Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoelace (and a little dedication)

i think a little explanation is necessary, teehee, you see, i was on hiatus but then, i realized that the person who persuaded, prompted, coaxed, cajoled and brainwashed me to being an ff writer is going to celebrate her birthday soon (you're 21 this year, am i correct? *wink*) so the ever-loving me decided on writing her a few one shots as a gift, but then, my son stepped on my laptop causing it to go into sudden and premature death, so here i am, sort of late but still trying to deliver *grins*.

i dubbed the project, the S-series, simply because all the title starts with an S, and why, do you ask, well, the birthday celebrant's name starts with that letter and because this is for her, i'm doing it all the way, hurhur. i already post the first one a few days ago, entitled Starstruck, the second one was put up yesterday morning, entitled Speechless, the third one can be read below, it's Shoelace baby, expect the fourth (working title - Serendipity) and fifth (working title - Soulmate) in a few days. there, i think, i've explained enough.

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Have a rockin' birthday Ate Sue, may you have more years to grow (tall and not wide), more blessings to share (to the worthy and kind), more kisses to give (to your husband not mine)[hahaha, sorry, I can't think of anything to rhyme], more thoughts to ponder (yeah, go wonder and yonder) and may you have lots of love in your life (you see, I can only give you so much, hahaha). Love you this big *lookie, I'm stretching my arms wide*!


It was the grandest ball of the year and the who's who of the entertainment business were all present, from gagmen and women to the more serious variety show hosts, from the striving starlets to the A-list actors and actresses, from the young and budding idols to the old and still shining ones, drop a name and you'll surely find it in the guest list. Stars stunned in their Elie Saab, Dolce and Gabbana, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Rodarte, Chanel and Versace ball gowns and suits, parading and strutting in the ballroom, engrossed in their particular tete-a-tete.

The whole place dazzled, people glowed, the mood vibrant, but two gorgeous young men were heedless of that fact. Both looked dashing in tuxedo and bow tie, both holding a glass of brown liquor in their hands, both leaning casually on their sides, looking at the entrance hall, staring at the huge oak doors, both waiting, hoping that the woman they both long to see would come. To the rest of the attendees, the two just looked aloof, swanky and a bit bored, if they only knew the truth. If they only knew that the two have something in common, more than being good-looking and dapper in a suit, more than being Hallyu stars and leaders of highly-popular five-member idol groups, more than being the most sought after bachelors in all of Korea, and more than being rich and famous, both happened to like the same woman and both were planning on taking dibs that night.

And as if heaven heard their hearts innermost wish, the lady that they were waiting for finally regaled the ball in a nude, crystal-encrusted Marchesa corset gown, charming everyone that she passed through, enthralling men, young and old alike. One would think that the men who had been counting the minutes till she came will run to her side and worship her, but they didn't, neither moved buth both were openly staring at her, eying her every move, in a way a predator does to its prey.

But not just because Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yunho lacked in the action department didn't mean that the other males in the event were the same. Men flocked around Hwangbo Hye Jung like she's throwing pheromones to lure, she hobnobbed with friends and colleagues, danced with those who besought, drank as she pleased, bewitching everyone and enjoying the night away.

Everything was going great, people were making connections, the newbies were getting drunk, the elites were getting high (in attention) and even the elders were lively and having fun.


The sweet melody of DBSK's Mideoyo floated in the air and men of all ages rushed, hoping to sway to the music with their chosen partners. Oh Ji Ho looked around, compelling himself to find her and when his eyes laid on the beauty that she is, he strode quickly to her side. He smiled and stretched out his hand, "May I have this dance my lady?"

Hwangbo Hye Jung laughed at his effort to sound like a noble Englishman, slapped his upper arm in that sweet way of hers, put her hand on his and tried her best not to giggle as she said, "Of course, kind sir."

But even before Ji Ho was able to hold and enclose her hand on his, they heard a forced cough behind them, making them pause and look.

"I'm sorry hyung," an apology to begin. "But I believe this dance belongs to me," a bold statement from Kim Hyun Joong.

