matipuno, magandang lalaki, isang makabagong Adonis kung susumahin.

Pangarap ng kani-kanilang magulang na sila ang magkatuluyan upang maselyuhan na ang pagkakabuklod ng dalawang pamilya, ngunit maipipilit nga ba nila ang kanilang nais sa kanilang mga anak?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata...

I've had enough, it's hard to write in full Tagalog, I, actually, had a nice plot in mind but putting it into words, Tagalog words at that, is very hard, so I'll stop here, I had fun, that's enough for a day, bwahahaha.

Be cool and keep rockin`!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Secret Code Ring 6

Finally, SCR 6... to manager-nim and papercrane, thank you for patiently waiting. I decided to cut the dinner part as this chap had gotten longer than it should be.


"Hyung, you take care of the rest, I've got to run." His manager gave him a look, a look that reminded him that his level of understanding is not up to par. "The dinner that I had told you about, it is today and I am late, actually, I am very late and I'm afraid that I might earn the wrath of Hye Jung."

"Oh, the one with Kim Hyun Joong-sshi," he huffed. "Then you better drive fast, drop running, it wouldn't do you any good."

Now, it is Yunho's turn to look at him, at a lost, "Okay hyung, you know that I love you like a brother right, but sometimes, I really wonder how I survive all these years with you as my handler. I guess, the running part is a joke, right? Care to explain the rest?"

The older man chuckled, "Aigoo, don't tell me that you don't know anything, are you that clueless? You are a good kid and I think more than your talent, hardwork and perseverance, it is the reason why you are so blessed, but you are too trusting, you put so much faith on people, and that could cause your downfall," he ended, without stating any reason at all.

"Hyung, can we not go around in circles tonight, as I had said, I am in hurry."

"And I've told you to go and drive back home as fast as you can, what are you still here for?"

He laughed, as in he laughed his arse off, the man in front of him is as big a weirdo as Jaejoong, "And we're back to zero hyung, okay, let's do that again, do you know anything that I don't... let me rephrase that, are you insinuating that I should worry because Hyun Joong-sshi is with Hye Jung?"

"Yes, I am, don't you know that the guy is in love with your girlfriend? He has been for years," he said without blinking.

He was stunned, of course he knows, he knows that Hyun Joong love Hye Jung, he just doesn't know how deep and to what extent. When he agreed to be their decoy two years ago, he already realized that he's not doing it for him, he is doing it for her, only for her. But, it never crossed his mind that other people might know what he knew, that others might realize what he did, that Hyun Joong is that transparent. He doesn't want to add fuel to a full-blown fire, he decided to feign ignorance, "What are you talking about hyung?"

"Aish, you're telling me that you really have no idea? Why do you think, he agreed to your little plan, why do you think it is so easy for him to dodge questions about her, why do you think, he was able to strewn answers about their so-called relationship, why do you think everyone believes that he is the real boyfriend? Because you can read it in his face and in his smile, you can see it in his eyes, you can interpret it in his words and in his actions, he's all that!"

"I'm sorry but I can't quite follow you..."

"LOVE, Kim Hyun Joong overflows with love for your woman and though he tries to hide it, he can't, everytime her name was said, everytime her image was seen, everytime her voice was heard, everytime something related to her appear, you'll be sure to see a positive reaction from the boy. It's more than what my weak heart can handle, I'm telling you."

He bowed his head and say no more. He felt a tinge of jealousy but it is overpowered by indebtedness and new-found respect for the man. 'Did he really fell that deep, then he must be in agony.' He's been there so he knows how it feels, loving someone you can't have, patiently waiting and praying for a chance knowing that it may never come, it was comparable to hell, not that he's been there. In his case, he got lucky, he was given that one chance and he is wise enough to hold on to it, his heaven on earth.


She opened the door to him, relieved that he is finally home, it's fun spending some quality time with her former husband (on TV) but as a host she kinda felt lacking as they asked him to have dinner but it was way past dinnertime and she hadn't fed him a thing. And she doesn't have anyone else to blame than her beau, but she can't very well nag at him, so after giving him a look that promises vengeance in all sorts of way, she let it pass and smile her sweetest. She hooked her arm on his and ushered him in but before they reach the living room, she tiptoed and bit his ear seductively, "You better treat me right these coming days Jung Yunho-sshi or you may suffer a pain you didn't know existed."

He was torn between kneeling and begging her forgiveness and making love to her right there and then, but, as he is not a wimp nor a brute, he stood his guard, nod his head and kissed her soundly, "I am always good to you."

"Are you really?"

He winked mischievously and whispered, "But more than being good, I am great in bed... shall I show you some of my good moves?" and he pretended to drag her away to their room.

"Yah!" she yelled, red all over.

"Ehem, Hye Jung-sshi, is something wrong? Are you okay?" their visitor asked, worry etched in his voice. He was standing a few feet away from them, looking mighty fine in his gray suit.

"Anyi, I... was just startled," she said with a nervous smile, which caused her boyfriend to chuckle. She looked at him threateningly and walked ahead. "You guys do your thing, bond or something, I'll set the table so we can, finally, have dinner."

"Okay! I'll just grab something to drink, my throat is kind of dry," he said casually, but he looks at her with such mischief, teasing her to read between the lines. In return, she walked away after giving him a 'you wanna die?' glare. "You want anything in particular Hyun Joong?"

"I'll take what you'll have."

"Arasso, I'll be back in a jiffy."

