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Yes, I am Pimping

Yes, I am pimping... I know that this blog is about fan fictions and literary works but as I am into this because of my girl, then I guess promoting her upcoming event is but reasonable, and yeah, as this is my blog, you as readers have no say in the matter *mad hatter's laugh*.

Yes, I am pimping... but because I am a lazy person through and through, I'll just link you to a blog, Diary of an Angel, that has all the details and if ever you have questions, you can directly ask the blog owner on her chatbox, isn't that much better and way convenient for all of us *grins*.

Everyone who loves her should go, those who are able, at least. The success of this one may define the outcome of her other fan meets in other countries, I heard that Taiwan is already doing their own survey and head count, while we, at the Philippines, are still waiting for the higher ups to move their *bleep* up and work on it *grins*.

So, Hwangbo fans unite and show her our love!

I really wish I could be there, I so wanna see her :(

Wrong Side of the Bed (Scenario Number Eight)

This is really the last one in the Hwangbo birthday scenario series, totoo na ito!

Anyhow, I tried being funny but my sense of humor verge on the sick and twisted kind, so read at your own risk.

Kim Hyun Joong woke up on the wrong side of his bed, figuratively speaking that is, because as far as he knows, one needs to be asleep to wake up and he didn't, he just lay on his bed thinking of logical and illogical reasons why his buin chose to spend the eve and early hours of her birthday with her friends rather than with him. Granted that he didn't have any definite plans, and Song Eunee has, but shouldn't he be her priority? God was even good to him last night, the filming of his new drama was packed up earlier than expected, and he was brimming with delight and excitement thinking that they can spend time together on her special day but he was instantly pulled down from his happy bubble when he called and she was already out of town playing with her closest girlfriends, she was having a good time and he didn't have the heart to ask her to come back to Seoul and be with him for the night. His inability to tell her what he really wants magnified his frustration a hundredfold, to the point that he was questioning his buin's loyalty to him, she must have heard his initial gleeful voice when she first picked up his call and his forlorn sound when they were about to hang up. As a girlfriend, she should be concerned, right? She should have asked him what is the matter, then he would have the strength to tell her that he wants to spend the eve and early morning of her birthday with her and she needs to drive back home. 'Aish!'

One look at his ward and he knew that it's gonna be a long and unpleasant day for all of them. He's been Hyun Joong's manager for a couple of months now, he can't say that he knew everything that he needs to, but in the short time that they are together, he already knew how to differentiate his various moods. Yes, he usually have his poker face on and that zoned out look but he can be hilarious when he is in the mood and quite scary when he is mad, at the moment, he looks like he'll bite the head off of anyone who crosses his way.

"Kim Hyun Joong woke up on the wrong side of the bed," the manager warns coordi-noona as they wait for him to get in the car.

"Kim Hyun Joong woke up on the wrong side of the bed," coordi-noona tells the make-up artists and stylists when they reach their location.

One look at the deep scowl on the idol's handsome face and they knew that it is true.

"Coffee?" a smiling girl from the utility group offers as they walk past her, but the not-in-the-mood lead of the drama didn't even look her way. His manager bows in acknowledgment and in excuse and follow the actor in haze, his coordinator, together with his designated stylist and make-up artist whispers in unison, "Kim Hyun Joong woke up on the wrong side of the bed," as they give the girl an indulging look.

The girl decides to tell her story and pass the message to the other utility crews, "Kim Hyun Joong woke up on the wrong side of the bed," she tells everyone in a hush voice. The lot establish there and then that they will do everything in their power not to ruffle the actor's feathers.

"Get ready everyone, we'll start in ten," bellows the director.

And at that, everyone involves in the production of the drama scatters and saunters away, minding and doing what each of them are suppose to do. Those who already knows of Hyun Joong's state gets as far away from him as possible, but those who have no idea just do what they normally does.

The first scene of the day was shot without a hitch, his manager sigh in relief, his charge may be in a bad mood but when it comes to work, he's a professional all the way. But he is still praying to all the gods that will listen that nothing major nor minor will happen to trigger him, he had heard of his rare emotional outbursts and episodes and he doesn't think he is skilled enough to handle that.

The gods must have heard his prayer because they are already halfway through filming and nothing strenuous or out of the ordinary happened, he, even, unconsciously decided to pay his church a visit and give a long overdue love-gift*. But the gods who have heard his prayers must have read his mind and thought that he is such a tightwad, maybe they didn't like the number that is written on his mind, because in a matter of minutes the tide has turn his way.

Hyun Joong just finished his external shot 13* and is on his way to take a ten-minute break when the gods decided to make his manager's life a bit more dramatic, his ward is working on a drama series after all.

"Have you visited All K-pop yet?" one of the production assistants asks her colleague.

"Not yet, I've been so busy with the internal shots and the assistant director is making us work like there's no tomorrow," she answers.

"I just did, and guess what... there's an article about Hwangbo unnie's 30th birthday. About time they wrote something good about her..."

Hyun Joong heard her name and decides to linger for a bit, pretending to rummage about in the file of props on the table just beside the chitchatting women.

"What about her birthday, was there a big celebration? Did Junjin oppa celebrate with her this year, did he get out of the military to be with her on their birthday?" the other production assistant asks eagerly, unbeknownst to them, a looming cloud is already hovering on their heads.

"Nope!" she answers with a knowing smile.

"Then what? Come on, spill it..."

He is on the verge of choking it out of the woman himself but he hold his place and waited.

"Eeeeh," she kinda screech giddily, "Unnie receive a video message from his ideal man, Kang Dong Won, it was said that unnie cried because of that. I so want to see that video message."

"Are they together? I mean, are they da-," she wasn't able to finish her question, as they heard the crashing sound of the props on the floor as the lead actor of the drama they are filming unceremoniously throw the table upside down and kick any props that come in contact with his shoes as he stalk out of the filming site.

The actors and actresses, production staff and crew, even the PD of Playful Kiss stares wide-eyed and gagging, those who value their lives, gets out of his way, others who value their drama filming more tries to talk him out of leaving, while the rest talk amongst themselves - worried, curious, intrigued.

The poor manager tries to match Kim Hyun Joong's wide, angry strides as he tries his damnedest to pacify him, 'I'll donate my month's worth of salary, just please, please, turn this situation around, oh God, anyone up there, please have mercy on me,' he prays silently but very, very sincerely.

If he only knew, all the gods he is calling are all busy laughing out loud, rolling on floor laughing, and on their knees laughing while clapping their hands*.

Their thoughts? The gods? 'Kim Hyun Joong woke up on the wrong side of the bed!'

I told you, I have a twisted sense of humor (*_*)v

*** lovegift - donation

*** external shot 13 - outside location shoot scene 13

*** on their knees laughing while clapping their hands - Hwangbo's signature laughing style, hurhur.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Surprise (Scenario Number Seven)

Phew, I almost forgot, well, I did, and I just came back to edit, hehe, this one is for Athena because she asked me for a happy one. I hope it suit your taste :)

Another scenario, this could be the last, hope you enjoy the birthday scenario series. See you on her next birthday, hahaha.

"Cut! That's perfect,"
bellows the director.

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min gets away from each other like the strangers that they still are.

"Good work everyone!"
the director complements the entire casts and crew of Mischievous Kiss through the help of his megaphone. He walks past the others and head straight to the two leads of his new drama, "Hyun Joong, So Min, you guys work really hard today, go home and rest well, I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Hyun Joong smiles and bows down in acknowledgment, he choose not to talk so as not to encourage any conversation with the director or with any of his co-workers, in his hectic schedule, time is really of the essence that's why he doesn't bother with any unnecessary chitchats.

Especially tonight. The love of his life will celebrate her 30th birthday but as he cannot be with her the whole day tomorrow, he decided to do it a wee bit earlier. He is to stay with her from the eve until the morning of her special day, at least that's the plan.

