Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shall I Try Skinny Dipping?

To Manager-nim, I'm sorry for being a sleepy head. Also, I included a little something per Bee.

It's almost eight in the morning and as she takes in the beauty of the place, she could almost smell the promise of a perfect day. It's her second day in Waikiki and she can't contain the excitement that she's been feeling ever since she landed on the island. So, she languidly bask in the early morn as she eats her breakfast, she plans to get and do the best of everything in a week-time that she's here.

Just as she was about to go, her hand phone rings and not surprisingly, it's her boyfriend. She called him up yesterday after she checked in the hotel, just to let him know that she had arrived safely and, of course, it is but necessary to avoid any bouts of paranoia that he might have. They only talked for a few minutes as he was in the middle of filming for his new drama, he promised to call her the moment he's free and she guess this is it.


"Buin!" he drawls. "How's your vacation so far? Are you having a good time? Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Do you even think of me?"

"Hello Shillang!" she greets. "Are you done filming for the day? Did you just get home? How was it? Are you tired?" she fires back.

She knows that her beau of two years tends to be impatient whenever she's not around, she's not about to test it but she can't help teasing him a bit. She misses the man, she, actually, wish that they are together in this island paradise but as his schedule won't permit, she's just happy with the fact that he yearns for her as terribly as she does.

"Yes, I just got home but my crib seems empty, even my house misses you Buin. It's now 2am here, we packed up at one and now we're not even sharing the same day, how I wish I'm holding you now." he says with a deep sigh.

"The filming went well, we're following right on schedule, the production staff seems to like me, my co-stars are all punctual and hard-working and we're all getting along well but, I still feel a little stress out, I know that we've talked about it but now that you're nowhere near me, I feel all the stress re-surging." he details.

"I am tired and I need to hear your voice and to see you so I can live another day. And yah, why are you dodging all my questions? You don't miss me? I never crossed your mind?"

"Oh, shillang, how I miss you! I miss your smiles, your stares, your hugs and your kisses, heck, I even miss your cheekiness." she giddily josh him.

"I spent my first day looking around and buying some stuff, and I plan to have the best vacation ever... but of course, it would have been the best-est if you're here with me. We could chase each other on the beach, we could write messages on the sand, and we could dip in the shallow parts of the sea to avoid any shark attack." she teases, unable to hide her giggles.

The man at the end of the line can't help but smile widely, only one woman can make him feel that way, there's only one Hye Jung... and he misses her so.

"Buin, are you still in your room? Can you go online, I wanna see you, I don't think I can rest until I have a glimpse of you..."

She smiles, the guy who practically declared to the whole world that he hates mushy stuff, can be the mushiest when he puts his heart into it.

"I'm logging in, should I hang up now?"


"Can you see me? Oh, you look tired Shillang, I think you should sleep first, call me when you wake up and we'll video chat then."

"Ani, how could you say that Buin, I just get to see you after three days and you want to bail on me." he says frowning.

She hangs up, angle the laptop, sits comfortably and append her brightest smile. She'll make sure that they will have a lovely time together though they are hundreds of miles apart.

And so they chat - they talk of sweet nothings, laugh at their mushy and quirky speeches, blush at some lustful innuendos and basically stare at each others faces, filling in the gap and pacifying their eagerness to be near, to be close to each other.

It was an enjoyable bonding moment for both until the topic of swimming and swimwear crop up.

"Buin," he said sweetly. "I wasn't able to see what kind of swimwear you brought there, can you model it for me, please."

"Wae? I promise to take lots of pictures so you can see every style of bikini that I will wear." she teases.

"Humor me, Buin." he says, unable to hide the underlying tension in his voice.

In the two years that they are together, she already knows when to surge in battle and when to retreat and regroup. She needs to fake defeat and think of another tactic to overthrow the enemy and so she does.

"Hmm, alright but I'm only doing this because I love you," she smiles and do a subtle aegyo so as to prove her point.

She gets up and change to her first swimsuit, a pink Billabong sliding triangle top and tab side hipster bottom, she hides it under her bathrobe, change the angle of the laptop so he can see her in full view, she strikes a pose and takes the bathrobe off.

She sees the involuntary movement the minute it was made, "What is that Buin, you can't wear that people will stare at you."