He followed her in the kitchen, headed straight to the fridge and grabbed two cans of beer, he was stopped in his tracks when she spoke, "What do you think you're doing? Are you crazy?"

"Wae? Can't we drink beer?"

An eyebrow shot up high in her forehead, "You know what I mean."

He laughed, dropped the beer on the nearby table, walked towards her and pinned her on the wall, "You started it, why play with my weak spot, you know how sensitive my ear is."

"I bit you!"

"You did? Hmm, all I remember is that you tickled me and made me arouse," he said raunchily. He swooped in and kissed her passionately, a kiss that tells of things that he wanted to say. A kiss that lasted until they run out of breath, a kiss that made her knees weak and his resolve stronger. "I love you!"

He grabbed their drinks and went back to the living room, leaving her behind, breathless and a little shaken. "He seems a bit different, a little forceful, is it his way of showing off, of marking his territory," she wondered.


Kim Hyun Joong stayed in his seat, not sure what to do, not sure what to expect, he had felt the tension that Yunho seemed to have brought home with him. And though he hates to admit it, he felt like the third-wheel that he is.

"Is beer okay?"

"Oh, of course."

"I'm sorry for taking much of your time, there was some technical glitch in the studio, so recording took more time than necessary and I can't just leave, you know the drill," Yunho explained.

"No problem, I had a great time talking with Hye Jung, I didn't even realized that hours had already passed," he said, too caught up in what had transpired between him and her that he didn't seem to notice that he had sans formalities and said her name affectionately.

But the other guy did, he, actually, picked up more than that one slip of the tongue, he also saw the glint in Hyun Joong's eyes, the secret smile everytime he glances at the kitchen's way or thought of something, and the sudden glow in his being, something that wasn't there a week ago when he invited him over, it's like a fire in him was rekindled and he's living anew.

Those thoughts made Yunho realized that ending their deal and coming forward is really the best choice for all of them. For him and Hye Jung, confirming their relationship will allow them freedom, freedom to do what they want, freedom to show their love, freedom to live as a couple without the restrictions of secrecy. For Kim Hyun Joong, it is a means to get out of the WGM-Ssangchu era, to be free of her shadow, to be able to let go, to be able to dream and start his own fairytale story, his own happy ever after, his own heaven on earth.

Yeah, it is for the best and for all their sakes, they have to do it now.

"So quiet, you're both hungry, aren't you? Pout no more, the table's ready, come and take your seats."

Friday, November 12, 2010

In A Second

To the efef hunters, you know who you are, this is for you from the bottom of my fat-saturated heart, nyahahaha!

EDIT: Bubuyog, busy momma ang papel ko eh, I only get to write on weekends so pansamantala eto muna, sure naman ako di mo pa ito nababasa, hahaha... i'll super try to write you one this weekend, oki :)

People often complain that it took them a lifetime to fall in love, but the truth is, one only need a second to do so. A second to feel that hitch in your once normal heartbeat, a second to feel that jolt of electricity at the tip of your fingertips, a second to feel that itch at the sole of your feet. What takes a lifetime is the road to realization, it is the journey that takes us a long time. And inopportune to some, by the moment that they realized what it is, it has already passed them by.

The lucky ones, always catch on at the right moment, but then, isn't the long wait an unnecessary waste of time?

I'm not a connoisseur at love, I won't even pass as a call handler on those love hotlines, but I, Kim Hyun Joong, have a story to tell, not to brag or anything *cheeky smile*.

Hwangbo Hye Jung and I work in the same industry, we are both singers and entertainers; we were once a part of an idol group, I still am but SS501 is in hiatus at the meantime, we're both leaders of our group, and get this she and I were both designated as rappers in our group. With all those similarities, you'd think we're twins separated at birth, but we're not, thankfully.

We are colleagues but we never were a part of the same circle, there were a few instances when our world collided - a few TV guestings together, performing on music shows, a hosting stint with her as the guest, a bit of modelling here and there and
run-ins around the TV and radio stations and recording studios - but those were scarce and fleeting.

And then it happened.

My management company coerced me into filming a variety show about celebrity married couples, no, let me rephrase that, a variety show that force celebrities to act like married couples. I was hesitant at first, very hesitant, imagine me doing something like that when my normal reaction to everything ranges from subtle to extreme indifference, I was readily able to picture the awkwardness that will ensued. But what could I do, I am an entertainer after all.

First shooting day, in Jeju Island, I wasn't particular on who my make-believe wife will be but I thought as I am an idol I'll have one from those girl groups, a doll-like female, the kind of girl who can't do anything but be cute even if her life depended on it. I had my mind set that I'll be the older one and I can just pull her strings, but, I was given a better deal, my being a filial child must have touched the Higher Beings so they decided on blessing me... with her.

But it wasn't an easy start, as I presumed, our first day together was enveloped with awkwardness, aah, the inconvenience I put everyone through. She is an easy-to-get-along type of person, she welcomes everyone with open arms, she's warm and cool at the same time, she's a portrait of a girl-next-door come to life, albeit a little older (yah, don't you dare let that slip, have I mentioned she's a black belt 3 in Taekwando),
while I, was never a talkative person, I often zone out during conversations, I tend to cower against authorities and new acquaintances, simply put I am a loner at heart, so imagine the hardships that I had to go through every taping, and her being overly awesome and beautiful didn't help a bit, I was always lost for words, stealing glances and secret stares directed at her was so pleasurable, the urge to talk almost always slipped my mind.

