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What's in a Name?


Summer of 2015, Bali Indonesia

Hwangbo Hye Jung was walking along the sandy beaches, serene, contemplative. Enraptured by the beauty that is Bali and reminiscent of the past, a memory that still makes her wonder. She was oblivious of a man, of a pair of eyes that was staring at her, with such yearning and ache. He was watching each step, her every move, like she was someone he knew and he was checking if she still have the same body contours, the same silhouette, if she was still the same person. And the minute he was certain, he made his move.

"Hwangbo-sshi," he whispered as he neared her.

She heard a faint sound, like someone was calling her name, she paid no heed thinking that it was just the wind. She is in a secluded island, afterall, where only the elite and the privileged roam. She is in a country where her name is known to a few, so to claim that someone called her was, in a way, preposterous.

A gust of wind, a gentle tap in the shoulder.

"Hye Jung," a hushed tone. "Hwangbo-sshi," this time he said it full-mouthed. Like the first one was just a slip of the tongue, an endearment only he can hear, a name he was familiar with unbeknownst to all, a secret from her.

"Hyun Joong-sshi," she gasped, a happy surprise. "Annyeong!"

He smiled and bowed, "Annyeong! I never thought we will meet here, of all places," he mumbled.

"Yeah," she sighed. "But it's nice seeing you, you grew up well."

He looked pained, as if he suffered a blow, "Yeah, I grew up, but I was years late, wasn't I?"

His words brought her eyes upon his, she saw longing and regret, though his face remained expressionless, a mask.

"Hyun Joong," she breathed.

Hwangbo Hye Jung and Kim Hyun Joong first met on 2005, she was striving as a solo artist as her group decided on pursuing individual work and he was striving as a member and leader of a newly-formed idol group. Their meeting was inevitable as they belong in the same industry but they never did run in the same circle, until, they both signed that contract, the contract that made them a married couple, the contract that forced them closer, the contract that sealed their fate.

She's everything a man wants and hopes for, she's perfect in every sense; he didn't signed up for a heartbreak so he tried his best to distance himself. But the more he learned, the more he loved... though he fought hard to resist, the spell that she cast he just couldn't withstand.

Their relationship turned into something real, the make-believe newly-wed couple became real-life sweethearts. Heaven was in his hands and he thought it was forever.

It could have been, but his forever was cut short three years later, she had wanted something he wasn't ready to give.

He made his choice, he stuck with the career that he worked so hard for, he stood for the fans that helped him be what he is, and she... she let him go and leave.

By the time that it became clear, she was already gone; when he became sure, it was already too late. One thing he learned - Heartbreak can't kill, and he's a living proof. He is soulless, drifting to nowhere but still alive, hurting, waiting for the time when all will be over.

"I'm sorry," he broke the silence.

"Huh," she said in reply, her mind in a glaze.

"I heard that you got married," he choked. "Is your husband with you?", he added after a while, the strain in his voice lucid.

She didn't expect his inquiry, and she was mulling on how and what to say when a pretty, little girl run excitedly towards them.

"Appa," the child shouted with all her might, in full smile, eyes twinkling.

She caught her breath. 'He has a kid,' her only coherent thought.

Hyun Joong grinned and opened her arms wide, waiting for the little tot to reach his embrace, his joy more than evident. He lifted her up the minute she approached, a proud father; she giggled and kissed him gleefully, a happy daughter.

"Hello," the girl greeted her with a warm smile and a wave.

Something seemed to be stuck on her throat but she managed to smile and say hi. "What is her name?", she directed the question to him.

"Hye Jung," he answered, his eyes never leaving hers.

She just stared at him, loss for words.

"I wasn't able to hold on to the woman to which the name belongs, I wasn't able to keep you," his words were coated with woes. "I had to, at least, have your name, it didn't make my life better, it didn't lessen the pain, it didn't bring back what I had lost but it is better than nothing," he smiled, contrition etched on his face. "And every time I tell her I love her, I feel like you can hear me whisper your name."

"I love you Hye Jung!"

"I love you too, Appa!"

