Monday, November 7, 2011


I began writing this story November of last year, during my first week at work, to those who are clueless, I got back on the working grind that same month. I was still full of (myself *grins*) energy then, I attempted to be a superwoman, it was an epic failure, obviously; being a working mom sure is hard, REALLY HARD. Five months later, DEUCE is finally, finally done. I deserve lots of love, don't you think?

Oh yeah, this is sort of a second chapter of GAME OVER, or not; it can be and can be not. Hmm, I just decided that I'm still undecided, so yeah, uhm, just carry on *grins super-duper widely*.

"Can we talk?"

"Not here Hyun Joong," she answered

"Where then?"

He waited for an answer but there came none. "Tell me where and when and I'll be off, I'll obey you like a good little pup just give me a chance to explain, to tell my side of the story. I know you're angry, and I can't damn well do anything if you choose to continue to be so but you have to hear me out sooner or later, so please..."

He paused, waiting... but nothing came. Not a word, not even a glance or a sigh, and as much as he hate to admit it, he must be turning into an emotional looser, because it hurts, the way she treats him like he's nothing, freaking hurts like hell.

"I had looked for you everywhere, but you're ability to hide surpasses even that of my best security men, after almost a month of hide-and-seek I had finally caught on, I deserve a reward don't you think," he paused, hoping for a response. He heaved a sigh and continue, "a minute or five of your time would do."

Silence. His litany was met with silence. At that time even a twitch would have suffice, heck, he would have welcome violence, even.

"Aren't you tired of hiding, of running away?" he pressed on.

"Aren't you tired of running after me?" she countered.

"I will never! I'll go to the ends of the world and run after you for the rest of my life if I have to. I'm willing to do that, and I am sure I can do that and more. I need you that much. I love you that much."

"You ne-"

He didn't let her defer him, afraid that he might loose his nerve. "But the pain of knowing that I am the one you're running away from, that I can't handle; the mere thought that you detest me that much, that my existence in your world prompt you to hide, is killing me."

He stopped, pain and regret laced his voice, but hope, hope shone in his eyes.

She gripped the back of the chair, hard, stilling herself from all that she heard, more than his words, his misery.

She was almost in the loosing front of her inner battle but she can't, not just yet, she wasn't ready... to forgive... to forget.

"I can't, I'm sorry," she whispered, drained.

Her answer didn't make sense, but he understood nonetheless.

"Hye Jung-sshi," an intruder called; they both turned, curious.

His presence painted a whole new picture, a small smile tugged on her lips, which eventually turned into a satisfied smirk.

"Jung Ji Hoon, you know I've been waiting."

He looked at his watch, "Not a minute late, I think a hug is in order," he teased.

She giggled, literally. A bit inappropriate if you'll ask her husband.

"Oh, Hyun Joong-sshi, thank you for lending me your wife."

He stood rooted.

She passed him by, "Deuce!"

He stood still, rooted, AND at a lost.