The pair gaped at the young man, wondering if he was drunk or smoked something he shouldn't. She didn't utter a word but confusion clear on her face, while he couldn't wait to ask and rebut, "And how is that so Hyun Joong? I think it is but a common courtesy in these kind of affairs that the first person to ask and be granted the permission," but he wasn't allowed to finish.

"Hyung," he bowed. "I already know what you're going to say but you see, I beat you to the finish line."

She was plastered, 'What the hell was that,' she thought to herself. He was annoyed, but he couldn't help but be amuse at the young man's reasoning.

"My apologies, but I may have drank a little more than I should because I can't comprehend what you're trying to tell us," he said, trying to hide his amusement and a tad bit of irritation.

Hyun Joong grinned at the man and begun to explain, "I'm not sure if you knew this Hyung, but we," he motioned to her and himself, "we already got married."

Hye Jung was thankful that she wasn't drinking any wine or she might have sprayed it out on him, 'What is this man thinking?' Ji Ho stood in shock, his last statement rendered him speechless.

"We went on our honeymoon on April 29, 2008 at Jeju, we lived in the same house, she made me a scarf and a vest, she cooked me onion soup and ginseng chicken, among others, we went to the amusement park, I piggybacked her a number of times and we already kissed."

He waited for their comments but she just looked at him like he was crazy while the other man looked at him with amusement and nodded in understanding.

He nodded in response and showed his appreciation by bowing respectfully, "Thank you, hyung, sunbae-nim."

Oh Ji Ho shook his hand, "I wish you well lad." He then looked at Hye Jung, kissed her hand and bowed gracefully, "I am relinquishing my claim for the night." He then turned around and took his leave.

"Ready to dance, buin?"

"Hold it Hyun Joong-sshi."

A voice stopped them from moving further, her hand on the air, his, stalled from holding it.

"Good evening Hye Jung-sshi," the third man greeted.

"A good evening to you too Yunho-sshi," she replied with a smile.

"Hyung, can I dance with my buin first before you engage her in a chitchat?"

Yunho bowed to her, "Please excuse us for a while."

He faced the other idol leader and addressed him seriously, "I heard what you just said to Ji Ho sunbae, you used the Right of First Claim, we seem to read the same book," he smirked. "You may hate me for this but I have the first claim and I'm gonna secure what is mine."

She stayed still, masking her amusement, willing him to continue. He, on the other hand, was taken a back but he stood his ground, "Yunho-ah, we got married," he stressed each word, "how can your claim be better than that?"

"But we tied the knot a few years before you filmed We Got Married," he straightforwardly said.

"Huh," she sighed, both in question and exasperation,
'These guys are proving to be weirder than I thought.'

"As I anticipate, you don't remember, but it's alright, I'll just have to refresh your memory,"
he grinned. "Remember when you celebrated your birthday during our X-Man days, I surprised you with a cake and the whole of us wore party hats and sang you a happy birthday in the dressing room..."

she affirmed.

He gave her a boyish grin and continued, "Remember me telling you to be careful when you're finally cutting the cake for everyone to share? And you jokingly asked me if I put a bracelet or something in there that you shouldn't scratch or ruin?"

"Ne," she smiled recalling the incident.

"And because there was none and I kinda feel down because I didn't know you want a bracelet for a gift - "

"You had gotten your extra shoelace and tied it in my wrist, promising me that you'll get me the most beautiful bracelet when you're rich and able," she cut in, now cognizant of his tale.

"Yes, and you helped me tie it, while telling me that you appreciate everything and you'll never forget that day or my gift."

"The shoelace," she breathed.

"I can now buy you that beautiful bracelet that I promised, I would even throw in a ring, if you will let me," he declared, tall and proud though his heart is beating faster than his luxury car can ever run, in anxiety and nervousness.

Hwangbo Hye Jung was stunned into silence.

And Yunho took advantage of that pause and faced Kim Hyun Joong, "We read the same book and I presume we learned similar principles, in becoming a gentleman and accepting defeat. She helped me tied the knot in that shoelace, we did it together. WE TIED THE KNOT years before you GOT MARRIED to her in that show and according to the Right of First Claim, she belongs to me!"

Kim Hyun Joong was obviously angry but what the older idol said was true, they read the same book and learned the same principle, so he needed to back down though it is killing him to do so. He took flight, without saying his goodbye, he might have loss the battle but the war was far from over, he just needed to regroup and change tactics.

