Thursday, September 30, 2010

Someday (I Hate PLDT series 3)

This is written not because I was inspired, this was done to fill out a certain void in my life, hahaha. It's my fifth day without any link to the online world, I don't know up to when I can last. PLDT have mercy on me.

An hour after he went home, Kim Hyun Joong is still awake, he is allowed a few hours of break from his drama filming to take some much needed sleep, it is not conventional but he already learned to live with it. For the past two months, he has been working like a dog to get Playful Kiss rolling, he needed to give it his all as this is his first venture under his new management company and he really needs to prove something to himself, he needs to know if going into acting is really the right choice. He had always believe that an individual can do anything he puts his mind into, it has always been mind over matter for him, so during these tiring and trying times, though his body felt like breaking into pieces, he did all his tasks well, he is a professional after all. His body had learned to follow all the commands that his 4D brain sent, sleep when it's time to sleep, wake up when it's time to wake up, eat when it's time to eat, work when it's time to work, it is not an easy and enjoyable life but it is the life the he chose and so he stands by it.

But this night seems different, he had done his daily midnight routine of taking a short warm bath and without drying himself completely, plunged and sprawled himself on the bed, he should be sleeping soundly by now, refreshingly naked and soundly asleep... but that is not the case. It usually took him half an hour to do everything and be completely absorb in dreamland but an hour had already passed, something must be wrong. He twisted and turned, trying to get as comfortable as possible, thinking that it would lull him to sleep, but try as he might, something's just not right, his brain is sending unnecessary alert signals to his body which is not what it's supposed to do. Could this be a relapse, an insomnia attack, he hadn't had sleeping problems for a while now, and with the schedule he has it is no wonder... then, why now? He badly need to go to sleep, his body can only take so much and by now he knows that it is in agony, two to three hours of sleep a day is barely enough, but what to do, slumber just won't come.

Somebody once told him that sleeplessness occurs when someone dear is thinking of him... could it be? Could the one person he can't keep out of his mind every waking day of his life, since two years ago, be thinking of him, too? The chances of that happening could be slim but he can't stop himself from hoping, aside from his vivid memories, hope is all that he has left... that someday they will meet again, free and without a care.

They first met in 2005, SS501 just debuted at that time and part of their group promotion was attending variety shows, and the ace of variety shows at that time was Xman, she was a semi-regular of the TV program and he was mesmerized in an instant. She eludes of beauty incomparable to other celebrities, she doesn't look Korean at all, and she is the coolest of all the girls, heck she's even cooler than the other guys, maybe it was because of her confidence or she knows herself well that goofing off and doing crazy stuff didn't bother her at all. Everyone, young and old, adore her, she's the most perfect candidate for the best friend that you can ever have and wish for. She's that great, and in his young mind, a face for his ideal girl was painted. She was in a relationship at that time and she seemed happy so he was content on just admiring her silently, wishing that he someday be given a chance with her or he be able to find someone, at least half as ideal as her.

Three years after their first encounter, it was time to get up close and personal with her, his prayer was finally answered, he had his chance. Though, they see each other in various entertainment and celebrity events, he never got to talked to her up front so his nervousness and excitement on the first day that they were supposed to act as a fake couple in We Got Married was at the max. They had fun and he considers it as one of best work he has ever had the pleasure of doing, it is on the top five best memories of his life. They were awkward at the beginning, he attributed much of it to their theme as a couple, they were the older-younger one, so acting informal at the first meet was a no-no, but spending days with her, one can never resist to get close, she has this charm that he bets no man can ever resist, not that he ever planned on resisting.

It was said that only fools rush in, well, he's proud to be called a fool. Sadly, in their case, love was just not enough, it's not that they love each other less than those lovers who opt to stay together, it's their circumstances that lead them afar. If it was only up to him... he'll just curse at anyone who hinder their way, he doesn't care that much about norms and society anyways. But, as always, she's the practical and wise one, her being the wiser between the both of them is still a debate unsettled, and so they did what she thought was the best. And it was the end of the greatest love story the world could have ever known, base on his point of view anyway.