But it got better... and better... and better.

I don't know when that infinite second in my life happened, I don't know when was the exact moment when I felt that hitch in my heart, that jolt of electricity on my fingertips or that itch in my sole, I just realized one day that my life will never be the same without her, that if she decided to turn around and walk away, the gap, the hole that she will leave will just forever be an empty space because no one can replace her.

It was during our 100th day anniversary, it was an episode where we spent more than twenty-four hours doing our wedding photoshoot. She was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in a wedding dress, I almost choke on my delight when she presented herself. The entire time that we were filming, she was always clad in those fashionable outfits, she was always prepped up, she was always gorgeous. But seeing her in a white gown, seeing her in a wedding dress was entirely different, I felt a certain self-exaltation that she's going to do the photo shoot with me, that she's married to me... of all the men in the world who could possibly stand beside her, it was me!

We went through all the hullabaloo and brouhaha of a wedding photoshoot, the torture and sweat, the happiness and laughter, everything, yes, even the feeling of being giddy, of excitement, of pride, it was like... for real.

Halfway through it all, it hit me, hard, seriously the vision almost knocked me off of my feet. The thought that she will do everything we had done, again, with another man, and for real, scared the hell out of me. The thought of her in another man's arms wrecked havoc in my mind and punctured my heart; the thought that she will one day turn her back on me sent chills to my spine, it was like the worst horror movie come to life, and I was the victim, I'll be the victim. It was really, really terrifying.

So right then and there, I made up my mind, I never once dreamed of starring in a horror flick, much more as a pushover, so I did, what has to be done... I made her mine, all mine.

So you see, falling in love doesn't take a lot of time, it took me 100 days to realized it but I am sure that I had fallen for her days before. It could had been that moment in the red convertible when she laughed like a madwoman on something that I had said, which I didn't find half as funny as she did; it could had been that night of our first barbecue, when she opened that soda bottle with a spoon, oh how cool she looked; it could had been that time when she ran on the beach and the skirt of her white dress hiked up a little, sexy; it could had been that time when she made me that pizza toast without the corn and yellow pepper, a wife material; it could had been that night when I carried her around the bathtub to our friends glee, and mine *blushing*; it could had been that day in the pool while we play, drink beer, talked and whiled away, like we're friends for so long; it could had been that time when I saw her garbed in a white sleeveless tee and pants, oh how lovely she looked; it could had been that time when she got sick knitting me a muffler, the guilt of not doing anything in return; it could have been that time when she went all the way to Japan just to spend time with me, what a keeper; or it could had been all of those pieced together. Truth, it doesn't really matter, what's more important is what lies ahead, what's important is that we fell in love and we are together.

Aren't I the luckiest guy in this world?

I was never close to my parents thus conversations among us revolves around the serious and the more serious matters. Because of that, my brain seems to have develop this inclination to seep through what we (brain and I) think is important and worthy of storing.
One of the few that has a great impact on me, is the one about what's rightfully ours. Did you ever wished and prayed for something, so darn hard, but it still didn't come into fruition? And then there are some or, at least, one thing that became yours without even lifting a finger? My omma said, that stuff happen for a reason, that someone up there has this grand plan that we play a part of... that the thing, or in my case the person, I never ever thought of having and building a life with, just came and reshape what I had and what I am. It is her, and the likes of her, those we didn't dare to dream of, to wish and pray for but was given to us without preamble, that, those, are rightfully ours.

Good thing I listen to my omma, or I might have missed my chance...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is for the bubuyog, the little sister that I never had. I found this - "Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be." - anon

"Hwangbuin, whenever things are hard, remember the hard times on Mt. Halla, after the hard times, there will be laughter, too. I hope you'll always remember that, be happy!"

"Shillang, thank you and sorry..."

Their last words to and for each other, they hugged awkwardly and went their own ways.
That was the last time that they had been honest with each other, she was a coward, she can't speak about his reasons but hers was of pure cowardice, but now, now she have to face up, "This time, I really have to let you go, you have given me no choice," she sighed. "Annyeoung, Kim Hyun Joong-sshi, till we meet again."

She came, decided that she will send him away with a smile so that he wouldn't be burdened by her heavy heart but she can't help it, her tears won't stop.


They did their part as a married couple in a reality show, the last filming was done, their work was finished and their relationship, in whatever name or intensity it should be labeled, reached its end. They both knew that something is up, that they are somewhat different from who they were when the program started, from the amateurish pair who barely looks and talk with each other in Jeju Island for their so-called honeymoon, to the almost Bonnie and Clyde-inseparable duo that they had become at the mid of their stay in the reality show, to the heartbroken but pretending not to be husband and wife when they finally said their goodbyes.

They both knew that they had something going on, something powerful and completely undeniable but both decided not to deal, both decided to go their separate ways fuzzy and unclear.

She had her reasons, petty ones but still valid enough, she's six years older, he's an idol and he has the whole world waiting in front of him, she cannot and will not take that opportunity away. She has always been selfless, it, oftentimes, sucks and it, sometimes, hurts but she is made that way.

He loves her, there was no question about it, not even a hint of indecisiveness, but he can't, he can't just go and propose his everlasting love without the promise of a future, he needed a little time to be worthy of her.