But as his luck would have it, there was a major (major) delay in filming and now he is running late. He asked one of his bodyguards to take his girlfriend to the chalet that he rented outside of the city, but that was three hours ago. He should have been there ahead of her, so he could prepare their dinner but he guess that part of the plan should just be scratch out, the only thing that matters to him now is to be there asap. It is just an hour drive from his location shoot but he feels like he's running out of time, as it is, he only have three hours before her birthday.

He rushes his manager and coordinator, "Hyung
, noona, I really need to go now, should I go ahead without you?" It irks him that his seemed to be flawless plan is now flawed.

The three of them arrived fifteen minutes later at the paid parking area where his two bodyguards are waiting. As his career and popularity rises, the means and ways he needs to take to keep his relationship secure and out of the public eye becomes more drastic. He leaves first, driving his newly-acquired Volvo, the media and fans haven't sniff about it yet and he prays it stays that way for a while or he'll end up buying another one; if his partners-in-crime, would follow the scheme by heart, the next one who will leave will be his bodyguards with his Porsche Cayenne and then his manager and coordinator driving the Keyeast service van. The service van will go back to his new management company's building where his manager and coordinator will take their own vehicles home while the Cayenne will go straight to his own house, yes, the one he used to share with Jaejoong, fifteen minutes later, his bodyguards are to drive his black Granger to his parents' neighborhood and come back at his house at half past one, by midnight, after that they are to drive around town using his Cayenne. They work as decoys so he can enjoy a few hours of heaven on earth.

Almost an hour later, he arrives at his destination, the place that he yearns to be, he's about to go inside with bags of groceries in both hands when his hand phone rings.


"Yoboseoyo, Hyunjoong-sshi! This is Euni noona,"

"Oh, noona, what can I do for you?"

"We are suppose to surprise Hye Jung for her birthday but she's not home at the moment, uhm, do you know where she is?"

"Ah... noona..."

"Aw, I'm sorry Hyun Joong-ah, it didn't crossed my mind that the two of you might want to spend her birthday together, and she didn't tell me anything, either. By the way, don't you have a drama to shoot?"

"I just finished filming for today and we'll resume tomorrow morning noona. I'm sorry, it's partly my fault, Hye Jung didn't know that I have something up my sleeve, I just had her picked up and brought here awhile ago."

"Ah, we won't bother you then..."

"Aniya noona, I think it's a good idea for you and the others to give her a surprise visit. She has been here alone for more than two hours now and she must be fuming mad, you're actually doing me a favor. If you come soon, you might even save us from a pre-birthday lover's spat,"
he jokes, but, deep inside, he really means it. "I'll text you the exact location after I hang up noona."

"Arasso, I won't give you a chance to change your mind then, text me the address asap, hahaha. We're all inside the van waiting, and Jong Sun keeps on bugging me that the cake is melting, so you better hurry, hahaha. See you later Hyun Joong-ah."

"Text me when you arrive noona, so I can open the door, okay. I'll see you in a jiffy."

He goes in, his excitement to see his beloved is somewhat shadow by a bit of nervousness, it's a misstep on his part so he has no choice but to face it head on. So, he is completely taken a back when he sees her sniffing while watching an old movie of Kang Dong Won, he decides to keep quiet and watch her at the back. He almost breaks his silence, out of curiosity, when she tinkers with her phone, shoot it at the television screen and then press her phone's keypad furiously, she smiles after a while, there was no sound of an incoming message, so he deduce that she is on twitter... again.

He decided to approach her when the film rolls in the ending credits, he needs to plunge in while the water is still calm, he sits beside her and drape a hand over her shoulders, "Mianhe, I'm late," he whispers. And God must be on his side tonight because she just look at him and smile, smiles her sweetest though her face is still streak with dry tears and her eyes are a little red. How he loves his little temptress, she exudes such exquisiteness even though she's in her childlike nightwear, even though she looks like she cried buckets, even though her hair is all over her face, she is the epitome of beauty in its simplicity. How he loves the woman, what he would give to love her forever, he sincerely believes that if ever a time comes that she forbid him to love her, it would be the beginning of his hell on earth. With that thought in mind, he swoops in and lands a feather-light kiss on her mouth, he trace the contours of her face with his lips following the trails of the tears that she had shed and completely dries it with his kisses, he ends his journey on her eyes, fluttering to a close as he plants a soft kiss on both. He leans his forehead to hers and then whispers, "Let it be the last time that I see you crying because of your ideal man, I haven't seen you shed a tear because of me, not that I want you to, I'm just saying that you should know your priorities, me first, then your father, then my Shinwha hyungs and whoever you want to fill in next, arasso." And just like that, the magic is broken, she dissolves in fits of laughter as he watch dumbstruck, 'I was seriously telling her off, and she's laughing, aish.'

He watches as she literally rolls on the floor laughing, he doesn't want to laugh with her but what can he do, her happiness is contagious, and it feels like not partaking in her laughter is a sin, a sin he can never commit. Oh, how he loves the woman, he is under a spell and he's loving every moment of it.

He was staring at her, thinking of things her mouth can do, aside from laughing... at him, and the way his mind works, having an FC of his own is not impossible. A flash of red covers his cheeks as his hand phone vibrates in his jeans pocket, his mind is working double time and what's playing on his mind cannot be stated here, unless this fiction is stamp with a rated sign *grins*.

He reads the message and act as he's suppose to, "Hye Jung-ah, I'm hungry, won't you cook something for me, for us? I bought groceries, as I plan to cook us dinner but,"

"your late," she cuts in, a snicker is highly visible on her face.

"And you already, accepted my apology, you can't retract that," he says, mildly alarm.

"And who says I'm about to, hmm?" she chuckles as she stands up. "What do you want to eat?"

"Anything made by you..." he teases a little.

"Aish, you really know how to suck up," she says with a grin. "Stay here, try to lie down and loosen up while I cook something edible... or not, hahaha," she tells him as she sashays her way to the kitchen.

When he hears her facing about in the kitchen, absorbed in what she is doing, he make his move, he open the front door and let her friends in.

Insert: Video clip of the surprise Song Eunee and company did on Hwangbo's birthday.

He stays on the side and looks on as her friends surprise her, he sees how happy she is with just a birthday song and a simple cake, he smiles at the love that shines on her eyes, her love for her friends and her love for him, he marvels at how fortunate he is to find a woman such as, how lucky he is that she allowed him to love her and how bless he is for her to love him in return.

And he sigh in contentment, he has more than enough love to make her happy, that he is sure, but to see her friends' love for her just makes his heart swell with pride, the woman he loves is love by everyone else because, just like him, they are all enthralled by an angel.

*** major (major) is my own way of congratulating Ms. Philippines for taking the 4th runner up seat. yeah, I'm twisted like that.

*** Hwangbo's surprise video clip is available in jjsunny's twitter account and in diary of an angel.

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Loving Me (Scenario Number Six - B)

Here's the story: the original plot of Loving Me is this one, it just so happened that while I was typing yesterday, my hand got the better of me and the story turned differently and as I don't like a head-swirling drama, I decided to make the first one a piece of its own. And based on manager-nim's feedback, it's actually good, though she didn't leave a comment *sad face*. There, that's it, I just thought an explanation will help you understand why the two consecutive fictions has the same title and the dash A and B thingamajigs. Oh yeah, blame the purple pills for the mess up, hurhur.

The phone rang, you picked it up and heard his voice, you didn't say a word.

You don't have to say anything, he doesn't need to speak, because you already knew what the call was all about, you've been through this a hundred of times, you can even give a seminar or a short course on how to handle stuff like this.

But, you are not a hypocrite... it still stings, it still hurts and even your broken heart can still break. You wonder, to how many pieces a heart can break into.

You listen at his melancholic voice, you listen as he trudge on the familiar river and stagger in the waves, you listen as he told you that he can't make it today, just like the long forgotten todays of the past. You try hard to listen as he spewed more words of apologies for weaseling out of your date, for the nth time, you stop keeping tabs eons ago. You tried hard, but you just have to try harder to listen, as he strewn promises of making up and doing something better, when he is able to, when he is free, when he finally finds the time to spend with you.