"Hye Jung-sshi," he shook her a little, in an effort to wake her from her trance.

She blushed when she realized what had transpired, "Where is Hyun Joong-sshi," she asked and fanned her flushed cheek.

"He already went on his way, he had accepted his defeat, like the gentleman that he should be," he explained.

"Uhm, may I ask you something?"

"Of course," he beamed.

"What do you really mean by that?"

"By what?"

"What you just said, what is that?"

"Hye Jung-ah, I'm pretty sure I said a number of things, what part are you pertaining to," he teased.

"Aish... you buying me the beautiful bracelet that you promised years ago plus a ring if I want to," she gushed.

"I mean that exactly, that I will buy you the promised bracelet anytime you are free, I could buy it without you tagging along but I would really like it if you will come so you can pick the one that you like most. The ring, it might take you a little while to accept that but I hope you would."

"Okay, taken that I agree with you, how come I'll have the bracelet now and the ring for later, why not at the same time?"

He chuckled at her question, tickled both by her obvious irritation and undeniable thirst for answers. "I'm just thinking that you might want to prepare a little, settle some issues, finish up your scheduled projects, talk to your parents, explain to friends and fans and those other things in between."

She looked at him, in profound contemplation.

"And though I have been preparing for this all these years, I knew that there are stuff that I still have to settle and I think, I need to prove to everyone who loves you that I am worthy of their princess," he continued, looking deeply at her eyes, trying to read what she wants to convey.

She was frozen, mouth a little agape, eyes opened wide as his meaning finally sunk in, her heart beating fast; she felt like her lungs was out of air but her brain's ballooning, she felt a tight knot in her stomach but she also felt the fluttering butterflies in it, her back was rigid but her legs were weak and she was scared she'll loose all her strength and she'll be on her knees any second, she was confused but at the same time her heart felt overjoyed, she felt light and soaring.

"Ehem," he faked a cough to get her attention. "Relax, I will not pound on you to hurry, just know that I already laid my claim and you can't do anything about it anymore," he stated. "For tonight, I just wanna hold your hand and take you in my arms while we dance to our song," he finished. He plucked his hand phone out of his front pocket, press a number and said one word, "Now!"

And as if on cue, the scent and sound of love mix in the air as Mideoyo played, "Shall we?"

She reached out to his outstretched hands and firmly placed hers, "Thank you," she whispered.

"No," he answered, "I thank you, for letting me fulfill my promise and for giving me the chance-"

They reached the middle of the dance floor, he twirled her around, looked her in the eye and mouthed, "I LOVE YOU... ALWAYS!" before he took her in his arms and waltzed to the song he had dedicated to her the moment his heart knew and recognized that she's the one.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Less words, more actions, yup, that's ssangchu!

Hye Jung was awaken by the incessant ringing of her home phone, she was never a heavy sleeper but with the opening of the restaurant she co-owned with Shim Tae Yeon and her hectic working schedule, her body was just yearning for a long and peaceful rest. She had planned on sleeping till eight as she has a ten o'clock call-time, and she set the alarm on the dot, she even turned her mobile phones off to avoid any disturbance, her plan was actually working right until the phone call, she didn't count on someone calling her on her land-line. She opened an eye to peek at her bedside clock and an inaudible curse leave her dry mouth when she read that it was just five in the morning, "Who the hell would call me at this ungodly hour, oh god, this better be good!"

She half walked, half crawled her way out of the room and picked up the phone, "Did someone die? Is there any accident, fire or war that I should know of? Is this call really, really important, as in, does your life depend on this? If not, kindly hang up," she started a monologue.

But her caller was unfazed, he even threw his own question unceremoniously at her, "Why aren't you here?"

"Huh? Who is this?" The voice sounds familiar but as her brain was still foggy from sleep, or from the lack of it, she couldn't seem to place a name nor conceive a face.

"I got back to an empty apartment," the man behind the unnamed voice continued. "I rushed home hoping to find you asleep, hoping to sneak in bed beside you, hoping to embrace and cuddle you, hoping to see and feel you again, after one long, infuriating month of separation, but you are not here. Why?"