Several months after they parted ways as a not-so-genuine couple and after a few random and accidental meet-ups along the way, they were given the chance to see each other again, it was right after he finished filming Boys Over Flowers. He was supposed to go home right after his last scene but he heard her name on his way to the filming location, he and his manager were picking up some fan letters at the front desk when her manager called in her reservation. He can't just leave, he should at least treat her to dinner or say hello, he can't let the opportunity to be with her on their special place pass him by however short it'll be.

She was gracious enough to dine with him, he tried to have a barbecue dinner set up in the hotel's side lawn but as the staff needed more time to prepare and time was one thing they obviously don't have, they had to settle in the hotel's restaurant. It was nice, the food was just so-so but to the both of them, it was like ambrosia to the gods and goddesses, it's like the happiness of being in each others company made everything around them a hundredfold better. They talked like the awkward team that they used to be but as minutes turned to hours, time was reverted back, they were the ssangchu couple once again, laughing, throwing in jokes, talking about the mundane, flowing with love for each other.

She was elated, after months of living like they were just simple K-entertainment colleagues with all the bump-ins and casual hellos, there they were acting like nothing had change. And there she was hoping, deep in heart, that something will change.

He was beyond happy to see her, he was ecstatic in the truest sense of the word, eating with her by his side, having conversations, subtly trying to compel her to stay away from the pile of suitors he knew she have, basking in the glory that she still looks at him with those warm eyes, only people who matter in her life can elicit that warmth and he can still do, so he still matters.

The time had come and they bid their goodbyes, still unclear on what they really are, are they friends, simple acquaintance, two person who happened to do work together, or are they way more than that. She didn't dare to ask, she doesn't even know what answer she wants to hear because she, by herself, doesn't know what kind of relationship they should have. He, on the other had, knew what he wants, he had known ever since they had their wedding photoshoot but he's not ready yet, his future was still bleak and he needs a concrete one to offer her.


Hearing each others whereabouts through their common friends, exchanging a few messages of regards and how are yous, having a glimpse of each other on their respective TV shows and guestings, that's how they both live for almost a year. The only thing he was able to do when she released her digital album and topped one of UK's online music site was to sent her a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her, and even that was done by his coordinator after he begged her to. They were both so busy, keeping in contact was next to impossible, he can't hardly breathe and he's sure that she was on the same boat as evident by her thinning body. But his faith in Santa Claus paid off, his Christmas wish was granted when they chanced upon each other in Hong Kong.

She was roaming the streets of Hong Kong when he spotted her, cozily bundled up in her layers of thick clothes without a hint of make-up at all, she didn't look like the celebrity that she is, no chaperon, no bodyguards, she was walking alone and nonchalantly, looking at random people and stuff, as if she was just a normal city girl out on a night to shop and unwind. He approached her, hidden on his black hood and cap, and he was almost incapacitated, good thing he found his voice and was able to call her buin, it was the magic word.

He waved his original company away and hanged-out with her instead, they meandered around Hong Kong concerned not about scandals or rumors or the side looks and secret stares some people were throwing their way; they were engrossed at and with each other, trying to make up for the loss time, trying to live by the moment.

Both knew what was needed to be done but neither of the two made the move. She already know what she wanted but she's just too chicken to step forward, while he, who's been so sure since the beginning, was aiming for the sky and he won't settle for anything less. What they didn't know is that, they were already given three chances to make it real, to live their love, to fulfill their dreams. Will it take a hundred before they can take the plunge?


SS501's Asian concert tour was finally over and their next mini-album is soon to come out, it was five months of hectic schedules, flying back and forth, running around, practicing until dawn, sleepless nights and days of unrest, though he can't deny the adrenalin that he feels while performing, the thought that he and the rest of the group can now breath and live at a normal pace makes him more than just thankful. And now that he has some time to himself, the possibility of seeing her is not that bleak anymore.

They have a scheduled fan signing event in Busan and he decided to go there earlier as not much activities for the group is planned yet and a day or two to himself is definitely what he needs, to clear his mind and pacify his heart. He has been trying to contact her, to have tea or coffee, to eat out, to hang out, anything, he's even willing to look at her from afar if that's the only way he can see her, but to no avail. One of their road managers accompany him and they are shock to find a number of fans near the villa where they will be staying, but to his relief, those fan girls aren't his, they are waiting for Junjin of Shinhwa.

He is about to drift off to dreamland when his manager barge in inside his room, he overhears a few of the villa caretakers talking about Junjin, taking a couple days off from the military to spend some quality time with his best-girl-friend. He was instantly on his feet, everyone knows who that girl is and though he's a little bit jealous and irritated that they are on a retreat and staying at the same house, he's very thankful that their fates look forever cross. A chance to see her, to talk to her, to be with her, in a place where no one will bother them, now all he has to do is to make it happen.

And make it happen he did, the best friends are having their morning walk when he pretended to run into them, the older idol is courteous enough to give them some privacy. She was a bit flustered to find him there but his happiness in seeing her worked as a balm to calm her. They walk at a slow pace, savoring every bit of time that they are together, they both know that sooner than later they will part ways without knowing when or where they will see other again. They talk about everything except for the one thing that both of them wanted, she's still a fraidy-cat, scared of any consequences her words might cause, and he's still trying to conquer the world so he can give it to her, not that the world matter to her and the consequences matter to him. If they only knew...