You used to boast of your ability to listen and your endowment to understand, but this winding and unending pattern of canceled dates, mute regrets and apologies, and unfulfilled promises is beginning to take its toll. Your age-old composure is beginning to show some cracks, the veil of your patience is thinning by the minute and the fine line between love and hate is on the verge of extinction.

You feel pathetic, but, as you are you, you continue to listen. You're loosing grip, but, as you are you, you're holding on as if it is life itself. You feel like drowning, but, as you are you, you're fighting to be afloat.

You feel like giving up, but... you continue to listen...

'I am stronger than this, I am HwangBo Hye Jung!' you said to yourself, trying to seize the ongoing battle in your mind, in your heart, in your soul.

"I understand, later then," you acquiesced, you have finally found your voice.

He said the three-word-phrase that used to brighten your day as an end to his phone monologue, and deplorable as it may sound, you fervently hope that it still has the same effect.

But, even your brightness seems to suffer depletion and at the moment, only one of its ray has the remaining light.

You put the phone back to its cradle and let out a sigh.

You relax your rigid back and let your eyes wander until it rest on the two VIP tickets that your longtime friend has given you. He has an ongoing musical and he had invited you, several times, he even sent his manager to personally hand to you the VIP pass and the premier tickets before that.

The two of you have a long history together, you know he adores you more than the lady friend that you are now. You never really reached the point of courtship but he threw more than enough hints in the wind, and you're not numb not to feel it. You guess, he never found the courage to step up and venture out of the uncertain, he may have thought that it was too much of a risk to your friendship. Though you never officially cross the border, unconsciously flirting with each other seems to be a game you both enjoy to play. And the people around you are not blind not to notice.

You stare hard at the printed piece of paper that you are holding, he even asked you to bring your boyfriend along to watch but as your man seems to know every details of your life, you know he wouldn't agree, you know that he wouldn't even let you go on your own. You know that he imagines an invisible link that connects the both of you, he is zealous like that.

You read the title of the theatrical act - Lunatic, it seems interesting, it looks like fun and attending the play can also open up the chance to celebrate your birthday with him, it has been ages. And the thought of staying home, waiting, will just drive you to lunacy, and you don't intend to be the literal title holder of your friend's musical, you haven't dream that far yet. You allow the smirk to show.

You get up and walk straight to your room, intent on wearing the same dress and stilettos that you bought specially for today. You style your hair and put on make up as you previously plan, it still is your birthday after all, and not just because the person you are suppose to celebrate it with gone AWOL, you'll forget everything you want to do. You are going to celebrate your 30th birthday and it's gonna be a night to remember even if it is with a different company.

You hit it right on target when you thought that the musical will be fun, it was, actually, beyond your expectation; the whole act was superb and Kyung Rok's performance was flawless. The wink that he directed your way was sign enough that he recognize your presence and you're more than happy that he did. An hour after the curtain's down, you are on your way to one of Seoul's high-end restaurants to celebrate your birthday.

You are in the middle of a sumptuous dinner and a healthy conversation when you spotted him, you saw him first, that, you are sure of. You start to bow your head down but your effort is too late, he already caught a glimpse of you. And so you looked on, you looked as he say something to the matron and his manager, you looked as he made his way towards your table and you looked on as he silently question you.

He stand before you with his practiced demeanor, just like an old acquaintance, his boiling wrath carefully hidden. But as you know him so well, you clearly read the menace in his eyes and the animosity in his stance, but you're not backing out, you're done being the last option, or just being a second choice... even just for today.

"Annyeonghaseyo!" he greeted, he nodded at the other man's end but he never exactly look away from you.

His stare is like a challenge, inciting you to respond. You give him your sweetest fake smile and bow down a little, you hope you convey your greetings, and your message, well. You see the dangerous flash in his eyes, your little act seem to irk him more, you applaud yourself for doing so.

"Annyeonghaseyo Hyun Joong-sshi," Kyung Rok greeted in return. "I didn't fancy seeing you here."

"Same here my boy, same here," Hyun Joong muttered under his breath, foregoing all the social decorum that is expected of him.

He said that in a whisper and he's not even looking directly at him, but you're sure that your friend heard him well, and the force emanating from the words would certainly stun him.

He locked eyes with you and asked intensely, "What is this?", revealing a little of his anger though he speak in a contained voice.

You study his face, and arch an eyebrow, as if you are questioning his intellect. "Dinner," your mono-syllabic response.

You saw your dinner-mate grin and that gives you more confidence to stand up to him. You're treading on dangerous waters but you don't give a damn. Not at the moment anyway.

You see his face contort as he control his emotions, your toes curl in apprehension. "Why?" he tossed you a generic question that seems to engulfed a whole lot more.

"I was hungry, he was hungry, we're both hungry, so to eat together is but a logical solution to what we thought was a problem more than an hour ago," you explained lengthily as if everything will be cleared just by doing so, you even end your speech, err, your answer, with a cute smile.

He glares at you, as in he intensely glares at you, and then he spat, "You wanna play with words? I don't have time! Now, I'll ask you once again, why are you here... with him?" He said every words with such fierceness, you would have cower if you're not Hwangbo Hye Jung, you would have cower if he didn't pushed you to your limit.

You discreetly look around, he certainly have all the patron's attention now, with his stiff posture, deep scowl, and powerful voice, who wouldn't take interest?

The man in front of you seemed to take offense, you know your friend, he's one of the kindest person you've ever known and the incorrigible man's comment would not have mattered if it wasn't directed at you. You reach out and hold his hand as it rests on top of the table, you tap it once, twice, you look him in the eye and shake your head, mouthing "people, public".

You muster a smile though you're boiling within, how could he, how dare he, "Leave! Don't make a scene!" you uttered the words without breaking a gap in your smile, just like a trained ventriloquist.

Your companion beams at you, he seems so proud of what you have accomplished, 'Has it been that bad, these past two years? Is that why my old chum acts like he wins an award or something just because I grew my spine back? Am I that miserly?' you stagger at the thought.

He, your beau of two years, looks at you, deflated. His dislike for the other man emanates from him as well as his distress for your actions. But his intense stare holds sweet promises... and you almost waver... he have that much power over you, you know that by now.

But today is different, today is special, today is your birthday and today, you will love yourself, you will live for yourself. Today you will defend your fortress and even Kim Hyun Joong won't be able to break in.

He bid his goodbye and silently walks away, he strides past his manager and out of your sight. A few minutes later, you saw his handler with a pastry box and paper bags full of take-outs, he searched for you in the crowd and when your eyes met, he bow down and took his leave. Ten minutes later, he's back, he went straight to your table and handed you a note, you're familiar with the scribble and decided on reading it later, you smiled and thanked him and he went away. You feel sad for the man, he's stuck in a battle he doesn't know existed.

You had fun with Kyung Rok, when the tension was finally blown away by the wind, the two of you dine and chat like nothing ever happened. He asked for a small cake so you can make a wish and blow your candle but as you are both celebrities, the matron gave you a complimentary one, one of the perks of being in the business, you both agreed. It sure is a happy night, three hours-full of delight sans the confrontation, three hours-full of filling in, you sure missed a lot, and three hours-full of being yourself, of freedom.

You went to the ladies room to freshen up, and to read the note - I'm heading out first, I'll see you at home. You have an hour to finish that up. You looked at the paper, you crumpled it, and throw it at the nearest trash bin. "Not today, I owe today to myself!"

Your date, he said that he is your date tonight, the man is relentless, you'll give him that, brought you home, with a promise that his assistant will drive your car back to your apartment early in the morning. You didn't go back to your flat, you decided to spend the remaining hours of your day at your own house with your family, though they are already asleep when you came in. Truth be told, you really want to spend the day with yourself, from what you've learned, you already lost a part of your identity and getting it back even for a day feels really wonderful, you guess, you miss a lot.