She smiles and change, this time she tries an Ed Hardy Dragon Rose fixed halter top and Brazilian bottom, she pose and open her robe.

He sighs and shakes his head, "It's not covering anything, you can't wear that, either."

She knows how conservative he could be and she can't help but let out a giggle, "Shillang, I am in Hawaii, you don't expect me to wear a chador and veil, right?"

He shakes his head and waves her away, "Go change, Buin!"

And so she change for the third time, she shows up with a purple Juicy Couture Capri sliding triangle top and tie-side hipster bottom.

She haven't even open her robe wide enough to flaunt her bikini-clad body when she hears the gasp and labored breathing of the man in the laptop screen, she looks up and sees a man who seems to be in a lot of pain, "Oh, Buin, is this a form of torture, you're doing this because I didn't made time to come with you? Okay, I'm sorry, just go back home and I promise to force out at least a week's vacation and we can fly back to Hawaii together."

He says it all in such a straight and long face that she almost guffaw in hilarity, "What are you talking about? These are considered as part of the daily attire here in Waikiki, no one will give a fuss even if I wear these," she says as she points at her bikini top.

"I don't care, I don't want you to wear that outside of your hotel, if you really want to be garb on that, stay inside and talk to me all day," he says with all the authority he can muster.

"And why will I do that? I didn't travel to this part of the world so we can video chat all day, I could have just done that in Seoul," she's trying to be understanding, she's really trying her best but his last announcement just put a dent on her patience. But as she doesn't want to end their conversation on a bad note, she decided to try the rest of the swimwear that she had brought with her.

She dons a Vitamin A Silver Hawaii ballet halter top with a Hawaiian mini dot tie-side Brazilian bottom and all she gets is a glare and a head shake. She tries on a green Betsey Johnson Patty Cakes banded halter top and skirted hipster bottom and when she opens her bathrobe to show it, he shows a furrowed brow followed with a very, very deep sigh and look daggers at her.

She moves out of his view, count from one to ten, takes a deep breath and prays for more patience.

So for the fifth time she changed, she puts on her black La Blanca molded bra top and banded hipster bottom, she doesn't bother with her robe anymore, she's getting tired of these costume-changes and she's not even paid to parade in these clothes. She strike a pose and was repaid with a scowl, "Did you loose your traveling bags?"

"Huh?" she asks bewildered.

"If you tell me that you only have a shoulder bag to stash your clothes with, then I might understand why you only got to pack those little things that looks more like folded and shaped handkerchiefs than the clothing that you said they are."

She heaved a sigh, she won't roll her eyes, she won't give in to temptation, oh, but she can't... she rolled her eyes, a number of times, before she leaves and change for another outfit.

She dons a blue bandeau top and skirted bottom from the Montego Bay collection of Kenneth Cole which earns her one-lifted brow as if asking her if he needs to say more. Next she tries a Michael Kors Island Dot bandeau top and skirted hipster bottom which, by the way, she thinks look great on her, but like the others before it, the now frustrated-looking man in the laptop screen just shakes his head and grunted in displeasure. She puts on her newly-bought pearl green Roxy wide banded halter top and board shorts, thinking that he will approve, but to her amazement, he just waves his hand and shoo her away.

She checks her wardrobe and finds out that her Calvin Klein tankini halter top and shirred hipster bottom is the last piece remaining, she puts it on and hope that she finally nails one that he will approve of, sadly, he didn't still. She stomps away in annoyance and decided on another tactic, she tried being docile but he rebutted her, now it's her turn to pounce.

"Shillang," she calls him sweetly on the side of her laptop, careful not to show herself yet.

"Hmm," he answers affectionately. He has eased up the minute he heard her saccharine way of calling him, he was distraught for a while when she suddenly stomped away without saying a word but he guess, he worries over naught.

From the side, Hye Jung glided in full view of Hyun Joong, wearing nothing but her Onigo hat.

"Shillang, you don't approve of my swimsuits, shall I try skinny dipping then?" showing her most charming smile.

She turns and flex to make sure that he is witness to every inch and curve of her body. She saw him twitch, gawk, lick his lips and swallow. After a few minutes of silence from both, with one moving coquettishly in front of her laptop while the other is watching with intense desire blazing on his eyes, the winner was called.