Another six months had passed, his newest drama bombed on the ratings department in Korea but it had gotten explosive reviews from the international audience, so it was a fair deal. He was even interviewed by CNN because of the tremendous success of their venture in You Tube, he was chosen as the Korean representative to the Asian Games and that was, actually, the bestest offer he had ever gotten because he was able to go to Beijing without much of a fuzz and trailed secretly to Macau where she was having a photoshoot with Star Hwabo. He'll be a liar if he will say that he wasn't affected by the theme of the pictorial, she was like showing everything she got and just thinking of all the other men who will drool on the photos aside from the photographer and magazine staff whose eyes seemed to be popping out just makes his blood boil. But what can he do, she's not his yet to control nor it is her fault that she looks like a goddess, if Hera was of this time, he bet she'll throw a jealous fit, that's how exquisite she is.

She was able to sneaked out wit him, they had dinner together, after the longest time. They chose that famous Italian restaurant in Venetian Hotel, unknown to most, they both share a love for pasta, that's one thing he'll forever share with her. They dine like a normal couple would, they drank wine, they toast for their health and prosperity, they talked about their lives and careers and the path both of them wish to take, they actually look like a real couple, it's just that deep inside they both knew that they are not.

What are they exactly, friends, but friends keep in contact with each other unlike them who popped in and out of each others life like magic; acquaintance, colleagues, but either of the two won't drop everything their doing just to spend a few hours with each other; they are in a relationship limbo, they had been there for more than two years now, when will they cross the line to have a luminous definition of what they are, only the two of them knows.

And so, for the fifth time, they missed their chance and went their separate ways.


Finally, after half a year of hardwork and perseverance, his first solo album is done. He plans to release it on his birth month, as a sort of gift to himself and to his fans. Working on his solo album was like finding and picking needles on a hay stack, that's how arduous and laborious it was. He wasn't able to do much in between as he wanted to focus and give his all on that one, it's his first and he aimed for the best, now he just hope to get the recognition his album deserves.

More than the fame and the status quo of being a successful singer, he wanted his album to succeed because after that, he is done. His dream of a great future is already at hand, the album will just seal it and then he can pursue his greatest dream, he can now confess to the woman he loves and he can now offer the world to her feet. A few more steps is all that he needs, and the waiting will then be over and the two of them can have their happy ever after.

A music video has to be release side by side his first single, so he is now flying aboard a chartered plane to shoot his MV in one of the remote islands of Hawaii. Everyone is excited, it is a gorgeous place and the view is beyond awesome, they all wanted to land and get the job done and be free to do their individual thing, the men, as usual, wants to eye some local girls and the women, wants to get, at least, a tan, he, he just wants everything to go perfect, so he can pursue his own happiness.

But then fate has other plans, it looks like Kim Hyun Joong has run out of chances.

The loud chit-chats were put to a halt when a fire broke out in one of the plane's wing, one of the engine malfunctioned and though the pilot did everything he can to regain control, it just didn't sufficed. "This is your pilot speaking, we're now flying with just one engine and though we are doing everything we can to land safely, you all have to brace yourselves. May God be with us."

A few minutes after, sounds of screeching metal and yells of pain and fear were all that can be heard. One man was stoic, trapped in his seat, blood gushing on his head, but though he is in immense pain, he couldn't care less as all he can think about was her, "Is this the end, is this how it will end? I haven't even told her that I love her, that I have been in love with her for the longest time and that everything that I am doing is for her and for the future that I want us to have. Now I won't have the chance..."


Hwangbo Hye Jung went to the funeral dressed in black, showing no emotions, hiding her eyes behind her dark glasses, her trusted friends beside her, secretly bracing her as the truth was, she was dying in pain, but what's more painful was the fact that she can't show what she feels as she doesn't have the right to, she freaking have no right to feel that way, for in the eyes of most they never had a bond... of whatever kind.

She paid her respects to his family and she almost breakdown when his mom crashed her in a tight embrace telling her that she is so happy to finally meet her in person, the woman who made his son a man, a man who felt love, a man who dreamt well, a man that she is proud of. She couldn't control it, a tear fell and another and another, and she hugged the woman who gave birth to him, and they both weep, they mourn the man who they both love and loss.

She came, decided that she will send him away with a smile so that he wouldn't be burdened by her heavy heart but she can't help it, her tears won't stop flowing, her heart won't stop aching. But as she is the one who was left behind, she had to be stronger, "This time, I really have to let you go, you have given me no choice," she sighed. "Annyeoung, Kim Hyun Joong-sshi, till we meet again."

And she cried, she cried her heart out with a promise that it will be the last.



His album was released a month after he was laid to rest, it was an instant hit, breaking all music and chart records, hitting the platinum mark in just two weeks, it was everything Kim Hyun Joong dreamed of, it was a success.

The master copy of the album together with the original CD jacket was sent to her, it was his plan when he's still alive and his friends made sure that it was done.

The dedication on his album read -

Dearest Hwangbo Hye Jung,

I have never met a woman quite like you, when I look at you, I see an angel, when I touch your skin, I feel this warmth that no one else have, when I had the privilege to kiss you, I felt my heart beating like it had never done before, when I look in your eyes, I see a future only you can give me. I love you!

A tear fell, she wiped it dry, she smiled against the pain, "And I love you, Shillang, I always will."

True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you. - Author Unknown

***** THE END *****

Note: This piece wasn't done in one sitting, you may have noticed some differences in the way it was written, it convey different feelings, the use of the past and present and even the grammar varies; I'm having a schizophrenia episode thus this piece came out like so and I'm not in the mood to edit. It was just a case of wrong timing, the plot of Chances played in my head just when I'm having my random crazy attack. Just deal okay, let's just deal with what life is shoving at us. Oh yeah, if you're feeling weird about this note, my apologies.