You're about ready to go to bed when your hand phone rings, you know it's him, you decided to ignore it. But fifteen minutes later, your phone is still ringing incessantly, you pick it up and see more than a dozen miss calls, you decided to give your phone a rest and pick up the second it rings again.

"Buin, where are you?" he plunged in, wasting no time in proper phone etiquette.

"Home," you simply answered.

"Home? I am home, I've been home for more than three hours and I haven't seen even a shadow of you. What's the matter, buin? I know that I bailed on you again, this time because of a drama filming, I am really sorry, I will make it up to you, I promise. Please come home... please," he said in litany.

"Hyun Joong-ah, I'll come home tomorrow, I just need to be by myself tonight," she let out a sigh. "Tomorrow, I'll be your buin again but today I just want to be Hye Jung."

"Buin, mianhe... I've been a selfish bastard, I know I need to be hit, but I want to celebrate your birthday with you, I bought you a nice green tea cake, that's your favorite flavor, right? I order all your favorites in that restaurant and I set the table, too, you're the only one missing buin," he pleads.

"Hyung Joong-ah, tomorrow, okay. I'll be there early morning and we'll eat everything that you prepared. Tomorrow, I promise. I'll hang up now, good night."

You take a deep breath, you claimed your today, how about your tomorrow...

Note: I tried to write in present tense but I failed miserably, so please bear with it. Aaaahhh... what to do?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loving Me (Scenario Number Six - A)

Because I am in pain (toothache, not heartache) and I consume a thousand mg. of pain relievers every eight hours, and because I am alert and hyper one minute and drowsy and sleepy the next, I give you this.

The phone rang, you picked it up and heard his voice, you didn't say a word.

You don't have to say anything, he doesn't need to speak, because you already knew what the call was all about, you've been through this a hundred of times, you can even give a seminar or a short course on how to handle stuff like this.

But, you are not a hypocrite... it still stings, it still hurts and even your broken heart can still break. You wonder, to how many pieces a heart can break into.

You listen at his melancholic voice, you listen as he trudge on the familiar river and stagger in the waves, you listen as he told you that he can't make it today, just like the long forgotten todays of the past. You try hard to listen as he spewed more words of apologies for weaseling out of your date, for the nth time, you stop keeping tabs eons ago. You tried hard, but you just have to try harder to listen, as he strewn promises of making up and doing something better, when he is able to, when he is free, when he finally finds the time to spend with you.

You used to boast of your ability to listen and your endowment to understand, but this winding and unending pattern of canceled dates, mute regrets and apologies, and unfulfilled promises is beginning to take its toll. Your age-old composure is beginning to show some cracks, the veil of your patience is thinning by the minute and the fine line between love and hate is on the verge of extinction.

You feel pathetic, but, as you are you, you continue to listen. You're loosing grip, but, as you are you, you're holding on as if it is life itself. You feel like drowning, but, as you are you, you're fighting to be afloat.

You feel like giving up, but... you continue to listen...

'I am stronger than this, I am HwangBo Hye Jung!' you said to yourself, trying to seize the ongoing battle in your mind, in your heart, in your soul.

"I understand, later then," you acquiesced, you have finally found your voice.

He said the three-word-phrase that used to brighten your day as an end to his phone monologue, and deplorable as it may sound, you fervently hope that it still has the same effect.

But, even your brightness seems to suffer depletion and at the moment, only one of its ray has the remaining light.

You put the phone back to its cradle and let out a sigh.

You stay in the same position for a few minutes more, you look like a soldier who just loose a battle and you feel just like one. The only physical effort that you had done in the few minutes that you're on the phone with him was lifting up the receiver and holding it to your ear but the inner turmoil was just too much, it drained you... it actually devoured your being.

You swing your legs up and lean on the couch, you're using all the energy that you have left to regain what you just lose a few minutes ago. You close your eyes and scour your mind, in an effort to find that exactly; and then it dawned on you, in the two years that you've been together, you have lost yourself, your own identity, and it will take more than a few hours or a few days to get it back but you have to act now before you completely forgets who you are.

You have to salvage what was left of you... and repossess yourself entirely.

You scan your flat, looking for nothing in particular; you're a little bewilder because of what you had discovered and a little overwhelm on what you had just decided.

And there's this lingering question - when?

Is it when you concede to the kid and you let your emotions rule you when you agree to this relationship?

Is it when he first stood you up because of a sudden event? Or is it the second? The third?

Is it when you first forgave him for not doing what he promise you? Or is it the fifth? Or the last one?

Is it when you listen to all his caprices and whims - giving up events, not taking on new shows, putting your career in the shelf to focus on him, wearing what he wants, doing what he approves of?

Is it when you decided to be a homebody and wait for his presence or his call and messages?

Is it when you give him your all?

And now... you have none.

Eighteen hours ago, you turned thirty, an hour ago, you realized that you haven't been you for more than a year now, a few minutes ago, you found out that you didn't just loose yourself but you completely let yourself go.

Today is your birthday but instead of celebrating, you were faced with a rude awakening.

Today is your birthday and you are thirty years old.

From the author: It's the blogger not the blog who broke your heart last night. It's the blogger not the dream who deserted you. Sing with me :) (ang di kumanta - kj!)

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Heads Up Guys!

My birthday scenario series will be put on hold for a while, I sprained my right hand and typing with my left is such a chore, I'm sorry guys.

For the meantime, I want to share an MV made by yooboo710 for Hwangbo's birthday, it is such a cool music video of the Ssangchu couple, it is my favorite MV at the moment, I would even make a request on MYX if only the video is available commercially, that's how hook I am with it, hehe. I listen to it non-stop since I saw the link in soompi, and it was two days ago, imagine how many times it has been already :)

Without further ado -

Monday, August 16, 2010

Compassionately In Love (Scenario Number Five)

This is for Ate Sue... it didn't come out as I expected, in short, I think it's crappy...hehe. What's your verdict?

The month of her birthday...

She's having late lunch with her Infinity girlfriends in one of those posh restaurants in Seoul, it's not that they are keen on a swishy lifestyle but being celebrities as they are, hanging out in places like this is the safest choice. Shin Young and Bong Sun, like always, were bantering on minute details of their lives, Boram tried to butt in numerous times but she's always hush to silence, Ga Eun was her usual quirky self while Eunee was stuffing her mouth, giving casual grunts towards the noisy members from time to time, she, on the other hand was having a text message marathon with her man.

Message 1 (from the man) - Having fun with your friends?

Reply 1 (from the woman) - Yes, I am! Where are you?

Message 2 - Good to know, what's for lunch? Still here, we just finished playing, I scored!

Reply 2 - Lunch is a smorgasbord of food that we want to try, keke. Really? How many?

Message 3 - I think, I can picture what you and the rest of the gang order and I bet, you have the busiest and noisiest table in the resto, kekeke. I scored three today, aren't you proud of me?

Reply 3 - Yes, we have! That's why it's fun hanging out with my friends unlike with some guy I know, LOL. Of course I'm proud of you and I'll forever be proud of you, even if you score zero in every soccer game that you play. :)

Message 4 - I'm beaming and blushing here, kekeke. Oh, which of your guy friends are you talking about :) and the guys, my guys, want to meet up and have dinner with you if you have a free time, they said they miss you and they keep bugging me, they're actually forcing me to give you a call, but of course I won't, I don't want them talking gibberish with you, LOL.

Reply 4 - LOL, touche! Tell them that I'll even cook for them one of these days, I just need to sort out my schedule and you, you should be nicer to those guys, you had three goals today, remember. And why are you blushing mister, I haven't done or said anything blush-worthy yet, hmm...

Message 5 - I can't help thinking about our Bali trip last month, those endless nights of... Are you blushing yet, my dear?

Reply 5 - Yah! Stop!

Message 6 - Hahaha, beautiful memories! When shall we do that again?