She smirk inwardly, it's a score for Hye Jung.

Note: I don't know much about swimwear as I don't normally buy one so all of those that I have included in this fiction were just randomly picked in the internet. Just a heads up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ain't a Fairy Tale (Entry #3)

For Manager-nim, hope it reach your expectations.

2010, July 08

The man who has been silently torturing me for days in a row rang me at 12 in the afternoon and said a single phrase 'I can't sleep', we stayed on the line for more than half an hour before I heard his heavy breathing, I hung up and prayed that the international call will be cut on its own. I've asked around and the time difference between L.A and Seoul is 15 hours so it was midnight when he called, and though his ways were irksome, I'm overjoyed that the mere thought of my presence at the end of the line calmed him down and lulled him to sleep. That alone made my day.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I still detest the man for being childish and petty and obnoxious but my traitorous heart can't help but fall deeper because of his crazy antics and his obvious ploy to get my attention. He shows his affection and dedication quite differently from the rest of us and I think, that's where his charm lies, he turns the simple things into exquisite gifts, he makes an ordinary event into an amazing experience, he lets me wander in a world that seems to be magical though no Tinkerbell or pixie dust exist, and that's what makes him special, utterly lovable.

Me sounds like a fan girl *grins*, this diary can never be release in public, ever, or my reputation will be ruin. Even the man whose identity I question cannot read this or he'll huff and puff like a big bad wolf, he'll think that I fancy him that much and though it is true, I won't give him the satisfaction, not yet anyway, keke.

I firmly believe that a woman should have an equal, if not the upper hand, in a relationship. Have you heard of a phrase the quarter of a pair or a three-fourths of a couple, you haven't right? It has always been the half or the better half, and that shall stay that way...

Uhm, coincidentally, have you notice how the male protagonists in fairy tales always dictates the flow of their relationships, I mean have you heard any of the princes or the knights ask their lady love for their permission, comments and points of view? Aish, another reason that makes me shy away from fairy tale-like love story...

When Sleeping Beauty's prince charming waged a war with the wicked witch and rescued her, he instantaneously decided that the princess will marry him and they will live and rule in their kingdom without even asking for her affirmation. Yes, he was awed with her beauty, his knees trembled and lost control and his heart skipped a beat which prompted him to kiss her, so I deduce that it was love at first sight...on the prince's side, but did anyone even consider what the princess felt? Yes, she was awaken and the curse of a hundred-year sleep was broken because of the kiss but she might have felt violated, imagine being kissed by someone you don't even know and it could be considered as stolen as she was fast asleep when it was done, right? Sleeping Beauty might not had been fully awake and the next thing she knew, she's getting married and all. That's kinda crappy, don't you think?

Snowhite suffered the same fate, she may have developed some feelings towards one of the dwarfs but as she was save by a stray prince and may or may not had been forced to come with him, my illusion of a wedded bliss between a princess and an elfin was bilked. Gawd, as expected from Brothers Grimm...

Oh, and so I won't forget, the name of the girl that lived with the seven dwarfs was Snowdrop, the original story was, also, entitled as such. The one with Snow White as a character was Snow White and Red Rose, it tells a story of two sisters who fell in love with the same person who appears to them in different physique - a bear and a handsome prince. There might have been some misunderstandings and confusion back then which were carried out till now. Oh well, a rose with any other name will smell as sweet, I guess, it also applies with Snowdrop.

Will he call later? Should I wait?

He did call me today but is that counted when it's not made on his usual schedule?

Okay, okay, I miss him...terribly and though he's not talking, I still wallow in the idea that he likes to connect with me in any possible way. I am caught... yes I am, in the web that is Kim Hyun Joong.

*Manager-nim = Ate Sue

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pink, Purple and Green

Hooray to the wise and who could those be?

I did it on Monday

I wasn't going to do it again

But I did it on Tuesday

On Wednesday, I fought it like a tiger

but I did it anyway

Thursday came, same story

I thought Friday would be different

but I did it at 4 o'clock

Saturday was the absolute worst

I did it twice!

By Sunday, I was exhausted

but just before midnight...

Guess what?

I thought of you again!