But he was still looking at her, only her...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


No. 5, finally! A little caution though, it's kind of R-18 :P

Kim Hyun Joong was absentmindedly drinking his beer when In Young, unabashedly tapped him on the back, immediately bringing him out of his reverie. "Your soulmate is here," his longtime friend muttered.

He instantaneously turned and looked around, and there she was, exquisite... as always. And for the nth time since he knew her, he wondered, how can she be so magnificently stunning in the simplest of clothes, she was wearing a pair of dark denim boy shorts, vintage white tee and espadrilles accentuated with a few bangles. You put her on a catwalk filled with fashion brand-clad women and she'll still shine, in his eyes at least, perpetually.

"New boyfriend?" In Young's voice cut his more pleasant train of thoughts, his attention suddenly veered at the man who was standing beside her, hand on her back, as if he has the right to.

"No," his terse reply.

"Oh, so we have another one in our throng, he passed the requirements and now is in line for consideration. What a lucky bastard!"

"Aish In Young, suitor, he's just a suitor, why can't you just say that? Why do you have to go on and on and on..."

"To tick you off," he challenged.

"You didn't have to go that far," he said with a smirk on his face.

"I know," his reply, mischief evident in his eyes. "I think, no other person on earth hates the term soulmate more than you."

"And I bet you're wondering why?"

In Young couldn't help but guffawed at his response, "I shall take my leave then, the birthday celebrant needs to welcome his guest... together with her guest," he continuously piqued.

His friend of almost twenty years left his side to attend to his duties as the host of the party, a small but sincere smile spread across his face, it'll be a lie if he say that In Young's non-stop talk about his circumstance doesn't annoy him but as he had served as his shock absorber from three years ago up until the present he just let him be. He's the only person who can talk shit to and about him without getting his face rearrange.


The party ended an hour ago, Kim Hyun Joong went home alone while the woman he adores left, still, with her date. He spent four hours of his life staring at the unwanted couple party the night away, he was raging like a bull, in silence. No one knew, no one should. He was afterall her soulmate, oh how he detest the word.

They had seen each other in various events and TV programs, they had passed each other on studios and TV channels several times, they had exchanged polite greetings and shy smile, they were colleagues, nothing more, nothing less. Until that fateful Tuesday of 2008, it marked the changing of tides - Tuesdays became his favorite time of the week, getting up and working at the break of dawn became a well-loved routine, playing a make-believe husband became a role he so wanted to be real, she became his addiction and being married to her, legitimately, became a life-long dream.

They clicked, they just did. No false pretenses, no force intimacy, no for TV romance; they started as two totally different individuals in Jeju, the gap between them was so palpable, you can build an entire soccer field in between and not one of them would have notice, that turned into silent but trying their damnedest honeymooners, they started to reached out to each other through her lead and through much cajoling from the variety show staff and crew; they became these awkward make-believe husband and wife who tried to live a normal life as a couple, which was next to impossible as the both of them weren't normal, which then became their saving grace, as their quirky ideas and funky lifestyle soon set the trend to a fun married life; they were these funny on-screen loveteam whose vivacity turns every minute into an exciting memory, they continued to have their moments of silence but it was needed, it equals to their moments of magic, it was during those times when they feel the broken barriers at its best, when there were only them and nothing else mattered; they might had ended the show in a haste but, fortunately for them, their relationship didn't suffered the same fate, they endured the distance, the differences, the anti-fans, they became friends, close friends, bonded for life.

He knows that there was something in-between them, something more than what she's willing to settle for, and he knows that she felt it, too. Their chemistry is so conspicuous, no number of periodic tables or amount of chemical formula can compare to them, he knew, she knew, heck, every goddamn person who saw them knew. But they remain, she said they can never be, he thinks otherwise but what can he really do, back then, he thought it was better than nothing, so a soulmate he became.