After The End

I am hooked! This song is stronger than cocaine, I'm addicted to it and I just started this morning *grins*. I spent most of my afternoon looking for the title (Ate Sue gave it to me but I forgot and the chatbox was no help, eff that!), the singer (I, initially, thought that it was part of the High School Musical OST, crazy me *grins*) and the lyrics, and an hour or two ago, I finally succeeded. Come on people, I deserve an applause, with the effort that I had exerted and the patience that I didn't knew I had *lol*.

Am I getting random? Hmm...

After The End
KC Concepcion

Even though I try
Not to think of you
Every now and then
I admit, I do
And I know
That were gonna meet again
And I wonder how
You will treat me then

And will it be awkward
Or what will I say
Coz we haven't spoken
Since that day

Will you look the same
Will I recognize
That amazing glint
That was in you eyes
Will you show that I'm upset
Will say that I'm not over yet
Will you make some lame excuse to go
Will you say you've got to run to catch a bus
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

Will I want to cry when we finally meet
Will we meet by chance on a crowded street
Will I fall again for your magic charm
Will you have a new girl on your arms

Will you act like you don't know who I am
Will you shake my hand like a businessman
Will you smile and say hello
Like we used to smile not long ago
Will you ask me what's been going on
What kind of shallow topics will we discuss
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

Or will I be stronger
Then I knew I could be
Will you be the one
Who's surprised by me

Will I be alright
Will I be just fine
Or will I've healed this heart of mine
Will I show that I moved on
Will you see the sadness is all gone
Will you be the one in pain
Will I be the one who's feeling fabulous
When we'll see each other
After the end
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He Said, She Said

In an effort to make up for the tragedy of a fan fiction that is Romeo and Juliet, hahaha. And yeah, a post-birthday gift for Athena, hope she likes it.

I italicized her side to make reading easier :)

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo Hye Jung have finally decided to get hitch after four years of being together, and playing hide and seek with the netizens and their avid fans. They plan to announce their upcoming wedding through a mini-press conference when all the details are confirmed and finalized.

Today, they are to meet a marriage counselor as a part of the wedding seminar that couples have to go through before a permit to wed can be granted.

The counselor had gotten one question out and the lovebirds did the rest, all that he can do is watch in amazement.

He: I want her the minute I laid my eyes on her.

She: No, you didn't. You wanted a cute girl as a partner, remember?

He: Oh Buin, don't mislead him, I'm not talking about We Got Married because we already met a few years prior to that and I decided right there and then that I want you to be mine. And just to clear the air, I never mentioned the word want, what I said was I expected to be paired up with a cute girl, I am an idol after all.

She: *A light chuckle and a smirk later* Your word against mine and as usual, you're trying to get out of a loophole.

He: I certainly am not, and how can you bring that up when I have proven time and again that I love you, more than life itself.

She: I know that you love me and I love you, too, but we're not talking about that are we? You said you want me from the start and I just gave you a piece of my mind.

He: But I really do. SS501 just came out at that time, it was year 2005, and as part of our promotion, DSP forced us to go on variety shows. Remember Xman, the dance intro, the song Do Somethin' by Britney Spears, the short pink skirt, the white midriff-tube top and the white blazer?

She: Oh *a pause*, now I remember, you were brave enough to use the 'I got darker' gag on me *a smirk and a look that dares him to say more*.

He: *smiling sheepishly* What can I do, that was what the sunbaes told me to say, and I'm supposed to obey them.

She: *grinning from ear to ear* And you didn't even depend yourself, you know that you just admitted to your crime, right?

He: *sticky glare* Crime? Have I abducted you? If I am to point a finger, I say Lee Hyuk Jae-nim or Ji Sang Ryul-nim were the most likely candidates to do so.

She: *laughing out loud* That statement of yours just earn a spot on my list of Kim Hyun Joong's weirdest comments.

He: *grinning at her candid reaction and then back to his straight face* I can actually add in more names, some are even younger than me, but mentioning their names will just make you remember them and I don't like that idea, so I shall refrain *smirk*.

She: *still laughing plus hitting him on the shoulder at least twice* Now, I am at a loss, I could never win over you, I could never predict what you will say next. And trust me, I've been trying, for four years *she smiled that sunshine smile of hers*.

He: *he smile that melt-every-women's heart-smile* That's why you can't resist me, I'm still mysterious after all these years.

She: *giggling* Right, just thinking of a life without you makes it less appealing, I think, it'll be no fun without you.

He: Tsk, I kind of realized that a couple of years ago, that's why I took it to myself to stay by your side to let you experience the happiness that you want and deserve *huffing like a proud wolf*. *turns all serious and lovingly gazes at her* But you know what, my existence might just be pure pleasure on your part but yours in mine is a necessity because you complete me, without you, I'll be forever at a loss, without you, it's like not living at all. So, don't you ever loose me... or you'll be charge with murder *grins*.

She: *her eyes full of warmth and love* I will never... and thank you, thank you for keeping me.

The counselor signs the documents with a big smile plastered on his face, this is the easiest counseling he has ever done by far. One question was all it took and the discussion that followed just blew him away.

"Here," he uttered while giving them their marriage license.

