Sunday, August 7, 2011


Bubuyog, utang muna ung fic na promise ko sau, pwede sana ito pero dahil may mention ng ibang girl, I dare not dedicate it to you, hehe. I promise to do it as soon as I'm able :D Para sa chinggus na tigang sa efef, hope it delivers :D


A man's road to success is never easy, and his is no different, what he have now - the fame, the fortune, the adulation of fans all over the globe - those are but fruits of his hardwork and sacrifices.

To most it is just one of those days, but not to him, today he won't care about anything but himself, it's not often that he was given a day or two of rest, especially after he released his first solo album, he now made a mark on his own, he is and forever will be a part and leader of his group SS501 but it'll be hypocritical of him to say that breaking out and making it through, all on his own merits, didn't send him off to a different kind of nirvana. But he won't dwell on any of that today, today he woke up with one goal in mind - to have a taste of happiness, a glimpse of his heaven.

He cooked himself some ramen, checked the stacks of DV-R, all of which are her shows, recorded by the wife of his manager hyung for his viewing pleasure, grabbed the remote and found himself the most comfortable seat on his couch. It has been a while and he had missed on a lot so he had planned on doing nothing but be high on her, his personal brand of ecstasy, his very own cocaine - his happiness, his addiction.

He was on his last few discs when the door to his condominium unit open, he was too engrossed on watching her to hear the tick of the lock.

She came in armed with meat and soju, she has never been comfortable drinking any kinds of liquor but months of being with him thought her to conform to what he likes. She still lacks the tenacity to go on a drinking binge with him but being with him as he do so is enough for her, any activity that permits them to be together is good enough for her. She took a number of steps in and was frozen in dejection, he was casually seated on his couch watching the woman she knew he loves like the rest of the world doesn't matter, like no one else exist but her.

It felt like an eternity had passed before she got the courage to say a word, she faked a cough to get his attention but even that cost her heartache. It took her three tries, three fake, forceful coughs before he took notice, before he took his eyes away from the television screen, away from her.

"I don't know who among us three has the worst fate, she, for having been robbed out of a happy ending with you; you who had fallen for her, a woman you are forbidden to love and then settling with another woman you knew you can never love; or me, for being that woman. To the world, I, Jung So Min, is your girlfriend, envied by everyone, but in reality, I am just a stranger you, Kim Hyun Joong, had never spared a minute to know and you will never do... am I right?"

She held her breath and patiently waited for a reply, hoping against hope that he'll say or do something to disprove what she had just said but none came. She silently made her way out, battling with her own tears, she had known it since the beginning, she knew that she's in for a heartache but that didn't stop her from dreaming, from hoping... even at that moment, the part of her heart that isn't broken still beats for him.

He stared at her retreating back, willing himself to call her name, to stop her from leaving, to promise her a new beginning, but he just can't, because everything that she had said is true. His heart, his whole being, doesn't belong to him anymore, he had given it to her, to his one true love, to Hwangbo Hye Jung.

They may not be together, but that doesn't mean they can't love each other from afar.