When they ended the show, they ended what could have been, but he hasn't fully given up yet, they still have a long road ahead of them, and he's lurking at the middle of the next intersection, that way he can cover all the path while waiting patiently. Detours are expected in a road trip, most of the time, those are the ones that makes the experience special; detours are also expected in life and those are what makes a person's life fuller and complete; they, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo Hye Jung, are on a detour at the moment, but they will meet again, someday soon...

Note: The ending, I hope, wish and pray be a good, happy and fulfilling one.

Random Conversations in my Head (I Hate PLDT series 2)

When boredom strikes and you don't have your desired ingredients for a dessert you wanna create... when you're up to your neck in stress because PLDT myDSL is a pain in the ass... when you're an internet addict and you suddenly loss connection to the world wide web, you might also do something like this... so be on your guard, schizophrenia is now viral, hurhur.

Number One

anankwangdayo: Sung Je, why aren't you following Hwangbo noona on twitter?
sung je: Hmm?
anankwangdayo: You used to stalk her cyworld account and even left a number of messages for the world to see...
sung je: So?
anankwangdayo: Why aren't you doing it on twitter then, I even told noona that you have an account and that she should follow you, so you should do the same.
sung je: Why?
anankwangdayo: So you can communicate with her, just like what I'm doing; aren't you friends with her anymore, you don't like her anymore?
sung je: Of course I do, much, much more... but I love talking to her on the phone, it's much better hearing her voice than just reading her tweets (insert cheeky smile)... and you forgot to mention, I also gave her a cat (insert another cheeky smile). I don't need twitter to connect with noona, my phone bill can prove that (insert cocky smile).

Note: I'm not even sure if that's the name of Supernova's maknae, so just pretend that it is and I only knew the other one as anankwangdayo, so just pretend that it's his name, okie!

Number Two

Si Won: Hyung, I watched an episode of your show with Hwangbo noona and you seem to be having a lot of fun doing the show.
Brian: It is helluva fun, though some of the challenges we have to go through are insane, doing it with people I like makes it all worthwhile.
Si Won: And the chemistry between you and noona is very apparent...
Brian: Uh huh!
Si Won: It seems like you have your dibs on her, are you trying to court her?
Brian: You raise a good question...
Si Won: Hyung...
Brian: If it is only up to me little brother, if it's only up to me (smiling mysteriously)
Si Won: (in a whisper) I can't blame you, I once fancy her, too... (smiling to himself)

Number Three

Didi: How about me? (repeat many times in her irritating shrill voice while acting dumbly cute)
Dexter: Didi, why do you always have to act stupid and be okay with it?
Didi: Duh, as if I have a choice, our creator made me like this!
Dexter: Oh yeah, and he made me a genius, I should treat him to dinner, at least once (trademark evil genius laughter).
Didi: How about me? (repeat many times in her irritating shrill voice while acting dumbly cute)
Dexter: Hmmm... (thinking of ways to get on his creator's good side)

Number Four

Edd: Why are we created like this? We are dumb and obnoxious, and we're cartoon characters...
Ed: Aaahhh... (almost drooling)
Eddy: At least we're good looking...
Ed: (looks at himself) Hehe...
Edd: Seriously? (sigh)
Eddy: The man who made us could have patterned us on his real character.
Ed: Then, he's also obnoxious and stupid (grinning like an idiot, like he always do).
Edd: You got a point, we should prepare ourselves then...
Eddy: For what?
Edd: I think, we'll be rich when we grow up!

Bwahahaha, I started this while re-watching an episode of Strong Heart, then I chanced upon Dexter's Lab and Ed, Edd & Eddy on TV, so there you go, it turned weirder...

To Whom It May Concern (I Hate PLDT series 1)

I am bored, super bored... my internet connection is still non-existent and I am home alone because I refused to go with my husband and son to a weekend dinner with his family. Yes, I prefer to live in my own world, no one to talk to, no one to suck up to, no one to bother with... aren't I the best? Hahaha, irony at play!