Stunned, they look at each other and at the counselor questioningly. Is it done? The man in front of them wasn't even able to say at least a few phrases, how come he's handing them the documents, do they pass or do they fail, both think that the latter is a greater possibility.

"Live with as much passion, ardor and brevity just like how you fight and I am sure everything will be alright. Live just like you are living now and I am sure I won't be seeing you two here ever again, oh, unless, one of your kids has to go through a counseling of their own. I hope, I am still working on this office when that day comes. Let me be the first to congratulate you, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, work hard, love harder and you'll find your own heaven on this Earth."

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo Hye Jung stands up, give their thanks and bow down their heads, they walk out hand in hand, still as passionately in love as they were when they walked in, but a little bit wiser now and more than ready to face the world.

Wanna join me in shouting Segyero or do you wanna have a wild fancy party with me, keke?

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Romeo and Juliet

Paningit lang, before I continue with SCR, the idea popped up in my head and I don't think my braincells will settle down until I put it into writing, so here goes. It is an experimental work on my part, so please bear with it, if you don't like it, then you don't, if you find it acceptable, then you do, if you like what you read, then leave a comment will you *grins*.

"Omma, I just finished my assignment in English Lit, do you like to read it?"

"I would love to baby,"
she said with a beaming smile.

Time really flies, she can't help but be stunned at how fast her first child had grown, she now has a 10-year old daughter, who looks exactly like her, which is one of the topmost complaint of her husband, ever since their daughter shown signs of her blossoming beauty, her father has been at his wits end thinking of ways to hide her from the world. But her daughter is more than a just a pretty face, she has the charm, the heart and the brains to append it with. A proof of the latter is her being in advance study since second grade, she's now a 5th grader taking early lessons on English Literature.
She scan the printed materials on her hand, and with much pride and enthusiasm, she reads on.


Romeo and Juliet (A Comparative Writing)

Most, if not all, are familiar with the love story of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, it is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in between 1591 and 1595.

Many a review had been done about this story, many plays and movies had been produced, many versions had been made, many books had been published and many copycats had surfaced so I decided to do it my way, it is a wee bit different than your usual comparative report but, I bet, it will be better.


Ruling House of Verona
Prince Escalus - the ruling prince
Count Paris - kinsman of the prince who wishes to marry Juliet
Mercutio - another kinsman and a close friend of Romeo

House of Capulet
Capulet - patriarch of the house
Lady Capulet - matriarch of the house
Juliet - daughter of the Capulet and the female lead
Tybalt - cousin of Juliet and nephew of Lady Capulet
Nurse/Nana - Juliet's personal attendant and confidante
Peter, Sampson and Gregory - servants in the Capulet household

House of the Montague
Montague - patriarch of the house
Lady Montague - matriarch of the house
Romeo - son of the Montague and the male lead
Benvolio - cousin of Romeo and his friend
Abram and Balthasar - servants of the Montague household

Franciscan Friars
Friar Laurence - Romeo's confidante
Friar John - the one who was sent to deliver Friar Laurence's letter

The Capulet and Montague are, both, rich and powerful, but more than the distinction, they are more known as nemesis, rivals, sworn enemies. Their families battle it out and Verona is their battleground, the members of each family brawl on the street, wrecking havoc and sowing fear among the citizens. Prince Escalus was forced to interfere and declared that further breach of peace in Verona will be punishable by death, thus a sort of ceasefire took effect.

One of the prince's kinsman, Count Paris, let his desire to marry Juliet be known to her family, her parents are in favor of the union but her father is a little wary as Juliet is just a child at thirteen, so he asked the count to wait for two more years before they wed. The Capulet held a ball in honor of Count Paris and their arrangement.

At the beginning Romeo was really pining for Rosaline, a cousin of Juliet, and in an effort to see her, he lets himself be persuaded by Mercutio and Benvolio to attend the ball that the Capulet were having. But as fate would have it, instead of Rosaline, he met Juliet and fell in love with her at first sight.

Juliet, on the other hand, was mesmerized. A day after the ball, Romeo sneaked into the Capulet's courtyard in order to take a glimpse at her but he got more than what he bargained for, as he witnessed Juliet vowing her love for him though he is a Montague. Overwhelmed, he showed himself and propose his love, then and there, they decided to get married, with Nana as their witness.

Friar Laurence married them the next day hoping that the union will lead to a reconciliation between their families.

But Tybalt, had another plan, he was enraged that Romeo sneaked in the Capulet's party and challenged him to a duel but as Romeo already sees him as a kinsman, he declined. Mercutio, who felt insulted by Tybalt's insolence and angered by Romeo's submission, accepted the duel on his friend's behalf. Mercutio was fatally wounded as Romeo attempts to break up the fight. Grief-stricken and wracked with guilt, Romeo confronted and slain Tybalt in the process.

The prince exiled Romeo with a note that he will be killed the moment he steps foot at Verona again, that was his punishment as his parents argued that the death of Tybalt was just as he only avenged Mercutio's death.

Romeo spent his last night at Verona with Juliet, they both knew that it was to be the last but she was still devastated when he finally left. Her family misinterpreted her grieving and decided to marry her off to Count Paris. She resisted and was threatened to be disown by her father, her plea for a delay was also rejected by her mother.

In an attempt to get her out of the dilemma, Friar Laurence offered her a drug that will keep her in a death-like coma for forty-two hours, he also promised to send a messenger to Romeo to inform him of the plan so that he can be there when she awakens.