Reply 6 - As if you're ever free of things to do and schedules to meet... I think it'll be ages before we can go someplace together again.

Message 7 - I know but I'll make a way, it'll be sooner than you think.

Reply 7 - I, already, know that, I just want to hear it from you or in this case read, keke.

Message 8 - I have to take a shower now, wanna join me?

Reply 8 - Yah, what has gotten into you? Let me think about it... hmm... sure, keke.

Message 9 - I wish you are here or I am there or we're together somewhere so we can... aish, now, I really need to shower, a cold one at that. Can I call you later or you'll be busy still?

Reply 9 - I'll send you a message when we're done. Go and take a shower now, be sure to dry your hair, okay, I don't want you to get sick. Oh yeah, where are you headed to?

Message 10 - Arasso! Rehearsals...

Reply 10 - Local or international?

Message 11 - Both, kekeke. If anyone read your last message, they'll think you're asking me about mail or phone calls, LOL. Going to shower now... talk to you later...

She had been texting for more than a quarter of an hour, taking in a few bites in between but she never, really, bothered to see what's happening around her. So when she looked up after that last message, she was stunned to see her friends all looking at her with an amused look and teasing smiles.

"What?" she asked, a little red in the face.

"Love, love has come my way..." they all sang in response.

She looked at the five women incredulously, rolled her eyes and they all began to laugh in chorus. Their boisterous laughter and happy jeering was hold to a halt when her hand phone made a beeping sound. She looked at her gal pals and realized that they were all waiting for her next action... and reaction, she believed.

Message 1 - I'm heading off... I love you!

She was forcing herself not to smile but what can she do, her heart's doing a happy dance and every nerve in her body signals her brain that a smile was appropriate at that moment, she sighed, 'does anyone ever won a battle with their hearts?' She, then, allowed herself to bathe in the glow of that message and let her smile grew wider and brighter.

Reply 1 - I think... I love you more!

Her friends just looked at her and silently wish that they'll be able to experience that much love soon.


A week before her birthday...

It was one of those days that he was able to sneak in a visit at her house, it was one of those times that he has a few hours to spare to play with her. She admits that they don't spend much of their time together , first, because of their work and second, because of their line of work but when they manage to see each other, they always make sure that it's a time that they'll always remember, they always make it a point to create happy memories. It doesn't have to be grand or full of laughter, they can sit beside each other without uttering a single word but in their hearts, they are happy. They can watch the sunset, they can hold hands, they can eat a simple meal, they can read a book, they can watch TV, they can listen to music, or they can just lie down and stare at the ceiling and still they'll be full to the brim in happiness. She doesn't know how to describe it but she believes that it is LOVE.

They were sitting in her couch, watching some overrated English movie while munching on some pizza and drinking some beer, she told him that she'll cook dinner the moment he told her that he's coming over but he told her off, saying he had other plans - yes, pizza and beer was his plan, didn't she say that they find happiness in the simplest of things *grins*.

"So, how are we going to celebrate your birthday?" he nonchalantly asked.

"Let's not. Just a simple dinner with my family will be alright, I think my friends might have a little plan of their own but I'll schedule it a day before or after my birthday so we can spend the whole of my special day together," she lengthily answered.

"But, I want to throw a party... you're turning 30, we should celebrate in a grand way."

"No, we don't! I'm getting a year older, why should I celebrate that? You really want me to get old that fast?" she said with a pout.

"Hahaha, you're so cute, how can General Hwangbo be so cute, without even trying," he teased. He pinched both her cheeks and gave her a loud smack on the mouth, "Mwaaah!"

She pouted some more and then started to laugh, "It's my birthday so, I should be free to do what I want!"

"Yes, it is your birthday, but I am the man who loves you, so I should be free to show you and the rest of the world at least 0.01% of how much I love you, right?"

"Okay, okay, you win! Aish... but I don't want a big celebration, a simple one with my family and close friends as guests will be enough and yeah, if you want to invite some of your friends, you can do so, but only those that I like, deal?"

"Deal! Shall we seal it with a kiss?"

He did not expect any answer and he didn't need one, he touched his lips on hers, sensually teasing, coaxing and when she moaned in response, he claimed his prize, he plunged in and savor her taste.


The day of her birthday...

It's almost four in the afternoon but the audacious man still hadn't call her, she had been trying to reach him but his phone was turned off. The last time they talked, he said that he was on his way home but it had been eighteen hours ago and he hadn't made contact since then. Oh, this man, her sweet, loving, audacious man.

He had been in Japan for three days because of some TV guesting and magazine photo shoots, but as far as she knows, though, he wasn't in Korea, he was still able to push through with his planned birthday party. The whole event was put under her radar as he wants to surprise her, so the only thing she knows is that there will be a party today, and she's hoping it is as simple as she wants it to be, somewhere in Seoul. Even her so-called friends wouldn't let her in on the secret, and so, she let them be, if you can't beat them, join them.

But now that the hour is near and he was still nowhere in sight, she kinds of feel jittery and a little anxious, 'Oh where could he be? He's been silent for a while now?'

She was lost in her thoughts when she heard a commotion outside her door, followed by voices she knew too well, calling her name.

"Hye Jung-ah, why aren't you ready yet? We have to be there before six, the celebrant shouldn't be late on her own celebration," Eunee said.

"Yah! We went here to pick you up, not dress you up," Boram told her haughtily.

"Did he call you yet? I have been waiting and have been trying to contact him but his phone is off... I don't wanna go to a party that he pushed me into without him by my side," she said, concern was evident and a slight stubbornness was hinted.

"Of course, he'll be there, he just have a detour of sorts, how can he miss it when he worked his ass off to pull this event together."

'And the money he spent is not a joke, either,' Eunee added as an afterthought.

"Hurry up and put on that dress, he specifically chose that one, didn't he? The boy got style..."

Though she was still fazed and unwilling, she was forced to get dressed, was dragged to the car by two Herculean-women and was hoodwinked to agree to being blindfolded on the way.

She felt the car stop, she felt her friend's hands on her arms and head ushering her out of the car, and by the greetings and the sounds that she can decipher, they are in a hotel. After a few minutes in the elevator, her friends escort her to an empty room, there was no sound or any movement, so she concluded that it was empty. She was pushed to sit on a cushioned chair and was order to stay still, and though, she doesn't like to be manhandled, she decided to go all the way, she already caved in, she might as well do it in full.

"Aish... these people are... I'm going crazy here..."

She knew it the moment he came, it has always been like that, there's this invisible gadget that is embedded on her being that signals her everytime he is near. Her skin tingled the minute he laid his hands on her and she felt freedom, a second after the blindfold was taken off. She kept her silence until her eyes adapt to her surroundings, she kept her silence until she can see him clearly, she kept her silence until she had her fill of him and she kept her silence until she felt her heart and nerves calm down, 'He's here, he's finally here!'

"Yah! What is this?" she feigned irritation.

He just smiled and kept on holding her hand.

"I told you that I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you, just with you and my family but you pester me into having a party, and now, it seems like you've only given me false hopes. Aish... what kind of surprise is this?"

"You're so cute when you're throwing tantrums, noona." He kissed her full on the lips and then asked, "Did you miss me, coz I miss you so."

"Noona???" she asked incredulously. "What..."

He kissed her again, a little longer this time.

"Hush, Hye Jung-ah, the party's about to start."

A sudden flash of light caught her attention, she later realized that she was seated in front of a huge flat screen TV. She looked sideways, to the man beside her, urging him to explain but he just smiled. A minute later a scene she was unprepared for came into view, her whole Compassion family together with a number of kids from all the orphanages and institutions in Korea that they support were on the screen singing and wishing her a happy birthday. Cha In Pyo, in the name of the whole group, greeted and thanked her for the wonderful event that she and her man prepared for all the kids.