Did you get my drift? Tip: Read it in HJ's POV.

Note: Some people I know will be so happy to read between the lines, those who don't get it, go buy yourself some sense of humor, hurhur.

The Greenery now has a dash of green, it's not all about pink and purple anymore.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Alone in the midst of darkness
walking by the graveyard on my own
Death brought forth by loneliness
Fear and misery in my home.

Alone in the cold wind of the night
Tearfully wishing for the light
Thinking about the love that I lost
Wondering if our path would ever cross.

Alone in the room of shadows
Drowning through my sorrows
A smile to hide the pain
Hoping I may fade in the rain.

... Alone ...

She slowly drop the pen, take a deep breath and stare straight at the television set. The creases on her forehead deepens as the man who has brought her so much happiness and has given her her deepest heartache and pain walks on the stage, flashes his signature smile and starts to sing.

His song seems to be void of emotions and his smiles doesn't reach his eyes but she still envy him, at least he can pretend to be happy and fake a grin while she's here... lifeless.

Note: Bee just told me last night that we should write happy fics and I immediately told her that all my works have happy endings, I even told her that as much as I try, I can't seem to create a sad and gloomy piece. I guess, in between that time and today something happened, don't ask me what.

Another Note: I planned on Alone as a title but after I wrote this, Lifeless seems to be a better title. So to honor my previous thought, I shall entitle the poem Alone and the entire lit. Lifeless :). Fair deal, right?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are You Dating?

This is for Bebe, for the usual reason. For Bee, coz she's daring enough to side with Brian, hehe. For Ate Sue, just because she's Ate Sue. And to all the people who are not on my list, peace out!

It started as a casual taping for an episode of Star Golden Bell, Kim Hyun Joong together with his leading lady in the upcoming TV program Mischievous Kiss are two of the guests, Kim Kyujong, another member of SS501 is also present, as well as Brian Joo, the half of the defunct Fly To The Sky duo, a few other members of idol groups and a number of gag men and women are also on the guest list.

Hyun Joong is not one who attends variety shows willingly but because of the ongoing promotions of his new drama he just have to sit and suffer through this one, and he is more than thankful for the presence of an SS compatriot.

The filming begun smoothly, the co-MC's introduced and interviewed guests in no particular order and some were even asked to do some performances and funny stunts. The first part of the show was allotted to answer fans' questions that were left on the show's website, the main MC asked him and Kyujong about the future of their group in which they collectively answered that they may be under different management companies at the moment but their bond will forever stay strong and that their fans can and should expect more projects and greater feats from them. He was asked about his thoughts on his new series while his partner was asked if they had shot a kissing scene already and how was it, one comedian even said that they're looking forward to a real naughty kiss as pertaining to the title of their new show which made everyone laugh. Some idol affiliates were asked about romance and their ideal women/men while others were tasked to stump a few brewing scandals. All in all, it was a manageable and fleeting occurrence in his life, up until the bloody question was raised.

"Brian-sshi, the netizens, fans and antis alike are all buzzing about the relationship you and Hwangbo-sshi may or may not have, are you two dating for real?" the host threw in without preamble.

When the camera zoomed in on the guy in question, he seemed to be contemplating on a befitting answer with a roguish smile plastered on his face, while two rows on his left another man was itching to erase his smug look through a string of punches.

The moment the host uttered the words relationship and dating in connection to the woman his hyung adores, he knew that his physical strength and charismatic vocabulary will be tested. Kyujong had seen the explicit and distinct movement of their leader the moment Hwangbo was mentioned, he knew that Hyun Joong has been battling with the green-eyed monster for months now. His hyung has always been protective and possessive of his girlfriend, his avarice towards her knows no limit, he's even jealous of her pets sometimes but his possessiveness and uneasiness has been very particular these past few months because of their separation, they are going through one of those a-space-to-breathe cliches one usually read on a romance novel, and it is really taking its toll on his hyung. The fact that the new show she is hosting is with a man who can't seem to stop admiring and praising her on-and-off-cam doesn't help at all and those leaked photos and videos of them together that shouts of skinship while filming is stoking his delusional fire even more. So here he is, seriously placating his hyung with his practiced words of wisdom while discreetly preventing him from moving an inch and ultimately making a scene.