Juliet drink the potion a night before her wedding and was discovered looking lifeless in her room the morning after, her mourning and distress parents laid her to rest in the family crypt.

It was such a good plan, until Balthasar went babbling about Juliet's circumstance to Romeo, and he, as the lovesick fool that he is, ran to Verona, making it impossible for Friar John to give him the message that Friar Laurence sent. In other words, the once ingenious plan failed *grins*.

The heartbroken Romeo, though in haste to be with his lover, was able to buy a poison before he went to see her in the crypt. He met Count Paris, who came to mourn Juliet privately, the count confronts him and Romeo kills Paris in the battle that ensued. Believing that Juliet had passed away, he drunk the poison and was breathing his last when Juliet suddenly woke up, aggrieved, she took her own life using his dagger.

The three were found dead in the tomb and seeing the misfortune that their children had suffered all because of their feud, the Capulet and the Montague decided to make peace and reconcile. Friar Laurence act as the narrator of the story/play and it ends with Prince Escalus' elegy, "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

Now for the real story, imagine Romeo and Juliet in a South Korean setting instead of the 16th century England, speaking not of those olden English language but of contemporary Korean, and living in a modern world instead from the antiquated one. I shall change the title then, from Romeo and Juliet to Estella and Rafael. And to make this story a little more amusing, let me tell you, that our lead protagonists are both Korean stars, both hailed from an idol group, the female went solo as a singer, took up hosting and modeling, do some bits of sitcoms and movies and became a favorite in variety shows; the male diversified to acting and modeling while still being a singer. They both have a good heart and do much charity works, and instead of being star-crossed lovers, shall we tag them as a match made in heaven?

Now on to the characters, let's forego the ruling house as this story happened in a different era, but we have to retain Count Paris and Mercutio as they play important roles, I will name the Korean counterpart of Paris as Yunho and of Mercutio as Jaejoong. The House of Capulet and Montague are no more, it's basically Estella and Rafael with their hordes of fans, with the leads as secret lovers while their fans are mutual enemies. As for Friar Laurence, who acts as a friend, confidante and a bridge to each sides reconciliation, I think, the Joongboers fit in, but as they are plural in numbers, let's just say that they are all Franciscan friars who thinks and feels like the real one. And instead of Friar Laurence, I will act as the narrator and in behalf of Price Escalus, I'll give the ending statement.

I know that most of the characters of the original play are not visible in my story but as I've said earlier, this is a love story that took place centuries after Shakespeare's famous tragedy, so some of the characters are not in existence anymore. And now, I shall begin.

The feud between Estella and Rafael's followers happened in reverse chronology, they met and fell in love first before the war ensued. The two met not in a party but on a reality show, We Got Married, Rafael just like Romeo expected to meet somebody else, a cutesy-patootsy girl for the first and Rosaline for the latter, but as luck was bestowed on them, they met someone else and they both fell in love at first sight.

But unlike Romeo, Rafael had to prove to Estella that he's worthy of her heart and, ultimately, her life and soul. You see, as they met in a reality show, emotions alone can't be trusted because sometimes the bleak line that separates real from reel overlaps, and Estella was intelligent enough to not let herself drown. But love, just like death, cannot be avoided, the variety program ended but their feelings continued to grow, he wooed her until the walls that she built crumbled, until she accepted him as her man.

But as their stint as a married couple ended, their individual fans who once supported their tandem drifted away until they completely falter. And the endless shipping with other artists, bickering, bad-mouthing, a whole lot of word war begun. But, just like Romeo and Juliet, Estella and Rafael had their own Friar Laurence, they are an elite group of people who believe that great love stories doesn't have endings and that what they saw as a blossoming love in WGM is the real deal. They stay vigilant and dedicated and their support and love never waver amidst the denial, the rumors and the fan warfare.

Fortunately, this love story didn't end in tragedy, after all the commotions and the secret, the couple finally announced their relationship, a month before they tie the knot. They got married, this time for real, and together with the ever-loyal Joongboers, the Perfect, Hyunnies, BeauEstella, Hye Jung's Angels and those other fans in between stood together to celebrate with them. At the moment, they are living happily and contentedly with their three children - Helice, Hermes and Hypnos.

"A great love story doesn't end with dying together, that is what you call a tragedy. A great love story is when two person became one soul and grew old together with no regrets, no enviousness, no greed, just pure love." - Helice Kim


She was lost reading her daughter's masterpiece when a small voice jolted her, "Omma," a three-year old boy whispers in her ear, as he try to get her attention. "When is appa coming home?

"He'll be home soon, why, do you need something from your appa?"

"Ani, I just miss him..."

"And I miss you, too!" the doting father said with arms open wide, waiting for his little prince to run to his embrace.

"Appa," one loving word of three different voices, from three different individuals.

He reaches out to each of them, hugging them tight, kissing them soundly, and talking like they haven't meet for a long while, when in fact, he just went out a few hours ago for a recording. But, he wouldn't have it any other way.

When the commotion died down, he pull his wife to his side, give her a light peck on the lips and whispered, "Thank you for letting me live a wonderful, wonderful life with you and our kids. Saranghae Hwangbo Hye Jung!"

"And I love you Kim Hyun Joong!"

NOTE: I just read what I wrote and I find my version of Romeo and Juliet funny, instead of being sweet and romantic, it came out angsty, hahaha, I'm really not made of those gooey, mushy stuff and it shows in my writings.