"In lieu of drinking, dancing and partying the night away on your birthday, you decided to give these kids a memorable day, instead. Yunho-sshi was the one who planned and initiated this whole event, renting the entire Lotte World for a whole day so that these kids and us kids at heart can play and create wonderful memories, I am, we all are very thankful. I know that Yunho-sshi made all these possible just to make you happy and I sincerely hope that he succeeded. I am thankful for all the support that you have given our organization and please send our heartfelt appreciation to the man beside you. Marry him already, and have lots of kids, who I am sure will inherit both of your goodness and righteousness, as well as your beautiful genes, hahaha. Again, happy birthday and we wish you both the best! HwangBo Hye Jung and Jung Yunho, may God bless you more!"

"Happy birthday! We love you!" they all said collectively before the scene changed to different shots of kids playing around the amusement park, full of glee and wonderment.

She didn't know when her tears began to fall, she was just so happy, not just because they were able to give those children a day of complete enjoyment and happiness but, more so, because she finally found the man who will be her partner, who will be beside her in trying to make the world a better place to live in for those children. What more can she ask for.

She didn't realized that he was standing in front of her until he wiped her tears, "Don't cry my dear, I didn't do that to make you cry so don't make me regret what I did. And there's more, how can you see it if your vision is blurry... now, stop crying and watch."

The scene was an aerial shot of Lotte World, giving her glimpses of the children and her Compassion family as they ran and play in their red 'Made in Heaven' t-shirts. As she watched, a scene overlap took effect, now showing an aerial shot of a party in a roof deck, in an effort to see whose party it was, she squinted and looked closely but she didn't have to do that for long because the camera zoomed in and she saw her family and friends having a blast on their own, most were seated on their tables busy eating their dinner, others were dancing on the makeshift stage, while her closest of friends were busy mingling and entertaining the crowd. And then Song Eunee, Park Choong Jae and Shim Tae Yoon came into view -

"Yah, finish what you're doing there and come out here already, your guests are all waiting!"

"I was pulled out of my weekend rest to attend a party, but now, it turned out that I'm to work as a host, you have to pay my talent fee in full Hye Jung-ah!" Shimty joked.

"The kid beside you cajoled us into doing all sorts of things just to surprise you, so you better be happy, arasso?" Junjin forcefully told her. "Now, hurry up and come up here so you can blow your cake and we can paint the roof deck red," he added with a wink.

The three waved in unison and the shot changed to give her a better view of the party and the people who are eagerly waiting for her. The screen was then cut into half, to show the events that were taking place in two different locations - in Lotte World and in the hotel roof deck, both of which are her birthday surprises.

Just when she thought that her heart will soon explode due to ecstasy, the light turned on and their dinner was served. She looked at the handsome man in front of her with awe, her eyes showing the gratefulness that she's feeling and her smile telling the volumes of love that she wants to give but before she can speak her mind, he presented her with another gift - a set of jewelries encrusted with her birthstone, peridot. She was once again speechless and he was just there, smiling shyly at her, as if he hadn't done anything huge or worthy. When she regain her senses, she stand up and rushed to his side hugging him tight, letting him feel all that she wants to say just by her embrace.

The hotel staff that were serving them, quietly left the room as they witness the scene, they all agreed that the couple needed the privacy to settle whatever emotions they had at that moment.

"Do you think your guests can wait a little while longer?" Yunho asked as he freed himself from her embrace, and looked at her passionately.

"Uhmm, I guess so, wae?" Hwangbo murmured while tracing his lower lip, his jawline down to his neck.

He lift her up from his lap, stand up and carry her to bed.

"I have another gift in mind so they just have to wait," he said flirtatiously.

Author's Note: What do you think is the last gift? :)

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The Letter (Scenario Number Four)

I am on a Jin-Bo roll, don't take this into heart though, that is why this is called fiction. Okay?

This is going to be a great day, for no other reason than it being August 16, and it being her birthday. She has the whole day to spend with her family - her mother is currently busy cooking seaweed soup and other delectable treats, her father went out a while ago, she overheard that he's going to buy a simple cake in the nearby bakeshop while her brother called up to say that he'll be there with his girlfriend by lunch, he even asked what kind of flowers does the celebrant want. Later, she'll have dinner with her close friends and maybe go to the club for some dancing, she reached a stage in her life when big, glamorous parties doesn't appeal that much anymore.

For the meantime, she decided on chilling out in the front porch, with a bunch of back issues of fashion magazines, willing herself to read and study designs that might have passed her, she had been busy these past few months and admittedly, her passion for fashion designing had taken the backseat. She has been thinking of going to the US to take a short course but her schedules wont permit it at the moment, she has to talk to her manager and work something out if she wants to ever get into it. 'I need to make a decision soon, I'm not getting any younger. I need to seize the day and make my dreams happen,' she mentally noted.

She was in the middle of reading and sketching when she noticed the postman shoving a bunch of letters in their mailbox, she hadn't been visible around their neighborhood for a while now as she mostly stayed in her apartment unit in Seoul,in her line of work, proximity is the key, hurrying from location and studio shoots to their house will take a lot of time thus an apartment in Gangnam-gu is a wise choice. The postman went away as she looked on, when the man was finally nowhere in sight, she giddily stand up and semi-ran to the mailbox to get the letters, it's not that she badly wanted one but she just feels like something special is hidden in the bunch of papers and envelopes somewhere.

She was shuffling through the files when a yellow envelope caught her eye, it has her name written on it and it's from the military camp in Busan. Her heart leaped in excitement, it must be from Choong Jae, a greeting card maybe, he sure won't forget her birthday as they had celebrated more than their fair share of birthdays together as they were born, only, three days apart.

She cut the envelope and found an old yellowish card with a simple heart caricature as a front design, when she opened it, she found a small folded stationery inside with a printed note that reads - Read the card first!

And so she starts to read, with a furrowed brow, wondering what her best friend is up to, 'Why would he send me an old card, did he bought it in a vintage shop somewhere but he knows that I don't like antique stuff, and it's not even a birthday card. I wonder what the eff is Choong Jae thinking?'

She has just finish the first stanza when it hits her, what the hell, she stares at the poem, mouth agape...

My friend, I hate to do it

But our friendship just can't last

The times we've shared together

Have faded to the past

I told you it would happen

Our friendship was bound to end

Although I know you care

I don't consider you a friend

Please don't try to argue

But try to understand

That time can change people

As the time changes the sand

Our friendship has been lovely

But you see, it has to end

For I look at you at a different way

I have fallen in love with you...


"What is this?" she mused loudly.

She read it for the second time and the moment she finished, she began to roar with laughter, she, actually, ended up on the floor laughing her guts out. 'Choong Jae really knows his stuff, it's just a simple card but it did make her day.' she thought, laughing and clapping harder.

worried look followed by an amused one by her mother and a glassful of orange juice later, she calmed down. She was able to get on to the small note tucked in the card and her heart felt like exploding because of the three sentences that was written on it.

Yah! Stop laughing!

I wrote that when we were high school seniors but I was too much of a coward to give it to you so I hold on unto it until I found the courage to hand it to you, but as luck might have it, I am stuck here in the military camp by the time the powers that be grant me the spunk to do so.

There's no need to answer me now, you have till I come back from my service to decide but if ever you find it in your heart to save me some heartache and worried days, visit me at the camp and I'll give you a better version of that poem, the one I wrote recently and the one that I'll record as our song when I have my comeback a year from now.

--- Park Choong Jae

She wants to laugh but for the life of her, she can't. Her heart's beating so fast and so hard, it feels like her ribcage will tear apart any moment now. An overflow of blood seems to be stock in her brain as she can't think clearly. The nerves and muscles of her body are not working as it should as she can't move a finger. And her tear ducts seems to have a life of their own as tears began to fall even though she doesn't want to.

After being frozen and being wrapped in silence in an hour or two, Hwangbo Hye Jung was finally able to come back, to herself, that is. A smile slowly etch in her face,
"This is a great day, indeed!"