Hyun Joong knows that the probability of that question popping up is extremely big, their relationship has been in secret since it started with just a few trusted friends on the know so there's no way in hell that these people would know that the inquiry is idiotic and irrelevant at the very least, and that the cursed, effeminate man is just demented in thinking he has or ever had a chance with his woman. He knew that for a fact... but how he hates all those write-ups, rumors, pictures and videos that suggests and incites more than what is seen. And yeah, the freaking cool-off facet of their love story is not helping him alleviate any of his heart turmoils.

He's not a violent man, after his teen-rebelling phase he had learned to subdue all his emotions and all his urges for confrontations and fights, but now that he's looking at the man whose making his blood boil, now that he's been slapped with an incredulous question that reverberate in his whole body, the control and calm that he had learned to master seems to have all flown away. Oh, how he love to beat that smiling infernal being into pulp!

And when did Kyujong become so strong, he wonders.

"Brian-sshi, if you may look around, every single man in the studio is staring at you and those that are not are gawking waiting for an answer while all the women are eyeing you suspiciously, I think you will be pounce on any moment now, so to prevent that from happening, can you please answer the question immediately, are you dating Hwangbo-sshi?" the host happily chided.


Right there and then, a second after Brian said that mono-syllabic word, the whole studio has been witness to the chaos, pandemonium, ataxia and bedlam that Kim Hyun Joong can conjure in that small amount of time.

Note: I really tried to make it a Brian - Hwangbo story but I just can't swallow it yet. Phew, I lost the battle when we haven't started yet, babawi na lang ako next time kay Bebe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Like Rain!

This one's for our Bebe because I had an amazing time laughing like crazy last night... U Know what I mean right?

Hwangbo was awaken by the non-stop ringing of her hand phone, she looked at the bedside clock with sleep-laden eyes and was instantly thankful to the person calling her, she has an eight o'clock filming schedule and as it is she only has an hour to prepare, she hates being late because she hates being an inconvenience.

The continuous ringing jolted her body to move and the flashing caller ID made her heart race. "He's back!" a smile plastered on her face.


"I miss you! Are you free today?"

"Are you back in Korea?" When? Why didn't you tell me that you're coming home?" she asked barely containing her excitement.

"To answer your first question, nope, I'm still in Thailand but I'll be there, presumably in five hours top, your second question is invalid and for the third, I'm telling you now, aren't I?" he said teasingly.

"Yah, after you disrupt my beauty sleep, you have the audacity to laugh at my inquiries? My, my, you're getting arrogant mister."

The man on the other side mumbled something incoherent and they both laugh their heads off.

"I have to go, I'll see you in a few hours..."

She heard his frantic manager begging him to move before the line went dead.

She was staring in space, happily dreaming of lovely scenarios between them, all thoughts of work were flushed out of her mind until her stylist peaked in her room asking if she's ready with her manager's voice in the background telling her to hurry as they were already running late.

"Oh darn, I totally forgot." she murmured, both to her stylist and to herself.

They were just half an hour late, thanks to her manager's mad-driving skills, the staff and crew as well as her co-hosts were all ready, so they started filming as soon as she came.

Half-way through the shoot, she saw her manager waving her hand phone wildly to get her attention, she gave her permission to answer it on her behalf. They were given the chance to rest after the said take as the production staff will change some pieces of the setting. Her manager rushed to her side and told her that the call was from a certain secretary in J.Tune, he wanted to ask Hwangbo where she wants to eat lunch so he can reserve it in advance, her manager also added that she told the secretary that the latter will call him up the minute she's free to do so.

"Is he back from Thailand?" her manager asked, a little too thrilled for comfort.

"He's on his way." she answered simply.

"Then, why aren't you jumping for joy? He's been location-hunting for a month straight, now that he's back shouldn't you be showing some signs of ecstasy?"

She looked at her manager with amusement, "I bet you're giddy all over, you fan girl you," she said with a mischievous smile.

They looked at each other and both doubled up in laughter.

"Call the secretary up, tell him that I have work to attend to so lunch is out of the question, tell him that I'm sorry and please ask him to relay the same message to his boss. Thanks." she said with a smile.

"Aah, I'm going crazy. I just wish we can pack up early so I can make it up to him later."