She had kept her silence but his litany already woke her dozing consciousness, she felt horrible - first, she had forgotten that he's returning home that day, second, she rambled on about someone being dead and the call being unimportant, and last, she didn't even recognized his tired and weary voice. What a good girlfriend she is, she sighed and whispered the only words she can utter, "I'm sorry Joongie! I'm really, really sorry."

She waited for a reply, a snide remark, a temper tantrum, a poke at her conscience, anything, but all that was given was complete silence. She wanted to talk, she wanted to depend her case, beg for forgiveness, submit to his every demands, whatever may work, but he knew the man, he's as stubborn as she is and if he decided on keeping mum, she just have to accept it as it is and wait for the verdict. When the five minute mark passed, she quietly walked to the couch, the receiver still pressed on her right ear and settled herself, she already knew the drill, and because she was at fault, she's more than willing to suffer the long, soundless hours. But even before she got comfortable, the doorbell rang followed by several loud pounding on the door.

She opened the door to a flushed and panting Hyun Joong, her face must have asked the question on her mind as he answered, "I drove like crazy to get here as fast as I can and run up the stairs because the elevator is taking a damn long time to descend."

She was speechless.

As well as he.

She gently grabbed his hand, her goal to pull him inside to rest, but the moment his skin touched hers, something in her awakened, a primal hunger that was ascertain by the budding heat inside her. He was no different, he had wanted to jump on her the minute she opened the door, he's been wanting her, craving for her, her feel, her smell, her taste and her hand on his drove him to no return.

He whirled her around and conquered her lips, in a kiss that set their blood on fire. He kicked the still ajar door to a close and unintentionally pummeled her on the wall as their desire enveloped their beings. He nibbled on her lower lip laving it with his tongue and gained his entrance on her mouth as she gasped in pleasure. A hoarse sound escaped him as he tasted her, the kiss deepened and their touch heated up, searching and grabbing onto each others bare flesh, it has taken all his might to control himself until he couldn't no more, he let a groan of unreleased passion out of his lips as they breakaway from each other to breathe. He held her face with one hand and stare at her, letting her see his burning need to be inside her, to be one with her, all the while pressing his swollen manhood in that gape between her thighs. She shook in his arms, from the intensity of their foreplay and raw hunger in his eyes.

She unknowingly licked her lips and he was beyond his limit, he dove in a frenzy with one sole thing in his mind, to capture that pink little tip and let it play with his own. He ran his hand on her left thigh, lift it and cradle it on his hip, he upwardly traced her firm and soft thigh until his philandering hands reached her apex. He rubbed his thumb on her love-button which he knew was covered with her lacy underwear, and teasingly plunged his middle finger to feel her wetness, all the while pillaging her mouth with his. She drew herself away as she moan sensually, she pressed her face on his neck, breathing, nibbling, giving the signal that she's ready. He lifted her up and she snaked her legs on his hips, moving and grinding, driving him to madness.

"Did you miss me," Hye Jung managed to asked just as they reached the bedroom.

"Me telling you that I miss you would be an understatement, I would just have to show you," he stated, looking carnal and sensuous.

And so he did...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


To the six-member group, love you guys...

On position everyone, let's do some blocking before we roll," the current executive producer of Muhan Girls wailed.

The group of six got up and lazily walked back to their previous spots, they are usually a rowdy bunch, full of life and laughter but even superheroes experienced power drain and at six in the morning, human power outage is just inevitable, they had been working for twenty-seven hours straight, filming two episodes in a row as a national holiday is coming and if they want to spend some precious time with their families on that day, they have to pay and sacrifice a little, err, a lot. Whoever said that the entertainment business is all glitz and glamor will sink in shame if he or she see the girls at that moment.

"Come on girls, the faster we move, the better for us, we can all, finally, go home and have some much-needed rest and sleep, and we won't be seeing each other till next, next week," the executive producer tried to pump up his system and cajole his stars.

Everyone's exhausted, but they all knew what they had to do, they are professionals and the instant they entered show business, they all knew what they had signed up for, so, with big smiles plastered on their faces, they bounced back to life, though the effort was taking all the remaining energy that they have.