Note: The poem's title is My Friend.

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This Is The Day (Scenario Number Three)

I'm not shipping any ship at the moment, I'm content to be a spectator on my pink floater... by the way, I just checked, the ship count on the shipyard is still the same, that means no one's able to make a voyage yet. :)

August 16, 2011

She stares at her reflection in the mirror, she just got out of a relaxing bath, her hair is tack in a towel coiled on top of her head and her body is loosely wrapped in a pink bathrobe. It is her 32nd birthday and she wonders what this year holds...

August 16, 2008

She was in a taping of a variety show when her hand phone beeped signaling that a message just got in, she secretly looked and read the message -

Happy Birthday Noona... it's the first message... pardon me for being so sudden... anyways, wish you happiness ^^ - Guljo

To say that she was shock is an understatement, but she remembered feeling happy, as if the message had a powerful glow that fulled her out of the darkness that cloud her being at that time. It's one of her pleasant memories, if she may say so.

August 21, 2008

After a long and tiring day shooting their farm episode in We Got Married
, she got another surprise from her kid groom, she was not aware that even before they started filming, he already had something planned, that was why he kept on bringing up the text message that he sent, that was why he's being extra helpful, that was why he was super whiny, that was why he couldn't seem to relax and that was why he seemed to look at her differently.

Under the peach trees, aglow with the moonlight, armed with his guitar and more than a thousand paper cranes, he serenaded and told her his innermost feelings -

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out
Take this sinking boat
And point it home
We've still got time.

The things that I'm about to say to you
Might be a bit embarrassing
Truthfully, I always thought
I didn't have the right to love you
Even when I first met you
I didn't have the courage
All I did was worry about this and that
But as time flowed, before I knew it
I became used to this love
Please always be next to me
Looking at me... with your trust
I love you!

I love you!!!

Happy birthday!!!

It was an experience that will forever be etch in her memory. He sang her a love song and it hit her hard on the heart, she was falling... she really was... not slowly, though. Her heart had taken the express route and she didn't have the strength to stop it.

She was 29 years old and she's in love with a younger man.

August 16, 2009

She had her very first fan meeting as a solo artist on her 30th birthday. She decided to celebrate and share her special day with her fans to show them her appreciation for their continuous support and love, as well as, to promote her new mini album. She and her man decided to celebrate a few days later to give way to her event and to lessen, if not completely stomp, any rumors about them.

They had shared a wonderful eight months together, it wasn't as smooth as they wanted it to be, their work and career tended to get in the way and they seemed to be living in two different countries most of the time, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She could take all the storms as long as she's with him or so she thought.

On that same fateful day, the day she felt most loved by her fans was also the day Lan Kwai Fong scandal happened, she was not new in the ring of betrayal, she had battled it out with two previous relationships, not that she ever won, the first one left her for his first love and the second floated away just when she thought that wedding bells were soon to ring. It was her third but it still hurt like hell, she never seems to be ready, and she doesn't think she will ever be.

Of course, she forgave him, of course, she listened to his tales, of course, she accepted his apologies, and of course, she knew that she was betting on forever... she knew it was a gamble, but she just didn't care.

August 16, 2010

It was her 31st birthday and she was somewhere in Jeju Island, waiting for her always-out-of-the-country boyfriend. He planned for this rendezvous as a surprise for her but she actually found it out even before he told her, a certain maknae from a not-disbanded-but-not-so-together idol group let it slipped. She pretended not to know the whole time and she acted surprise the moment he told her, he called her up and instructed her on what to do and where to go and she obliged willingly and happily, actually, she was even ready a few days prior to his call.

And so she went and waited... he was supposed to come in the evening, straight from the land of the rising sun, but the clock already chimed the midnight bell but he was still nowhere in sight, no phone call, not even a text message. But still she waited... and waited... and waited... until she received a phone call, saying that he couldn't make it because of some conflict in his schedule, if she remembers correctly, there was some sort of a misunderstanding between him and his manager, that was why the time that he was supposed to spend with her was packed with activities, instead.

It was not the first time she waited, in their almost two-year-relationship, she waited for him for more than half of it - may it be for a date, for him to fetch her, for him to come home, for him to introduce her to his family, for him to finally acknowledge their relationship to the whole world, for him to make her his priority. Sometimes she got lucky and her patience was rewarded but a quarter at the most, she waited for naught, and the Jeju Island escapade was categorized with the latter.

But as she was so intent in winning on her gamble, she waited for two more days in Jeju, justifying to herself that the hotel room was booked and paid for so she could just stay and rest but the truth was, she was hoping that he will realize and find it in his heart that she meant more to him, more than just a girlfriend who would wait forever. Right before she went back to Seoul, all that she had been wishing for was reduced to a single phone call or a one-line text message but those didn't come either, just like the man he was waiting for.

A week after, the man that she so wanted to see was finally standing in front of her with a big bouquet of tulips on his hands, ironic as it may sound, she was happy to see him after being miserable for more than a week because of him. Seeing him made her decide... she finally knew what to do.

August 16, 2011

In a glitzy function room in one of the high-class hotel in Seoul, a party for the 32nd birthday of Hwangbo Hye Jung, was taking place. She is surrounded by her friends and loved ones, the food and booze is in abundance, the lights are on its brightest, shimmering on the whole room, the dance floor is full and alive, everyone is having the time of their lives, celebrating jovially and sincerely with the birthday girl.

In the middle of the party, the music takes a halt leaving the guest wanting and then a baritone voice breaks the silence -

"Hwangbo-sshi will you please take the space beside me?" the man said, trying his best to hide his nervousness.

She did as she was told, after all, the one asking her is his best friend, the one who planned and instigated this whole event and the one she has been celebrating her birthday with since time immemorial, well not that long, as they are not fossils yet, but it's long in normal human standards.

"Phew... Hwangbo-yah, it took me a long while before I arrived at this decision. I think the distance between us and my two-year stint in the military made me do the plunge, but hell and damnation, this is nerve-wracking and I can't seem to say the words that I practiced for days. I have known you for years but I still don't know how you would react but this is something I have to do..." he stuttered without stopping to breath.

She is rooted on the spot, her hands are sweaty, the pit of her stomach has butterflies on it and she can hear her heart beating, 'Is this what I think it is?' she thought.

"Hwangbo Hye Jung, will you do me the honors of being your boyfriend?" he murmured, hope evident in his voice.

It has been a year since she broke up with Kim Hyun Joong, the moment she saw him on her door that time, she finally realized that holding on was not an option anymore, that letting him go was the best choice for the both of them. It wasn't easy, she knew that he's hurting just by looking at him and she sure was hurting as well, maybe double or triple his pain, coz as much as she wanted to win in her gamble, she threw in all her cards in the middle of the game because she felt that she didn't have the ability and the courage to continue on, and so she lost on her bet, she let her another forever go.

This time, another chance to get that forever is in front of her, the guy who always celebrates her birthday with her; the guy who never made her wait, even if it meant running out of his fan event; the guy who supports her on whatever endeavors she wanted to partake; the guy who flaunts her to the world as the closest woman to her heart; the guy who spends his free time from the military to lend her a shoulder to cry on; the guy who have love her for more than half of her life... after hearing what he just said, she feels like, she's coming home.

'This is the day Hye Jung, the day that you've been waiting for, the day that forever becomes more bright and comes closer to your grasp.' she closed her eyes and let her heart feast on her thoughts.

She hug Junjin and whispers to his ear, "Thank you Choong Jae, thank you for finally having the courage to move forward, thank you for choosing me and thank you for giving me a strong hold on my forever."

She settles herself on his embrace, she's finally on the arms of her best friend, who a minute ago became her boyfriend, and in the future will be her husband and the father of her children.

This is the day, the perfect day to finally come home... to Junjin.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Surprise, Surprise (Scenario Number Two)

This is the second one in a series of birthday scenarios I intend to do, yes I intend but I'm not sure I can push through, so ladies, the keyword here is intend, okay. Anyway, its always the thought that counts :).