After settling the matter with her manager, she decided to stand on her place and hangout with Brian. She found him chatting with some of his American friends, he introduced her to them and she smiled politely. She do understand the English language but she can't say that she's a fluent speaker so to avoid any embarrassment, she decided to keep mum. But when one of the girls asked her something, that she can't really understand, blame it on their slang, she dared not to keep her silence.


It's the only thing that came to mind. Whatever their reaction was, it was drowned in the PD's chain of to do's and to say's.

An hour after twelve, they are finally having lunch, the PD doesn't want conversations and discussions among the hosts to be shot in series as it may hinder the flow, so they went ahead and finish it up even though they are all dying of hunger.

While everyone are enjoying, or at least trying to enjoy, their lunch, a red convertible gallantly parked in front of the building stopping everyone in their tracks. Out comes a man in a casual denim jeans and slim-fit white tee...

"Rain!" someone's brave enough to say something and that seems to remind everyone that breathing is still possible.

Everyone stares at Rain and then look amongst themselves, silently questioning each other on why the international star is there.

"Is he a special guest?"

"Are we scheduled to film another episode with him today?"

"Is he looking for the PD?"

"Should we go and ask him?"

"Call the PD ASAP!"

Hwangbo is staring at their uninvited guest, they have been together for almost a year but the sight of him still makes her heart jump, her knees weak and her throat dry. Most of the people here have no idea that they are together as a couple but some do, she's always been a private person so she never see the need to tell and explain to everyone what she does with her life and who she does it with.

After what seems like eternity, a few minutes in normal term, when she regain her strength and her ability to talk, she sashayed her way to him, transfixed on his smile, a smile that can conquer the world, well, it already did conquered hers.

When she's just a few steps away from him, she stop and breath in his scent, oh, how she miss this man. She is actually content to just stand there for a while but the man in front of her pulled her in for an embrace and a peck on the lips.

She's drowning but she can't help but smile.

"How did you find out about this place and why are you here Ji Hoon?"

"Well, I have my sources, Hye Jung. And as I am starving because my lunch date stood me up, I decided to bring the lunch to my date, do you mind?"

"No, I don't!" Hwangbo tiptoed and kiss him.

"Aah, That's why she said that she likes Rain, I thought she meant rain, as in water falling from the sky rain."

"I think she means she loves Rain, she's just not that good in expressing herself in our language."

NOTE: I know it sucks but I bet it'll make Bebe snap a little and that's accomplishment enough for me *evil laugh*.

ANOTHER NOTE: You know I like you Bebe, right? I wouldn't be all fired up if not for my love, my love to tease you *another evil laugh*.

TAIL END OF A NOTE: I'll try to do better next time, till then, don't throw cow dung at me...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ain't a Fairy Tale (Entry #1 & 2)


2010, July 07


I'm just like those typical girls who grew up loving fairy tales, blame it on the enigma (or tradition, whichever you see fit) of reading such literary pieces to children, thus imprinting stories of Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks on young minds. But - though I love it, it does not necessarily means that I live it, mind you live and love are two entirely different verbs, you can even check Mr. Webster or Mrs. Merriam if you don't believe me, keke.

What's not to like in a fairy tale, you may ask, it has a straight and simple storyline, it showcase the triumph of good versus evil and it always have happy endings. And that's exactly why I love fairy tales, but the portrayal of people in these lit could use a little more tweaking *doing the classic Seo In Young mania sign back in the WGM days* or so I say.

First of, I'm not really a fan of those damsel-in-distress characters, I mean who in their right mind would put their future and entire life in the hands of some random prince charming *cough strangers cough* who may or may not pass them by. Remember Rumpelstiltskin, he may not look like your usual princes but he is a prince in his own right and he rescued the damsel-in-distress twice in exchange with trivial stuff like a not-so-pricey-ring but as the straw-turn-to-gold-weaving-leading lady loves to wallow in her piling problems, the tragedy of the first-born and tons of name guesses begins, it could have been easily prevented if the lady character has her brains and brawn with her, don't you think so? Now, do I even need to mention Cinderella and her unending need to be help by her fairy godmother?