Soulmate, in general, is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility; she's all that to him and his trying ultra hard to prove that he is all that to her. The world views the term differently, each individual uses the word in variations, but he cares not about them as the only person he hold under regard is Hwangbo Hye Jung, the woman who makes him feel all sorts of happiness and perplexity, the woman who turns the colors of his world into rainbows and darkness, the woman who add sprinkles of hope and dashes of faith to his being. She was the one who coined the word for what they are, for what they have, it would have been good if she doesn't have this absurd and bizarre definition of what a soulmate is, for Hwangbo Hye Jung, a soulmate is someone who is preordained by God to be with her, to stand by her, to understand and love her whatever maybe, the twin of her soul, and she, in an effort to protect what God has blessed her with, promised herself that if and when she meets that person, she would do everything in her power to keep him and, with all the hassles that could accompany her pledge, she chose not to have any romantic link with her soulmate. Her adage - "Romance and love affairs are full of complexities that we should not care for and be bothered with, we were one at birth, separated but united again, and I'll do everything in my power to have it stay that way, so I can keep you till the day I meet our Creator." Who could counter that, seriously, who would?

But... it has been years, and he's getting tired, no, erase that, he is really tired. He is tired of pretending that it's okay to remain friends, he is tired of keeping mum about all the men who wants to be with her, he is tired of just looking and dreaming and hoping that someday, a twist or leap of fate will happen between them. He is tired of being a soulmate in words, he wants something better, something more...

And in his book, spending three years, waiting, is quite enough.


Hye Jung came in after bidding her date goodnight, she threw her purse in the bed and set foot to prepare herself a lukewarm bath. She was stripping out of her clothes when her hand phone beeped, "Home safe?", an inquiry from Hyun Joong.

"Yup, I'll call you in a while," she texted back.

"Soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and compatibility," his reply. She read, shrugged, stripped off to her skin and moved to take a bath.

She put a hand in the surface to test the water temperature, turned the faucet off when she was satisfied, climbed on the tub and submerged her body under water. She had a great night, but hours of dancing coupled with the series of action-packed filming she did over the week had definitely taken its toll on her body, she can almost hear her skin sigh as the water sluiced over her, she stretched her sore limbs and tired body as she basked in the clear liquid. The water was acting as a balm to her exhaustion, she was almost off to slumber when she heard a sudden intake of breath.

She swiftly opened her eyes, she live alone, has been for years, and she knew that she's more than capable of defending herself but, she guess, nothing can really prepare a person from the real deal as alarm coursed through her entirety. Her heart was stuck in her mouth as she caught sight of the intruder, her color turned to hot pink as she stared at Kim Hyun Joong.

He was standing by the bathroom door, blatantly perusing her naked body, "Hye Jung-ah!"

"What are you doing here, get out!" she hissed, as she hastily pulled her hair forward to cover her breast and did a semi-fetal pose.

He disappeared for a moment and she started breathing again, she decided to cut her personal time to face her uninvited guest. She stepped out of the bathtub, meaning to put on her robe, when he suddenly reappeared, a towel in hand.

"What the -" she yelped.

"Quiet Hye Jung," he commanded as he wrapped the towel around her.

The thought that she was standing in her birth suit, with just a towel covering her body, in front of one of the most beautiful man in the country made her blushed furiously. She stood there, arms pinned to her sides by the small fabric, stunned; while he was sentient, ready to advance.

He took advantage of her confinement and pressed his lips onto hers, in a kiss that tells of years of yearning.

He nibbled at her lower lip, laving it with his tongue before using her gasp to gain entrance to her mouth. He groaned when he tasted her and she shook in his arms as he held her tightly against him.

He slid his thigh between hers and pulled her forward until she straddled it. With his mouth pillaging hers, he worked her against his thigh until a spiraling heat emanated from deep in her belly. Her cry was swallowed by his lips and she shook at the non-existent steam coming off her flesh.

It went on and on as he rocked her against him, until she whimpered and slumped in his arms.

"What was that?" Her voice was husky and weak even to her.

"Have you never had a climax before?"

She blushed scarlet, "I don't mean that!"

He held her chin and tilted her head up, forcing her to look him in the eye, he grinned and kissed her full in the mouth, "I know."

His hands were rubbing up and down her spine, warming her with friction and giving her a secure feeling when her life had just spun out of control.

Sighing, she rubbed up against him, the prod of his erection through his clothing finally did what nothing else had managed to... it snapped her out of her sensual haze and sent her stumbling backward. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Mean to what? Drive me insane? I have wanted you since forever, I think, I can handle a few more excruciating minutes of pent up emotions."

