Saturday, June 30, 2012

The One That Got Away

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Beijing, 2012

During one of his interviews:

He took his seat and plastered that dashing smile. The smile that earned him millions.

The usual, more of never ending, question of what his ideal type of girl is was asked of him, he used to count how many times he had answered such a question, of how he gave the same and simple reply but sometime during the expanse of 8 years that he had been in the business, he lost count.

But that interview was unlike any other.

His answer was the same but the way he threw caution in the wind, made it different.

It was a stark disclosure, definitive, bold.

"My ideal type of girl is someone that is like a friend to me, has a good personality, put less make up on normal days, with a plain appearance. A simple, honest character, someone who is able to spend time in harmony with me and my friends."

"When there is someone I love, I will continue my love for her no matter how difficult it is."

"Working with Hwangbo sunbae, we appeared as a couple at that time. We really had a great collaboration back then, I miss those times. However as artists, we are all very busy with our craft, so we can't contact often, but if there’s an opportunity for another collaboration, I am more than willing to work together again."

They were done, the interviewer was about to say her farewell, and it was then she noticed the difference, he's smiling alright, but it wasn't his million dollar smile, it was more vibrant, like he meant it, like he was really happy. And his eyes, there was a certain spark, of relief, of happiness, of being true.

She smiled her own, "I wish you the very best Kim Hyun Joong! I know that it'll make a lot of women, and some men, cry," she grinned, "but I hope you find the one that you're looking for very soon."

A falter in his smile, a crack in his composure, "I had," he whispered.

Call it women's instinct, maybe that was why she knew, "I know. I just," a pause, "I wish you happiness Kim Hyun Joong-sshi."

They share a smile, knowing, sincere.

Korea, 2012

A few days before his interview:

Somewhere around the Apgujeong district, in one of those private and posh bars and restaurants, a certain 4D prince was out and about hoping to have a taste of Korean nightlife before he drown himself in another bout of out-of-country promotion tours.  His work and ever-rising career as a Hallyu star hindered him from drinking, playing and hanging out with his friends, he's almost sure he already forgot what chilling out is.

He was seriously having fun in the midst of old friends and acquaintances when his attention was caught by some bellowing and hooting from a group of folks right smack in the middle of the establishment, call him curious or a snoop but something about that group drawn him in.  And when his eyes focused on her, he instantly knew why.

The smile that shone in his face could have sold a billion copies had it been caught in film, the sight of her have that effect on him, watching her in the television and from afar give him a certain kind of happiness only she can give, but watching her upfront, smiling and happy, warm his heart, like he did something good and he earned that joy, like he owns it, him.

But cursed his sight for seeing something it shouldn't.  

A platinum band with pear-shaped diamond flanked by surrounding pave-cut stones.  

He would have loved to live like a fool believing it was just one of her ordinary accessories, if only.  If only she hadn't flaunted it like it was the most beautiful ring she ever laid eyes on, if only she hadn't admired what's in her hand like it's the most precious jewelry she ever had, if only she didn't glow like that, like she's the luckiest girl in the world.

'I see you're getting married.'

Beijing, 2012

A few days after his interview:

On his way to another photo shoot, he got a text message, something that he has been waiting for but at the same time was scared to receive.

He drew a sigh - a release of fear, a prayer for strength, a sense of something that is to come.

'Your recent interview created quite a stir, you mention a few words about the show and it made the headlines, something only you can do (insert a smiley). But I thank you, for the nice words... and for remembering, it has been what, four years?'

'Forget? Never! I just don't go wearing my heart on my sleeves (insert a smiley).'

'I'm glad you didn't loose your sense of humor.'

'It didn't matter whether the world knows or not, whether they had forgotten or simply keeping mum, ALL that matters is you, YOU should know, and you do, right?'

'I guess...'

'I'll take that as a yes (insert a cocky smiley).'

He waited for a reply but there came none.

'But, I know, you're waiting for something else, you wanted something bigger, something that you can gamble on, something more real. And I wasn't able to give you that.'

She didn't took the bait, she kept her silence.

'I may not grew the balls that you said I was lacking overnight, but what if I did in the long run, what if I can do all the things that you hope for, now, until whenever?'

He stared at his mobile phone, holding his breath.


One word and it was over, everything that was and ever will be, gone.

'Yeah, me too...'

"You just don't know how much," a silent tear and then it was done.

And in another life I would be your girl
We keep all our promises, be us against the world
And in other life I would make you stay
So I don't have to say you were the one that got away
The one that got away