Song Euni, Baek Boram, Ahn Young Mee, Oh Ju Eun, Han Ji Woo and Hwangbo Hye Jung are the season three Muhan Girls and they were proving to everyone that they justly deserve to be called so.

The six of them were on their designated locus while the production staff were busy preparing for the final set and last round of filming when Hwangbo's manager came in sight and handed her her cellphone mouthing 'It's HIM!'


"Aren't you done yet?"

"Good morning to you, too! And nope, we're not through yet but we're on the last part so it'll be just an hour or two more."

"I fell asleep waiting for you," the man on the other end of the line whined.

"I know and I am sorry, I'll rush home after this and I'm all yours for the entire week," she cooed.

"Really? You're not going to work for the rest of the week, nor would you go out of the house? We'll stay bundled up together in bed all week without any distractions? And without any clothes on..." he teased, his tone a notch happier.

"Hahaha, yes on all three questions, about the last one, let me get back at you," she teased back, oh how she miss this man.

Her manager caught her attention and signaled that the filming will commence, "I'm gonna hang up and do my work, go back to sleep and I'll be there in a while, I'll wake you up with a kiss my prince," she tried to lighten up their goodbye.

"I don't like!"


"I don't wanna sleep and I don't wanna stay home... I want to see you asap," he stoutly declared.

"Well, as much as I want to grant you what you want, I can't, unless you want me to run out of here, creating a havoc or I have a superpower I am not aware of wherein I can be at two places at one time."

She heard a dejected sigh on the other line before he spoke again, "It doesn't matter, I'll just have to ask my alien friends for help," his tone serious, not a hitch in his voice.

She wanted to laugh at his crazy idea but as she didn't want to rub salt on his wound which she knew she was the cause of, she held her horses and whispered affectionately, "Okay shillang, just surprise and humor me."

"Ooo-kay," his monosyllabic answer albeit longer than it should be. "See you in a jiffy, buinnie!"

She sighed, she wants nothing but to spend all her time with him but in their line of work, that just can't be. But she hadn't taken more than ten steps when she caught sight of a blue Porsche Cayenne, she had to do a double take to make sure, and a glimpse of that personalized plate number, which is a code only the two of them know, sealed it, "He's really here," she softly breathed. "Another magic, another surprise," she smiled, touched the glass window as if he was there and left to resume filming.

An hour and a half later, Muhan Girl's two-episode shoot was finally done, all of them rushed outside, unwilling to delay their respite a minute longer. The gang filed out saying their goodbyes and having their last minute chitchats while waiting for their managers and own source of transportation when he came out of his car without a care in the world, winked and smiled that million-dollar-smile of his to one woman in particular and swaggered directly towards her. Hwangbo Hye Jung was speechless, he never fails to make her heart go ballistic, in that love-fool kind of way; he never fails to turn her knees into jell-o thus standing on her feet becomes a chore; and he never fails to make her life turns into a slow-mo, just by his mere presence, just by being there. The sweetest smile was curved on her lips, the deepest of love was mirrored in her eyes and the purest of longing was visible in their brief embrace.

"Surprise," he whispered. "I miss you so my love," he added before giving her an intimate but exiguous peck on the lips.

Everyone, including all the production staff, crew and hosts, with the exclusion of Song Euni and Baek Boram, were starstruck. Who would have thought that their sleepy Wednesday morning will turn in full three-sixty with the appearance of Kim Hyun Joong. Who would have thought that they'll meet the Hallyu star in his capri shorts, wifebeater and beanie, who would have thought that he's that sweet and caring. Everyone was starstruck, they were all in awe, they couldn't believe that the three-year rumor of a ssangchu coupling is real but everyone are sure of one thing, the two of them would give the royal couple a run for their money.

"So it is true, unnie Hye Jung and Hyun Joong-shi are together," the maknae murmur, to no singular person, still unmoving, unable to tore her gaze away from the loving couple who were oblivious of everyone.

They were all starstruck not just by their unexpected visitor but by the flame and passion that the two obviously shared, who would have thought that the boyish general and the snob 4D prince fit each other like they were mold in the same cast.

Who would have thought... and who wouldn't be starstruck...