He carried and sit her on the edge of the bed, took the towel off and proceeded on wiping her dry. She just let him be, still weak and at a loss.

He then kneel in front of her, "Have you read my last message?"

"Huh," she asked, in a daze.


"Oh... yeah!"

"Hye Jung-ah listen to me," he wanted to explain what he meant, he wanted her to fully understand, but every breath she took was a distraction, every sigh she heaved was seduction, every rise and fall of her bosom made him grew harder, every contraction in her abs arouse him to no end, he was a patient a man, he really is, or at least, he used to be.

He moved closer, still kneeling, but in perfect position between her thighs, he loosened his hold on her waist and began to glide his hands up until he reached the tips that were begging for his attention, he saw her close her eyes and heard her sharp intake of breath; he lightly circled both tips with his thumb and earned a moan from her, she lurched her head back and arched her chest forward giving him more freedom to do what he wanted; he gave one nipple a slight pinch, willing her to open her eyes and she did as she let out a gasp; he locked his eyes on hers, "You're mine, all mine," he whispered before he took one crown on his mouth, beginning their journey, sealing their fate... as soulmates.

The End

(Oh yeah, use your imagination, they didn't stop in the crown sucking, they went all the way, baby, hahaha).

Note: Some parts recycled :P

I'm finally done, happy birthday ulit manager-nim, till your next birthday :) Nga pala, can you share 1/3 of the fic to buyog, alam mo na kung anong part, hahaha.

I hope you enjoy the S-series peeps, till next time :)

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That's When I Love You

Me: I come in peace *grins*.

You: Boo!

Me: I know that I'm a little behind schedule... alright, a lot, but you see, life is somewhat hindering me from writing. Stuff happened and my creative juices and penning mojo was suddenly cut, drained, lost, etc., etc.

You: Boohoo!

Me: It's true, swear!

You: Excuses, excuses...

Me: Aish... you do the writing then and I'll read your work, a swap in position, let's do that huh *smirk*.

You: We love you *lifting up a big tarpaulin with my name and pic on it*!

Me: That's more like it, I love you too my lovelies!

Hahaha, don't mind that...

Isn't this song beautiful? I remember watching a Joongbo MV with this song, it was done by rikki or nikki margaret but I think her account was suspended, does anyone know her, she's one of the pioneers in this ship, I reviewed the whole of Joongbo Soompi *grins proudly*, can you ask her to upload it back with the rest of her MVs, I so miss watching those, please...

I need more Joongbo MVs to pull me out of my drought *sigh*.

Oh, Soulmate, where art thou?

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Number 4, happy reading!

Serendipity, how do one describe thee?

Merriam Webster disclosed that it is the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

Wikipedia explained that it denotes the property of making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated, or the occurrence of such a discovery during such a search.

I, based on what I had found and read, thinks that it is a lucky occurrence, interchangeable with fate and destiny in literary pieces but in the real sense, the three words are distinctly related but cannot replace the other.

But to one man, those academic references nor my point of view doesn't matter, to him, serendipity equates to her. To Kim Hyun Joong, serendipity is Hwangbo Hye Jung.

He is not a sucker for romanticism so thinking that he reached that conclusion in a short span of time is reckless and a bit presumptuous, it took him years before he finally caught on and a few years more before he finally understands.

Most of you will have questions, some will draw their own conclusions, others will just read and accept the story as it is, but it doesn't matter, whether you belong to the most, to some or to others because we are but observers, onlookers, spectators, okay, I'll go as far as witnesses to his tale, to their story, it just happened that I got a better deal as I am the storyteller.

Shall I begin?

Kim Hyun Joong traced back his link to Hwangbo Hye Jung way back in 2004, their first connection, his first lucky occurrence - their serendipity.

He was just a struggling trainee back then, and aside from the usual non-stop vocal and dance training; learning about public presence, fan service and media relations; strict diet, muscle toning, skin care and all that aesthetic hullabaloo, they were also instructed to familiarize themselves with the other idol groups and their members. DSP handled three of the more known idols of that time - Fin.kle, Scheskies, Click B, but there were more and for the tired and stubborn Hyun Joong, that was unnecessary.