And then, there's these odd pairings in fairy tale stories that will make you gawk and will turn your head in 360 degrees full speed because of utter disbelief, you can have your pick amongst the frog prince, the swan princess, beauty and the beast, and don't even get me started on Shrek and princess Fiona as their love story is so complicated that even my so-called-complicated-mind can't un-complicate what they have (is that even at league with fairy tales, aish, whatever).

Of course, I can't not mention in this list the century-gap eld (yeah, I'm exaggerating a little here) between couples, if sleeping beauty was cursed to sleep for a hundred years and her tragic story travel far and wide before it reached the ears of the soon-to-be prince charming plus the princess' palace was in such a state when the debonair prince found it, I can safely assume that a number of years (or a decade) had passed before their kiss-sealed fate took place. In a time when word of mouth is the only way to pass news and gossips, how long before a tidbit as such can reach a far away kingdom, hmmm... let's think that over, shall we?

So much bravado so early in the morning, I'm feeling angst-y, I wonder why?

I got to run, I have an early shoot today, another day in Storm-paradise...

I may or may not continue on this journal entry later, it all depends on the grueling tasks ahead of me, on my mood and on someone's phone call.

Later... :)


2010, July 08

I got home at eight, had late dinner with omma and appa at nine, bid my goodnight at eleven and from that time up till a few seconds ago, I was staring at the ceiling thinking and contemplating about life.

I am a little calmer than I was yesterday morning but as that insipid man is still in his silent bubble wrap, I am yet to get out of my mid-level antagonistic mood. I can't believe that a 25-year old man can act as such and continue on for days, it's actually been more than a week if I'm gonna be technical about it. How can a normal person waste his hard-earned money by making a long-distance call from US to Korea without uttering a single word but abnormally stays on the line for almost an hour? It's like he is trying to dig deep into my conscience, as if I am guilty of anything, by using the power of silent treatment but he's doing it in a peculiar and expensive way, it is actually funny and I would have laugh my heart out if I am not on the receiving end. *sigh* I bet the fairy tale princesses had it better than me...

He's been on it since he landed in L.A, I only got one decent call and that was just to tell me that he went ahead with his un-planned vacation even without me and as I unceremoniously crushed his dream rendezvous yet again, he decided to change all his plans and itinerary. And as if that speech was not crazy enough, the drat man even added that I do not have the right to know where he's going to stay and what he's gonna do because I chose to work with Brian than play and chill with him, oh the gall of that man, as if I was going to ask him anything... at that time. Following that one-way phone conversation, one-way as he didn't gave me any chance to talk, he just went on and on and then bid me goodnight, were a number of nightly silent calls, all from the same number, precisely made at the same time - in the middle of the night, it's like he decided on a daily morning regimen while I, on the other hand, was given a nightly punishment, and each call lasted a minute longer as if he is really trying to push me to my limit. Truthfully, my patience is waning, if I am to be subjected to another soundless phone call tomorrow night, I swear to pop out all the bubbles in his wrap until he go deaf due to mini-explosions *breath in, breath out*, phew, now I am really thankful that I practiced yoga before, imagine if I hadn't master an extreme level of patience and self-control and I go into a relationship with a 4D heartthrob, I bet it'll be over in a day *smirk*.

Now I shall digress, while I was listening to a non-talking caller, my mind was working on a super speed mode, I was thinking, what if Rapunzel found out that the dashing man below the tower is actually a 4D prince, will she still roll down her hair? Now that I think about it, how high is that tower exactly? As far as I know, the only way the wicked witch was able to go in and out of the tower was through her flying broomstick, but I stand to be corrected, anyone? If it is as such, how can Rapunzel see and hear the prince down below even if he is shouting at the top of his lungs?

If I was Rapunzel, I'll just cut my long braided hair, tie one end on a pole, a post or anything sturdy for that matter, drop the other end on the tower window, hike up my skirt and do some rappelling. Ain't that better than risking it with an unknown prince? Better yet, I'll rappel down to meet the awaiting prince and I can just climb back up the tower if we don't click, but I might have to pull my former-hair-turned-rope up to make sure that the prince can't and won't follow me, keke.

I gotta hit the sack, our weekly bible meet is set to start earlier and I don't wanna be late.

The non-conformist sleeping beauty is signing off...