Friday, September 23, 2011

Game Over

A short one, may nang-irita lang sa akin kagabi at dahil pinili ko manahimik para di ma-hurt ang feelings nya, eto isang efef, asar lamang, hays... pasalamat kayo sa taong may sala, bigay ko account nya sa FB, hahaha...

They've been married for a year but that doesn't stop women from throwing themselves at him, who wouldn't, he's a real life Adonis who has the world in his hands.

Kim Hyun Joong is one of the leading icons of the Hallyu wave and, currently, one of the flag bearers of Korean entertainment's pursuit to stamp their name in the international scene. He was an idol leader who made a name as a solo artist, both as a singer and an actor, but his boldness made him a star - he had gotten married at the age of twenty-seven with his reality TV co-star, Hwangbo Hye Jung, who is six years his senior.

It wasn't an easy choice, he weighed his chances and gambled. It is fortunate for them, for him, the age of romanticism lingers, theirs was accepted as one of those twisted fairy tales.

He continued on his path and became a household name not just in Korea but the whole of Asia, while the woman behind him opted to let her star dimmed and focused on her business ventures, charity works and being a wife.

It's not perfect but they wouldn't have it any other way, they were the half of each other's soul, they fill the void in each other's heart, he completes her and she completes him.

It was pure bliss. Until he made one fatal mistake.

He gave in to temptation.

It wasn't planned, he never ever dreamed of cheating on his wife, it hadn't cross his mind, not ever. It just effin happened.

He was tired and lonely in a place far from home, and she was there. He long for warmth in his bed, and she was there, willing to give it to him. He had a little too much to drink, she was there, and that's all it took.

For him to walk on the path of no return.

He woke up dazed, liquor do that to people, he saw the woman in his bed and panic surged in; he remembered what happened and he felt loathing so powerful, how he hated himself; he thought of Hye Jung, that's when fear crept in.

He knows her too well.

But the deed is done, he had already sinned against his wife.

He did everything to keep that impropriety a secret, but the guilt, the shame, it's killing him. Remorse made life a bit difficult each day, he looked as dashing as usual but inside he was breaking apart.

Every time he came home to a sulking Hye Jung, he trembled in fear; every time he had an out-of-town and out-of-country schedule, his trepidation increases; every time she went out to hobnob with her celebrity friends, he feared for the worst.

But he was able to pull through, he still had his wife by his side, unsuspecting, undoubtful.

But secrets are bound to be revealed, it's an unwritten law of the universe. It is just a matter of time.

And his came, just when he expected it least.

It was their second wedding anniversary and he gifted her with a beach house in Jeju, she was more than grateful and immediately agreed on a getaway. A secret rendezvous,a second honeymoon... almost.

They arrived in the island an hour after twelve and decided on having lunch at Seaes, before heading to their new home.

Wrong move.

They were deflected out of their way when his former PD spotted him at the hotel, it is but necessary to pay his respect, so he asked his wife to go ahead and order for him.

Another wrong move.

He approached the PD and his crew and was aghast to find out who the star of the drama they were shooting is - the woman who had led him to infidelity. But she was nowhere in sight, so he was forced to ask and then he wished he didn't.

He bowed and strode away, and ultimately made a run for it, but he was too late.

He found them, talking, he walked closer, with muffled steps, midway, he caught her eye and was privy to her un-shed tears.

The deed is done.

Game over.

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