The day of their oral examinations came, he was agitated but as he had long practiced the art of being expressionless, no one guessed, no one found out.

His turn came, a smorgasbord of pictures were scattered in front of him, he uninterestedly looked at each, he knew nothing about anyone, he was sure he will fail and he saw no point in pretending. But one photo caught his eye, he had no idea who she was but there's something about her that's drawing him in, he reached out, meaning to take a closer look, he was so focused on her that he didn't hear a word out of their instructor's mouth, imagine his surprise when the man in front of him yelled that he was right while the other trainees jeered. A smile stretched across his face when he regained his senses, thinking that she save him.

Being an idol trainee wasn't easy, they were put in hell and back just to go through the same process all over again, the woman might have stolen a piece of his mind and heart but he never had the time to really mull about it.

Year 2005, a few months before SS501's debut, he sneaked out of their dorm and together with some non-showbiz friends visited a studio filming of a variety show which had Bi (Rain) as a guest among others, they snapped a pic and scrambled away. To those who do not know, Hyun Joong is a big fan of the international star who then was just an idol like him. When the film was developed, he was astonished to see more than what he hoped for, behind him was her. The woman who saved him was having her make-up done and she looked more beautiful, if ever that is possible.

His second fortunate discovery - their serendipity.

He then found out that she was the forehead-bejeweled member of the defunct girl idol group Chakra, "She was pretty as an Indian woman in their music videos but she is hella prettier without all those dark make-ups and layers of clothing."

How can he not know that when they are working in the same industry, you may ask, well, it is quite simple, he just didn't give a damn. For him, only those that are of consequence should matter. That's just how he is.

Their debut was a success, their group was a hit, and soon he was dragged in the waves of the entertainment world, he drowned in the privileges and responsibilities that accompanied the money and popularity and she was again forgotten.

But serendipity must have mistook them as guinea pigs as it continuously played a crucial role in their love story, serendipity put them on the spot time and again, observing, waiting.

He was dubbed as a 4d prince by the public, the result of being dazed on most interviews and TV/radio appearances, his group members often reasoned out that it is his personal concept, a little white lie to pacify everyone. The truth, he was just in it for the music, to sing, to write songs, to play his guitar, he wasn't ready to deal with the rest, he even wondered if he'll ever be.

Year 2006, his third and fourth agreeable phenomenon eventuated - their serendipity on a roll.

On one of his earlier guesting in a variety show, he chanced upon her, he didn't know that she was a mainstay of the program, but he was more that happy that she was. I told you serendipity was using them for her own amusement, as he was tasked to faced her, to tease and pick on her for the sake of the viewers, of ratings. It was such a hard task, looking at her up close, all pretty and dolled up, smiling, inviting, she was captivating and preventing himself from stuttering was difficult enough, he made it through though, but he couldn't help but apologize in the end, they both knew that what had transpired between them was scripted but in his mind, it was wrong still.

They are in the same line of work so the two of them seeing and meeting each other from time to time is but ordinary but them always ending up in different teams and being rivals, he didn't think so. Actually, he did, he just changed his mind and his outlook a couple of years after, when he was already in too deep.

Next they met, they were to beat each other in kai bai bo (rock, paper and scissors), they both came as guests but they end up in different teams yet again, he won, she lost, but it didn't matter because by that time, undistinguished to him and unknown to her, she already had him, she won him over.

Days passed, seasons changed, but that littlest of feeling remained.

Year 2007, he had the opportunity to host a music program, his very first. In the list of individuals and groups that he introduced throughout the show, one name stood out, one special person made it truly memorable.

Another valuable phenomenon, his fifth - their serendipity, he's beginning to think it's endless.

That same year, he and another member were invited to graced one of the longest running talk show in Korean entertainment, he was jittery because he found out that his ideal woman was going to be there with them. Gaiety barely describe what he's feeling on the day of their taping, but when another woman showed up and sat an arm away from his seat, he's emotion reached new heights - euphoria, nirvana.