Dearest Hwangbo Hye Jung,

Hello Ms. Hwangbo, I am one of your many Filipino fans and I swear my lifetime allegiance with you through high and low but you see I am an impatient being, it hasn't been my virtue and I don't think it'll ever be. I may be audacious but you see, I really want to find out the real score between you and Kim Hyun Joong, writing an inquiry like this is pretty over the top, even I know that, so I wouldn't dare waste your time by going in circles, I'll just get straight to the point. I've been a fan since five months ago, I discovered We Got Married and fell in love with your coupling but as time goes by, my love for you have become greater than that of him, so instead of being a Joongbo fanatic, I've become a Hwangbo fan. Still, I am very much curious to what your relationship with Hyun Joong is, he could had been a persona in your past or a person in your present, it actually doesn't matter as long as you're happy but you see, knowing what did or did not happen after your stint in WGM is a thought I can't force at the back of my mind and I think, I wouldn't be able to function and live in the real world until I find out. Your answer will not break or make me as I already chose your side months ago but a confirmation from you will put my mind at ease, so if you please... I'll be forever grateful.

From months of following you, not literally, of course, I love you but not to that extreme that I'll stalk you, I kinda think that you are happily involve with someone. Your aura radiates a woman in love and your smile seems to point the same way; the way you move, the way you talk, the way you dress up it just shouts of being happy, of being content; and your interviews, yes the interviews, you may not be directly giving us answers but reading between the lines spells 'I am in love! I have a boyfriend!' I may sound presumptuous but adding it to being audacious sounds fun, hehe, and as I'm already doing this, I might as go all the way, right? And you know what, telling us who the lucky guy is, naming that person who makes you youthful and radiant will also answer my initial request, it'll certainly clear the issues (issues that Joongboers create, hehe) between you and Kim Hyun Joong once and for all. It's a win-win battle don't you think?

Now that I had get it out of my system, I would like to wish you all the best in this world! May all your dreams be fulfilled, may all your wishes come true and may all your prayers be granted. Good luck on your upcoming drama, variety show and digital single and may your show and team-up with Brian stay strong. More power, God bless.


Dear Kim Hyun Joong,

Hello! I will not claim to be your number one fan as I am not, and many people will kill to own that spot, do I even need to mention the leader-biased TS, the Hyunnies and the Perfect, that's why I wouldn't dare to go there. Truth, I'm kinda prone to tell people that I am not your fan but now that I am really dwelling on it, how can I not be one when I even reached this point, heck, I am writing you a letter, so I think I fancy you even a little, hehe. Anyway, I wrote not to tell you how beautiful you are, I am not up to that level of fan-girling yet, I actually wanna ask you something, one question, that's all I ask of you. I just want to know if you are or ever been in a relationship with Hwangbo Hye Jung, aside from being her shillang in We Got Married or from being K-entertainment colleagues, the relationship that I am asking about is that of the lovey-dovey kind, you're getting my drift right? I know that it is too personal but you see, ever since I've watched you and Ms. Hwangbo on WGM five months ago, my world kinda stop revolving, up to now, I am still rooted on the same spot, waiting for the news, so please take pity on my poor soul, confirming what you have or have not together will certainly seal it for me, it doesn't matter if your answer will break my heart or will make it explode with happiness, as long as I learn the truth, I'll be the happiest camper.

And, from your actions these past few months, it seems like you are happily involve with someone, too, and the way I look at it, it seems like you wanna shout that info to the whole world, I may not be the whole world but I can disseminate the information that you'll pass on me faster than you say aye. I, actually, don't need to know the name of the girl, you just have to tell me if it is Hwangbo or not, simple right? Yeah, yeah, I'm pushing my luck my here, but you just never know...

Oh, I almost forgot, I do watch Playful Kiss and you're getting better every week, I hope you polish your craft more and be the actor you dream of becoming. Aja, aja, fighting!

Oh yeah, thanks to the both of you for taking time to read this (as if, loil)...

Bwahahaha, PLDT, look what you have done to me...