And yeah, this is for Ate Sue because a few days ago, she surprised me with a video clip to wake my sleeping mind up and I hella enjoyed it. Also, for Belle, because I don't want her thinking that 'interior' is the only thing she have, you can use 'lubid', too. Ahahaha, it's a private joke, don't bother decoding it.

If you're gonna look around the location set of the Korean drama Mischievous Kiss, you'll see the lead character in the far corner of the room all by himself, oblivious to the ruckus his younger co-stars are making and the conversations that the older ones are into. It's not that he thinks of himself as Mr. High and Almighty, yes, he is a little awkward around his industry seniors and a little uncomfortable to group with the young ones but he had done it before and he sure as hell can and will do it again, but he chose to be by himself during the short breaks that they have to get in touch and talk to his beloved.

Ever since he jumped from his old management company to his new one, he has been on his toes working - drama filming, variety show tapings, TV interviews and guestings, CF and photo shoots, and live events here and abroad. He barely have time to rest much more to meet and hang out with his girlfriend, the separation is actually more taxing than the physical work, and at the moment, all that he can do is bug her every time he has the chance to hold and use his hand phone.

He misses his woman badly, it would be nice to see her and hold her hand, to touch her hair, caress her cheeks and kiss her forehead; he would love to sit on her couch with her by his side, her head resting on his shoulders or upper arms or him laying on the couch with his head on her lap; it would be great if he can have a little time to spent with her personally, he hope to hug and kiss her soon... very, very soon. Phew, what he would give to see her smile and hear her laughter, first hand and not through his silly gadget.


While on the set of Storm, the hosts, as well as the staff and crew, are having a good time, specially the only girl in the three. Her birthday is fast approaching, and it was decided that they'll gonna do a special episode just for her and that's what they're filming at the moment; her Storm family is set on making her birthday celebration a blast, they prepare all kinds of fun games and performances, there's a VTR of people that she loves and loves her back wishing her the best on her birthday, and they even spent a chunk of the show's budget in renting a nice place and preparing yummy cuisine, one more thing, the production peeps seemed to have dress up a little nicer today.

She was on the middle of filming when her phone rang, her manager saw who's calling and decided on answering it himself. He knows that the guy on the line is super busy but he likes to keep tabs on her girlfriend as much as he can, and he doesn't blame him, his ward has always been a male magnet, even before he became her manager, he already knew that at least a quarter of the industry's male population is pining on her, and she's really popular with idols, young men tends to pick her as their ideal woman and that has been going on since she debuted as a member of Chakra.


"Yoboseoyo, Hyun Joong-sshi! Hye Jung can't come to the phone at the moment as she is in the middle of filming."

"Ah, good afternoon hyung! So you're on location already, when did they start? At what time will they be finish? Where are they filming today?" he inquired without a halt.

If he doesn't know any better, he would be shock with the question attack but as he's been a silent (oh well, not really) spectator of their love story, he's kinda immune with the kid's inquiries and statements. He, actually, like the guy and he wish that their love will lead them to the altar soon, he sees how happy she is with him, she's always been a jolly person and lives her life to the fullest but with him, she's vibrant, glowing and full of life, as if nothing and no one can stop her. Just for that, he is thankful to the 4D prince so he's willing to answer all his questions and relay all his messages and even act as a love guru and a date planner.

"How's your new drama, are you having a good time? Work hard but don't overdo it, your fainting spells already sold Boys Over Flowers to its peak, so try being healthy this time, it could also do the trick," he said it as a joke but he meant every word. "I guess, you weren't able to contact her last night or this morning as you're bombarding me with gazillion questions, so to answer them - we arrived safe and on time on the filming location, they rented a private place to have Hye Jung's pre-birthday celebration; they started filming half an hour ago and I think we can call it a day earlier than expected as everyone's just having a jolly good time, everyone and everything is spontaneous and very clip/TV-worthy."

"Hyung, maybe I should get you as my manager, too, you seemed to be as concern as Hye Jung regarding my health, hahaha. But, seriously, I'm taking care of myself and my new handlers seems to do a better job in keeping me alive though I'm drowning with work, not that I'm complaining coz the more job offers I got, the faster I can save and invest on our future. I'm still eyeing 2012 as a good year to get marry and announce to the world that she's mine, Mrs. Kim Hye Jung is finally and legally mine, all mine, only mine," he said with a satisfied grin on his face. "Ah, hyung, what scenes are they shooting at the moment?"

"Oh wait..."

Hwangbo's manager inched closer to where they are filming, he stop on his tracks, eyes glued on the scene in front of him. He started to describe what's happening but decided to leave this part to the girlfriend, he thinks she can maneuver through this better than him.

"Hyung, seems like you're all having fun, I think, I can even hear Hye Jung's laughter, what exactly are they doing?" he asked excitedly. He feels energized just by hearing her laughter on the background.

"Ah, Hyun Joong, I got to go, the PD wants to discuss something with me, I'll tell her that you called, I'm sure she'll call you back as soon as she can," he hurriedly stuttered.

"Oh, okay, hyung, thank you for taking care of my Hye Jung and always spending a bit of your time in filling me in. There's no need for her to call me, I only have a fifteen-minute break and it's going to be over soon, I'll call her back when I'm free. Just tell her that I called and a text message from her will be much appreciated, thanks a lot hyung!"

"Don't worry, I'll pass it word by word."


Two weeks had passed, Hwangbo Hye Jung's actual birthday happened a week ago, but the filmed celebration of her birthday on Storm will just be air today. Coincidentally, Kim Hyun Joong has his needed one day off and one day of freedom today, and of course, he's spending it with his woman.

They're both sitting in her ivory couch, his arms draped over her shoulders, their legs resting up on the coffee table, he's fiddling with her left hand while she's feeding him popcorn with her right, they're waiting for the Storm broadcast. They look like an old couple that has been together for years but is still full and oozing with love for each other. They are a picture of love, comfort and contentment.

"Yay, here it is, I'm excited to see what surprises your first birthday party with them holds," he said, excitement clear in his voice.

"I'm sure you'll be surprise, we all had fun doing that episode and I think, you'll like it."

(Now, let's play a visual and mind exercise, shall we? The term cue means, you need to use your imaginations, okay?)

Cue: Storm OBB followed by the higlights and teasers of the episode.

"Yah, what was that I just saw?"

His back as stiff as a broom stick, he twisted his head to the side opposite her to avoid the popcorn the she was sweetly pushing to his tightly-closed lips, he stopped playing with her hand, he took his arms off her shoulders, he put down his legs and planted his feet hard on the floor, he seated in his awkward 90-degree position, and he glared at her.


"WHAT?" he asked wide-eyed. "Are you really asking me that or you're just taking your time in answering me? Thinking of a way out Hye Jung-ah?"

Cue: As a birthday gift, Brian danced sexily to Hwangbo in Storm.

(I included a clip Ate Sue found in You Tube and this fiction is inspired by that, I put it below, just click play, pause and wait for it to buffer so you can have its full impact and enjoy the visual display, okay. Start at 0:40 because the first half was Jo Kwon's, think of it as the sexy dance in the said Storm episode, the same one that is killing Kim Hyun Joong in jealousy and anger, hahaha.)

"What the hell? What the fuck is that man doing? Whaaaaaa... Whaaaat exactly is that?"

"Hye Jung... come back here... you..." he shouted in frustration while he's shooting daggers at the television screen.

The woman who, he thinks, deliberately, planned for him to watch this was now nowhere in sight. He mentally listed all the means and ways he can kill Brian or, at the very least, make him blind or crippled.

And for his lady love, he knows how to torture her until she surrenders and admits her fault, all these weeks of not seeing her will make the torture a satisfying one (read: torture equals to a bed scene, love making, hip thrusting, body arching, sweating and whimpering intertwined naked bodies, ugh, is that enough explanation? hahaha).