Her laughter spread warmth to his being, her stories brought smiles to his face, her sense of humor elicited chuckles from him, her easy-going personality drove him to know her better. He sort of envied her friends in the studio, the way she talked to them, the way she laughed at their jokes, the way she hit and slapped them mirthfully, the way she looked at them, he, actually, wished that he'll experience being one someday.

His sixth fortunate discovery - another one in the list of their serendipity.

Year 2008 marked the greatest in the list of serendipity that linked the two, they worked and acted as fake husband and wife in a TV program. Hwangbo Hye Jung was initially chosen to be partnered with another artist, someone on the same age bracket perhaps, but she was nowhere to be found, she was on a career hiatus and she hid herself well. Kim Hyun Joong, on the other hand, was supposed to be coupled with a female singer who shared the same 4D personality, but that plan never came about. In the end, the two got together and gave Korea, heck, they gave the world one hell of a show.
They showed everyone how awkwardness, silence, laughter, out-of-this-world way of thinking, peculiar way of caring equates love.

You wanna know a secret, by their 3rd filming, he, Kim Hyun Joong, already realized that she, Hwangbo Hye Jung, fits the description of his ideal woman... to perfection, from her physical beauty to her boyish demeanor, from her wayward friendliness to her wifely attributes. She is the one.

Another fortunate discovery, his seventh valuable phenomenon, the ultimate lucky occurrence - their serendipity, their story.

Do you believe?


I know that not everyone will get what I'm trying to say, any other day, I wouldn't have cared, hahaha, but because I'm all sorts of nice this midnight, here's an annotation for everyone.

1st - i think this one is self-explanatory, if picking a random photo of a woman who you knew nothing about but was pulling you like a magnet, which turned out to be the answer to the question you didn't even knew was asked of you is not considered as serendipity, I don't know what is. This, however, is a by-product of my imagination.

2nd - isn't it lucky and beneficent that the woman who caught his eye but lay forgotten on his mind popped out of a picture that was taken without her in thought. Imagine yourself taking a selca and when you print it out, a ghost was sitting beside you, hahaha, unfortunately for you, you caught a ghost on cam, fortunately for Hyun Joong, he caught a goddess, hurhur. Sadly, this is another by-product of my wild imagination.

3rd - This one sort of laid the groundwork for their reunion years later as a make-believe husband and wife. The two meeting in a show is quite ordinary, he being chosen as his riling partner still counts as ordinary but them using the same jokes and crap they threw each other on 2006 when they met again in 2008 is, I think, extraordinary. If that is not serendipity, then do tell me what it is?

4th - Kai Bai Bo is a trademark Ssangchu game, it solved most of their problems, clarified a number of misunderstandings, brought out much fun and laughter. Them, meeting and battling it out in Rock, Paper and Scissors way before WGM with Hwangbo on the loosing end was like deja vu in reverse. It's like the force of nature were preparing them for what to come. Third and fourth, really happened, the guesting I mean, but the story around it, is as usual a telltale from me.

5th - Korea invest a lot in their entertainment industry and to say that their singers, dancers, idol groups, actors and actresses, host, gagmen and women, etc. abound and overflowed is no exaggeration, so Hwangbo being present and introduced by Hyun Joong on his first hosting gig spells serendipity. It's like having your hair done in the most splendid way and then you accidentally bump to your long-time crush, that's serendipity in motion. The hosting and singing happened in real, the story behind it, I made it up, haha.

6th - who doesn't know about the CTP episode that I am pertaining to, if you don't, stop reading and go watch it first, it's fun, I tell you. Hyun Joong was expecting to see Lee Hyori, he actually prepared himself to do so, but to his surprise and satisfaction, Hwangbo was also present and she was at arms length, very pretty, deliriously funny and appetizingly witty, and she more than swallowed the presence of the other girl in his eyes. I'm telling you, that is serendipity. The guesting happened, Kim Hyun Joong's thought is just a fantasy, or maybe not, who are we to know anyway.

7th - WGM! Need I say more? If you don't get this one, go jump out of this ship, you don't belong, hahaha!

A lot of my brain cells imploded and exploded because of this one, so you better show me some love :P